"21 Bridges" is a 2019 American action thriller film directed by Brian Kirk.
The starring cast includes Chadwick Boseman as Andre Davis, Sienna Miller as Frankie Burns, Stephan James as Michael Trujillo, Keith David as Deputy Chief Spencer, Taylor Kitsch as Ray Jackson, Christian Isaiah as young Andre Davis, Alexander Siddig as Adi, Louis Cancelmi as Toriano Bush, Victoria Cartagena as Sergeant Yolanda Bell, Gary Carr as Hawk Tyler and others.

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Is there a trailer for 21 Bridges movie?

STXfilms on Tuesday, October 29, 2019 released the trailer for "21 Bridges" you can watch here:
21 Bridges | Final Trailer | Own it NOW on Digital HD, Blu-Ray & DVD.

Plot summary

What is 21 Bridges movie plot?

Here is a short review of "21 Bridges" movie plot summary.

Andre Davis (Chadwick Boseman) is a successful NYPD officer like his father, who was murdered on duty when Davis was 13. Struggling with his father's legacy, Davis has earned a reputation for pursuing and killing "cop-killers" for years, although he claims they were all in self-defense and is uncomfortable with the label.
One night, Michael Trujillo (Stephan James) and Ray Jackson (Taylor Kitsch), two small-time criminals and war veterans, attempt to steal 30 kilograms of cocaine from a wine shop in Brooklyn. They find three hundred instead, and when police officers arrive, Ray guns them down in a shootout. After they escape into Manhattan with 50 kilograms, Michael chastises Ray for putting them in jeopardy by killing the officers. Assigned to the case, Davis and narcotics detective Frankie Burns (Sienna Miller) come into conflict with FBI agents, who attempt to take it over. Reasoning that the criminals would only be able to sell the cocaine in Manhattan before escaping the state, Davis secures the reluctant approval of the deputy mayor, the FBI, and the precinct's head, Captain McKenna (J.K. Simmons), for Manhattan Island to be locked down, on the condition that they catch the criminals before 5 a.m.
Ray and Michael blackmail their liaison, Bush, to persuade their handler to give them a bigger cut in exchange for their identities changed for their escape. They are given more money and their fixer, Adi (Alexander Siddig), gives them new identities and tells them to depart for Miami the next morning. Davis and Burns manage to identify Ray, Michael, and Bush. Bush is gunned down by Sgt. Butchco (Obi Abili) and Sgt. Dugan (Andy Truschinski), who get there first. After catching Butchco planting his backup sidearm on Bush's body and briefly scuffling with him, Davis becomes more suspicious when a team of police led by Lieutenant Kelly quickly manages to locate Adi's apartment. Adi is mortally wounded by the policemen but manages to give Michael two flash drives and their password.


Who plays who in the 21 Bridges movie cast?

Here is the full cast and characters of "21 Bridges" movie. Actors and actresses are sorted mostly in credits order.

Chadwick Boseman  as Andre Davis
Sienna Miller  as Frankie Burns
Stephan James  as Michael Trujillo
Keith David  as Deputy Chief Spencer
Taylor Kitsch  as Ray Jackson
Christian Isaiah  as young Andre Davis
Alexander Siddig  as Adi
Louis Cancelmi  as Toriano Bush
Victoria Cartagena  as Sergeant Yolanda Bell
Gary Carr  as Hawk Tyler
Morocco Omari  as Deputy Mayor Antonie Mott
Chris Ghaffari  as Brad Gales
Dale Pavinski  as Mosto's Manager - Tom Cheaver
Darren Lipari  as Lt. Kelly
Sarah Ellen Stephens  as Young Vonetta Davis
Adriane Lenox  as Older Vonetta Davis
Jamie Neumann  as Leigh
Obi Abili  as Sgt. Butchco
Andy Truschinski  as Sgt. Dugan
J.K. Simmons  as Captain McKenna
Peter Patrikios  as Leigh's Boyfriend
Jayson Ward Williams  as Ear Hair
Suzette Gunn  as Lipstick Spots (as Suzette Azariah Gunn)
Khalil McMillan  as Metallic IA Suit
John Douglas Thompson  as Reverend
Jennifer Onvie  as Chemist
Monica Hernandez  as Maria
Narci Regina  as Waitress
Sophia Blum  as Uniformed Tech
Stephen Medvidick  as LMSI Tech
Zena Marie Ghanney  as CSU Tech (as Zena-Marie Ghanney)
Kaylah Timoney  as Club Goer
Justine Smith  as Club Goer
Joseph D Fisher  as Cops
Danny Plaza  as Cop
Dwayne A. Thomas  as Henchman (as Dwayne Alistair Thomas)
Ryan Love  as Henchman
Joseph Lawrence  as Henchman
Sean Close  as Buddy
John O'Donnell  as Buddy's Friend
Katie McClellan  as Parallax Receptionist
Mike Rainey  as Hotel Cop
Craig Newman  as Anchor
Cheryl Singleton  as NY1 Anchor
Pat Kiernan  as NY1 Anchor
Vivian Lee  as NY1 Reporter
Robin Rieger  as ND News Anchor
Brooke Stacy Mills  as ND News Reporter
Emily-Grace Murray  as ND News Reporter (as Emily Grace Murray)
Chrisdine King  as ND News Reporter
David Adams  as SWAT
Robert Poletick  as Police Lawyer
John Jezior  as Hotel Cook
Tony Giorgio  as Ceremonial Lieutenant
Sunny De Leon  as Female Employee
James Bodnar  as Cop at Pan Am
Jason Iannacone  as Cop at Pan Am
Juan Encarnacion  as Cop at ADI's
Ray DeBenedictis  as Cop at ADI's

Release date

When is 21 Bridges movie release date?

"21 Bridges" movie release date was scheduled to be on October 11, 2019 (Turkey), on November 22, 2019 (United States, United Kingdom) and on February 6, 2020 (Germany) distributing by STXfilms, STX Entertainment, CatchPlay, Concorde Filmverleih, Diamond Films, Digi-Optic Films, Golden Village Pictures, Joyncontents Group, Kinomania, Lotte Entertainment, Lucky Red, Metropolitan Filmexport, Monolith Films, Odeon, Roadshow Film Distributors (NZ) Ltd., Roadshow Films, STX International, Showgate, Times Media Films, Top Film, Universal Pictures International (UPI), VVS Films, Amazon Prime Video, Ascot Elite Entertainment Group, Cinemundo, Concorde Home Entertainment, Film & TV House, GEM Entertainment, HBO Latin America, Remain In Light, The Searchers, Universal Pictures Home Entertainment (UPHE) and Universal Sony Pictures Home Entertainment Nordic.


What are 21 Bridges filming details?

The duration of the film is 100 minutes. With a budget of $33 million, the film grossed over $49.9 million.

"21 Bridges" movie is rated "R", according to the MPAA film rating system.


What are critics and audiences saying about 21 Bridges movie?

"21 Bridges" movie got average rating from critics. IMDB rating is 6.6/10. Rotten Tomatoes rating is 53/100. Audiences polled by CinemaScore gave the film an average grade of "B+" on a scale ranging from A+ to F.

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