"The Devil All the Time" is a 2020 American psychological thriller film directed by Antonio Campos.
The starring cast includes Tom Holland, Bill Skarsgård, Riley Keough, Sebastian Stan, Jason Clarke, Haley Bennett, Eliza Scanlen, Robert Pattinson, Mia Wasikowska, Michael Banks Repeta and others.

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Is there a trailer for The Devil All the Time movie?

Netflix on Thursday, August 13, 2020 released the trailer for "The Devil All the Time" you can watch here:
The Devil All The Time starring Tom Holland & Robert Pattinson | Official Trailer | Netflix.

Plot summary

What is The Devil All the Time movie plot?

Here is a short review of "The Devil All the Time" movie plot summary.

During World War II, while serving in the Solomon Islands, U.S. Marine Willard Russell (Bill Skarsgård) finds Gunnery Sergeant Miller Jones skinned and crucified by Japanese soldiers. Willard ends Jones's agony by shooting him behind the ear. This religious tableau will haunt Willard for the rest of his life. After the war, on his way home to Coal Creek, West Virginia, Willard passes through Meade, Ohio, where he meets Charlotte, a waitress at a diner and a photographer named Carl Henderson (Jason Clarke). Willard and Charlotte marry and move to Knockemstiff, Ohio, where they have a son who they name Arvin.
In 1950, Helen Hatton marries Roy Laferty (Harry Melling), a bizarre albeit charismatic evangelical preacher who pours venomous spiders over his head while giving sermons to demonstrate his faith in God. They have a daughter who they name Lenora. During a sermon, Roy is bitten by a spider on his face and has a severe allergic reaction that affects his grip on reality. Roy comes to believe that he has the ability to resurrect the dead. He takes Helen out in the woods and stabs her in the neck with a screwdriver before trying and failing to resurrect Helen. He hitchhikes and is picked up by a married couple, Carl Henderson and his wife Sandy (Riley Keough). The pair are revealed to be serial killers and their ritual involves picking up male hitchhikers, encouraging them to have sex with Sandy while Carl takes photographs, and then murders them. Roy refuses to have sex with Sandy, and Carl shoots and kills him.
In 1957, Charlotte is diagnosed with cancer. Willard believes he can influence God with fervent prayer to remove cancer from his wife's body. He prays to God and sacrifices Arvin's dog, kneeling before a rustic cross he had erected in the woods behind his house. Nevertheless, Charlotte dies and Willard commits suicide. Arvin, now orphaned, goes to live with his grandmother Emma, where he meets Lenora, who becomes his adopted "stepsister".


Who plays who in the The Devil All the Time movie?

Here is the full cast and characters of "The Devil All the Time" movie. Actors and actresses are sorted mostly in credits order.

Tom Holland  as Arvin Eugene Russell Willard and Charlotte's son
Bill Skarsgård  as Willard Russell Arvin's father, Charlotte's husband, and Emma's son, haunted by his experience serving in World War II
Riley Keough  as Sandy Henderson Carl's wife and Lee's younger sister
Sebastian Stan  as Sheriff Lee Bodecker Sandy's brother, a dirty cop
Jason Clarke  as Carl Henderson Sandy's husband, a photographer and serial killer
Haley Bennett  as Charlotte Russell Arvin's mother and Willard's wife
Eliza Scanlen  as Lenora Laferty Arvin's adopted "step sister;" she as Roy and Helen's daughter
Robert Pattinson  as Reverend Preston Teagardin a charismatic but morally corrupt preacher
Mia Wasikowska  as Helen Hatton Laferty Lenora's mother
Michael Banks Repeta  as 9-year-old Arvin Russell
Harry Melling  as Roy Laferty Lenora's father
Kristin Griffith  as Emma Russell Arvin's grandmother, Willard's mother, and Lenora's adoptive mother
David Atkinson  as Earskell Arvin's great-uncle and Emma's brother
Ever Eloise Landrum  as Lenora at 7
Pokey LaFarge  as Theodore Roy's cousin
Douglas Hodge  as Leroy Brown a pimp
Drew Starkey  as Tommy Matson one of Lenora's bullies
Teddy Cole  as The Hippie
Donald Ray Pollock  as Narrator
Emilio Subercaseaux Campos  as Baby Arvin
Matthew Vaughn  as Poacher #1
Billy Joe Bradshaw  as Poacher #2
Gregory Kelly  as BoBo McDaniels
David Maldonado  as Henry Dunlap
Mark Jeffrey Miller  as Hank
Ryan Anthony Williams  as Marine #1
Wes Robertson  as Bus Driver
Todd Barnett  as Wooden Spoon Manager (as Steven Todd Barnett)
Michael Harding  as Reverend Albert Sykes
Lucy Faust  as Cynthia Teagardin
Abby Glover  as Pamela Sue Reaster
Kelly Lind  as Church Member #1
Cotton Yancey  as Church Member #2
Adam Fristoe  as Priest
Morganna Bridgers  as Florence
Karson Kern  as Social Worker
Zack Shires  as Gene Dinwoodie
Ivan Hoey Jr.  as Orville Buckman
Caleb J. Thaggard  as Butcher (as Caleb Thaggard)
Given Sharp  as Susie Cox
Cory Scott Allen  as Sheriff Thompson
Emma Coulter  as Juanita
Cody Jones  as Tecumseh Bouncer
Madelyn Wall  as White Cow Waitress
Jason Collett  as Matthew Bryson
Eric Mendenhall  as Deputy Howser
Michael H. Cole  as Doctor
Andrew Young  as Cody Hamilton
Cort Chandler  as Jim Lacey
Bruce Cooper  as Jasper Taps
Daniel James Vaughn  as Dispatcher
Edward Hall  as Skinned Soldier
Jeff McCarthy  as Evangelist
Santino Fontana  as AM Radio DJ
John Rue  as Newscaster

Release date

When is The Devil All the Time movie release date?

"The Devil All the Time" movie release date was scheduled to be on August 16, 2020 and on September 11, 2020 (United States) distributing by Netflix.


What are The Devil All the Time filming details?

The duration of the film is 139 minutes.

"The Devil All the Time" movie is rated "R", according to the MPAA film rating system.

Principal photography began on February 19, 2019, in Alabama, with filming locations including Blount County, Anniston, Deatsville, Pell City, Birmingham, and Montevallo.


What are critics and audiences saying about The Devil All the Time movie?

"The Devil All the Time" movie got high rating from critics. IMDB rating is 7.1/10. Rotten Tomatoes rating is 65/100.

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