"Ava" is a 2020 American action thriller film directed by Tate Taylor.
The starring cast includes Jessica Chastain, John Malkovich, Common, Geena Davis, Colin Farrell, Joan Chen, Ioan Gruffudd, Diana Silvers, Jess Weixler, Michel Muller and others.

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Official trailer

Is there a trailer for Ava?

Vertical Entertainment US on Wednesday, June 24, 2020 released the trailer for "Ava" you can watch here:
Ava | Official Trailer (HD) | Vertical Entertainment.

Plot summary

What is Ava plot?

Here is a plot summary for "Ava" Movie.

Assassin Ava Faulkner (Jessica Chastain) eliminates an English businessman in France while a woman eavesdrops on her conversation with the target. After the hit, Ava flies to Boston, checks into a hotel and visits her estranged sister Judy (Jess Weixler), where it is revealed that Ava ran away from her home eight years ago. Ava then visits her mother in the hospital. Later, Ava flies to Riyadh for another mission: to kill a German general but make it look like a natural death.
Ava lures the general into a trap and injects him with a poison that will kill him in 15 minutes and make it appear he died of a heart attack. However, two subordinates break in and, realizing she was given decoy intel, Ava slits the general's throat and shoots the two subordinates.
Following a brutal gunfight, Ava escapes and travels to Barneville-Carteret to meet with her supervisor and mentor, Duke (John Malkovich), who is convinced what happened was not her fault. She is given time off to recover. Ava returns to Boston where she meets Michael (Common), Judy's boyfriend. At a meeting, Ava confesses she is a former alcoholic who ran away to join the army because her father tried to frame her when she found out about his extramarital affair.
In British Columbia, Duke meets with his superior, Simon (Colin Farrell), whose oldest daughter Camille (Diana Silvers) earlier overheard Ava talking to her target. Simon is enraged that Ava talks to her targets and questions her abilities, but Duke convinces him to leave her alone. However, it is revealed that the bad intel was no accident and Simon orders assassin Alain (Efka Kvaraciejus) to kill Ava. Back in Boston, Alain tracks down Ava and attempts to kill her, but gets killed in the ensuing fight. Ava confronts Duke, who assures her it had nothing to do with the organization she works for, and that Alain was a former French special forces soldier and drug addict who tried to mug her for money. That night, Ava goes to dinner with Judy and Michael but their conversation does not go well. The next morning, Judy meets Ava and tells her Michael is not home. Realizing he has started gambling again, Ava rescues him from a gambling den run by a woman, Toni (Joan Chen), to whom Michael is indebted. Following the fight, it is revealed that Michael and Ava had been engaged. He questions her about her fighting abilities, which she brushes off.


Who's in the Ava cast?

Here is the full cast and characters of "Ava" Movie. Actors and actresses are sorted mostly in credits order.

Jessica Chastain  as Ava Faulkner
John Malkovich  as Duke
Common  as Michael Ava's ex-fiancΓ©
Geena Davis  as Bobbi Ava's mother
Colin Farrell  as Simon
Joan Chen  as Toni
Ioan Gruffudd  as Peter Hawthorne a financial advisor to the International Monetary Fund
Diana Silvers  as Camille Simon's daughter
Jess Weixler  as Judy Ava's sister
Michel Muller  as Teddy
Efka Kvaraciejus  as Alain
Christopher J. Domig  as Gunther
Dieter Riesle  as Gunther's Officer
Aramis Merlin  as Gunther's Officer
Michael Guarnera  as Lobby Bartender
Bruce-Robert Serafin  as Toni's Outdoor Guard (as Bruce Serafin)
Jeff Bellin  as Boston Jogger
Martin Lee  as Tony the Alcoholic
Constantin Tripes  as Other German Guard
Ronald Woodhead  as German Guard Helping Ava
Simonne Stern  as Daniela
Steve Gagliastro  as Larry the Nurse
Nadezhda Russo  as Simon's Wife
Joe Sobalo Jr.  as Alejandro
Catherine Virginia Patterson  as Patient Jinny

Release date

When is Ava released in cinemas?

"Ava" Movie release date was scheduled to be on July 2, 2020 (Hungary), on August 27, 2020 (United States) and on September 25, 2020 (United States) distributing by Vertical Entertainment, Impuls Pictures, Independent Films, Shaw Organisation, Spentzos Films, Belga Films, Cinemundo, EuroVideo, Front Row Filmed Entertainment, GEM Entertainment, Joy n Cinema, Madman Entertainment, The Filmbridge and VVS Films.


What are Ava filming details?

The duration of the film is 97 minutes. The film grossed over $3.2 million.

"Ava" Movie is rated "R", according to the MPAA film rating system.

Principal photography began on September 24, 2018, in Boston.


What are critics and audiences saying about Ava?

"Ava" Movie got average rating from critics. IMDB rating is 5.3/10.

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