"Miss Juneteenth" is a 2020 American drama film directed by Channing Godfrey Peoples.
The starring cast includes Nicole Beharie as Turquoise Jones, Kendrick Sampson as Ronnie, Alexis Chikaeze as Kai Jones, Liz Mikel as Betty Ray, Jaime Matthis as Quintavious, Lori Hayes as Charlotte, Akron Watson as Bacon, Phyllis Cicero as Mrs. Washington, Lisha Hackney as Clarissa, Marcus M. Mauldin as Wayman and others.

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Is there a trailer for Miss Juneteenth movie?

Vertical Entertainment US on Thursday, May 21, 2020 released the trailer for "Miss Juneteenth" you can watch here:
Miss Juneteenth | Official Trailer (HD) | Vertical Entertainment.

Plot summary

What is Miss Juneteenth movie plot?

Here is a short review of "Miss Juneteenth" movie plot summary.

Turquoise Jones (Nicole Beharie), is a single mother in a suburb of Fort Worth, Texas. She is the former winner of the local Miss Juneteenth pageant which offers full scholarships to college. She enters her 15-year-old daughter, Kai (Alexis Chikaeze) in the same pageant despite her daughter's obvious lack of enthusiasm.
While other former Miss Juneteenth winners have gone on to have successful careers, Turquoise's education was derailed by the birth of Kai, which forced her to drop out of college and for a time work as a stripper. To make ends meet she currently works at a bar and part time as a beautician at a mortuary where the owner is romantically interested in her. However, Turquoise is still in love with Kai's father Ronnie (Kendrick Sampson), and the two continue sleeping together despite officially being separated.
Kai struggles with her preparations for the Miss Juneteenth pageant, wanting to pursue dance instead. When her father fails to come through with the money for her pageant dress, she is forced to compete in her mother's old gown.
The Miss Juneteenth pageant goes forward. To Turquoise's surprise, for the talent portion Kai performs Maya Angelou's Phenomenal Woman (Deborah Peoples), the poem that Turquoise performed herself and had been pushing Kai to perform, except set to dance. Turquoise is proud of Kai's performance, but nevertheless Kai fails to even place in the pageant.
After the owner of the bar where she works suffers heart problems, he lets Turquoise know that he must sell the bar. She gives him a counter-proposal, offering to slowly buy out his business. He accepts and Turquoise begins her new life as a businesswoman.


Who plays who in the Miss Juneteenth movie cast?

Here is the full cast and characters of "Miss Juneteenth" movie. Actors and actresses are sorted mostly in credits order.

Nicole Beharie  as Turquoise Jones
Kendrick Sampson  as Ronnie
Alexis Chikaeze  as Kai Jones
Liz Mikel  as Betty Ray
Jaime Matthis  as Quintavious
Lori Hayes  as Charlotte
Akron Watson  as Bacon
Phyllis Cicero  as Mrs. Washington
Lisha Hackney  as Clarissa
Marcus M. Mauldin  as Wayman
Mikayla Rivers  as Brianna
Deborah Peoples  as Woman
Dan Mooney  as Snap
Tj Foster  as Rufus
Shelby Jones  as Kay
Keyon Ivory  as DJ (as Keyon Ivory 'DJ K9')
Margaret Sanchez  as Mrs. Cee
Johnny Bryant  as Preacher (as Rev. Johnny Bryant)
Eleanor T. Threatt  as Church Member (as Eleanor Threatt)
Fredrick Medford  as Usher
Dun Dun  as Smoke
Shirley Pace  as African American Singer
Liberty Hayes  as Donetta
Corey Pratt  as Man 1
Jamaal Schultz  as Catfish
Franklin Coleman  as Patron #1
Leticia Magaña  as Dr. Garcia (as Leticia Magaña)
Patricia Hill  as Shirley
LaTonya Coleman-Rose  as Holy Woman
Dayanna Bailey  as Praying Partner #2
Marlon Price  as Craps Cheater
Abron Willis  as Patron #2
Joshua Moody  as Hollering Man
Sandra Jenkins  as Praying Partner #1
Mathew Greer  as Rev. Patterson
Don Williams  as Willy
Amanda Reid  as Tanika (Dancer)
Hannah Wimbrey  as Gwen
Sean M. Bishop  as Autobody Shop Extra
Kelton Ivory  as Autobody Shop Extra
Christophe Dennis  as Autobody Shop Extra
Cylester Williams  as Autobody Shop Extra (as Cylester 'Zapp' Williams)
Lee Gray  as Autobody Shop Extra
Osborne Mack  as Autobody Shop Extra
Hubert Robinson  as Autobody Shop Extra
Tonie Luper  as Church Extra
Carl Evans  as Church Extra
Sheila R. Randolph  as Church Extra
Frederic Pierce  as Church Congregation
Evelyn Lee  as Church Congregation
Jeremiah Owens  as Church Congregation
Abanobi Dike  as Church Congregation
Veronica Evans  as Church Congregation
Vickie Debbs  as Church Congregation
Eric Harston  as Church Congregation
Marlene Thornton  as Church Congregation
Arianna Owens  as Church Congregation
Patreece Dade  as Church Congregation
Sabrena Perkins  as Church Congregation
Francene Foster  as Church Congregation
Xavier H. Ramirez  as Church Congregation
Lyndon Sheppard  as Church Congregation
Ronda Rockwell  as Church Congregation
Moses Davis  as Church Congregation
Jayden Hunter  as Church Congregation
Stacey A Sheffield  as Church Congregation (as Stacey Sheffield)
Jeanette Flores  as Church Congregation
Veronica Shade  as Church Congregation
LaQuisha Sumberlin  as Church Congregation
Christian Bridget  as Church Congregation
Gloria Morrow  as Church Congregation
Rian Hill  as Church Congregation
Mittie Lester  as Church Congregation
Kristan Sumberlin  as Church Congregation
Ayden Hunter  as Church Congregation
Verlea Caolton  as Church Congregation
Hattie Manning  as Church Congregation
Julian Marion  as Church Congregation
Juliette Dobbs  as Funeral Home Extra
J.R. Searcy  as Funeral Home Extra (as J.R. Searcy 'Big Country')
Tybresha Clerkley  as High School Extra
Ayanna Young  as High School Extra
Alyssa Hall  as High School Extra
Jasslynn Hall  as High School Extra
Yamayah Alfred  as High School Extra
Talliejen Calton  as High School Extra
Ti'Yonne Cook  as High School Extra
Makayla Glenn  as High School Extra
Jordyn Vasquez  as High School Extra
Carrigan Smith  as High School Extra
Kiera Clerkley  as High School Extra
Swan Rivers  as High School Extra
Kwame Davis  as High School Extra
Nevaeh Moncrief  as High School Extra
Nyla Samson  as High School Extra
London Davis  as High School Extra
Alexis Iglesais  as High School Extra
Khalid Davis  as High School Extra
Emannuel Chikaeze  as High School Extra
A'Veyanna Dukes  as High School Extra
Amayah Johnson  as High School Extra
Curtis Kirby Iii  as High School Extra
Kourtney Jackson  as High School Extra
Jakiya Alfred  as High School Extra
Miracle Griffin  as High School Extra
Kayla Jackson  as High School Extra
John Bailey  as Hospital Extra
Joey Retana  as Hospital Extra
Durant Cearcy  as Hospital Extra
Donna Morrell Gafford  as Hospital Extra (as Donna Gafford)
Chyna Walker  as Hospital Extra
Brandee Wafer  as Hospital Extra
Elliot Coilbert  as Juneteenth Parade Extra
Deborah Hall  as Juneteenth Parade Extra
Cole Rasso  as Juneteenth Parade Extra
Carol Dary  as Parade Attendee
Alicia Dary  as Parade Attendee
Jacqueline Dary  as Parade Attendee
Lachelle Goodrich  as Parade Attendee
Elle Chavis  as Miss Juneteenth 2019 Pageant Contestant
Jaedyn Whitley  as Miss Juneteenth 2019 Pageant Contestant
Arianna Lynn Coleman  as Miss Juneteenth 2019 Pageant Contestant (as Arianna Coleman)
Tiana Bratten  as Miss Juneteenth 2019 Pageant Contestant
Ari Smith  as Miss Juneteenth 2019 Pageant Contestant
Zuntria Butler  as Miss Juneteenth 2019 Pageant Contestant
Paris Hurston  as Miss Juneteenth 2019 Pageant Hopeful (as Paris 'Frenchy' Hurston)
Alyiah Scott  as Miss Juneteenth 2019 Pageant Hopeful
Kelsey Smith  as Miss Juneteenth 2019 Pageant Hopeful
Audra Chavis  as Miss Juneteenth 2019 Pageant Parent
Mary Chikaeze  as Miss Juneteenth 2019 Pageant Parent
Ahmard Howard  as Miss Juneteenth 2019 Pageant Parent
Kasha Hunt  as Miss Juneteenth 2019 Pageant Parent
Tara Reid  as Miss Juneteenth 2019 Pageant Parent
Zuniga McGee  as Miss Juneteenth 2019 Pageant Parent
Dena Ashton  as Miss Juneteenth 2019 Pageant Parent
Kenja L. Brown  as Miss Juneteenth 2019 Pageant Parent
Gracie Whitley  as Miss Juneteenth 2019 Pageant Parent
Kulia Shaw  as Miss Juneteenth 2019 Pageant Parent
L. Renée Hall  as Miss Juneteenth 2019 Pageant Parent
Triniti Franklin  as Former Juneteenth Queen Sonya
Dejah Bradley  as Former Juneteenth Queen
Michelle Elizabeth  as Former Juneteenth Queen
Stefonte M'Daniel  as Former Juneteenth Queen
Brea Joy  as Former Juneteenth Queen
Elizabeth Turner  as Pageant Board Members
Mia S. Hunt  as Pageant Board Members
Tracy Palmer  as Pageant Board Members
Vickie Washington  as Pageant Board Members
Rita Kotey  as Pageant Volunteer
Stephanie Kaly  as Pageant Volunteer
Steven Bennett  as Pageant Audience Member
Crystal Wimbrey  as Pageant Audience Member
Jerry Butler  as Pageant Audience Member
Elrita Rogers  as Pageant Audience Member
Everton de Melo  as Pageant Audience Member (as Everton Ferreira de Melo)
Aaron Morgan-Payton  as Pageant Audience Member
Neil C. Williams  as Pageant Audience Member
Nanette M. Weeks  as Pageant Audience Member
Israel Anderson  as Pageant Audience Member
Dorra Stephens  as Pageant Audience Member
Diane Williams  as Pageant Audience Member
Courtney Anderson  as Pageant Audience Member
Adrian Hampton  as Pageant Audience Member
Doyel C. Fine II  as Pageant Audience Member
Jeremy Hall  as Pageant Audience Member
Ariel Francis  as Pageant Audience Member / Wayman's Benefit Attendee
Don Wheeler  as Pageant Audience Member
Yeariska Smith  as Pageant Audience Member
Krista Daniels  as Pageant Audience Member
Rambo Elliott  as Pageant Photographer
Ronald Dunbar Iii  as Prison Extra
Tim Meadows  as Prison Extra
Sam Rodriguez  as Prison Extra
Theo Bray  as Prison Extra
LaTovia Tanksley  as Prison Extra
Denzel Carroll  as Wayman's Bar Patron
Roy Garrett  as Wayman's Bar Patron
LaToya Taylor  as Wayman's Bar Patron
Chris Hamilton  as Wayman's Bar Patron
Kevin A. Green  as Wayman's Bar Patron
Berta Wicholson  as Wayman's Bar Patron
Bobby Smith  as Wayman's Bar Patron
Chris Rhodes  as Wayman's Bar Patron
Chris Tanskley  as Wayman's Bar Patron
Antoine Sullivan  as Wayman's Bar Patron
Johnny Tate  as Wayman's Bar Patron
Sandra Powers  as Wayman's Bar Patron
Danielle Martin  as Wayman's Bar Patron
Roy Mitchell  as Wayman's Bar Patron
Gelender Oliver  as Wayman's Bar Patron
Jerry Powers  as Wayman's Bar Patron
Jason White  as Wayman's Bar Patron
Lawrence Webb  as Wayman's Bar Patron
Theressa Willy  as Wayman's Bar Patron
Nathaniel Tarpley  as Wayman's Bar Patron
Justin White  as Wayman's Bar Patron
Eliza Patt  as Wayman's Bar Patron
Doyle Fine II  as Wayman's Bar Patron
Joe Simmons  as Wayman's Bar Patron
Kenneth 'K.C.' Harris  as Wayman's Bar Patron (as Kenneth K.C. Harris)
Connie Mullenix  as Wayman's Bar Patron / Dancer
LaShonda McCitcheon  as Wayman's Bar Patron
Leryl Sanders  as Wayman's Bar Patron
Olaseye Thompson  as Wayman's Bar Patron
Van Alexander  as Wayman's Bar Patron
Anthony Davis  as Wayman's Bar Patron
Oneida Watkins  as Wayman's Bar Patron
Omar Hussein  as Wayman's Bar Patron
Alfoya Young  as Wayman's Bar Patron
LaShonda Johnson  as Wayman's Bar Patron (as LaShonda Jackson)
Lisa Vasquez  as Wayman's Bar Patron
Tera Prowell  as Wayman's Bar Patron
Clifton Talley  as Wayman's Bar Patron
Jashica Harris  as Wayman's Bar Patron
John McHenry  as Wayman's Bar Patron
Torris Curry II  as Wayman's Bar Patron
Linda Matson  as Wayman's Bar Patron
Calvin Ester  as Wayman's Bar Patron
Keisha Hall  as Wayman's Bar Patron
Yvonne Mills  as Wayman's Bar Patron
W.E.  as Wayman's Bar Patron
Herbert Howard  as Wayman's Bar Patron
Martin Sullivan  as Wayman's Bar Patron
Belinda Robinson  as Wayman's Bar Patron
Harold Dea  as Wayman's Bar Patron
Jimmie Bibbs  as Wayman's Bar Patron
Regina Ward-Germany  as Wayman's Bar Patron
Lisa Adawi  as Wayman's Bar Patron
Diana Deau  as Wayman's Bar Patron
Patrick Muy  as Wayman's Bar Patron
Shelley Jones  as Dancer
Alberta W. Amos  as Dancer
Angel Miller  as Dancer
Mary Marchell  as Dancer
Chasmin Jenkins  as Dancer
Leslie Wright  as Dancer
Jacqueline Griffin  as Dancer
Ronita Moore  as Dancer
Tomina Lehman  as Dancer
Berta Joseph  as Dancer (as Berta 'Nony' Joseph)
Marilyn Ferrell  as Dancer
Deondra Jenkins  as Dancer
Julie Williams  as Dancer
Audrey Griffin  as Dancer
Larry Clinton  as Wayman's Benefit Attendee (as Larry Clinton 'DJ Kush')
Dwight Boyd  as Wayman's Benefit Attendee
Tamika Boyd  as Wayman's Benefit Attendee
Andrew Thomas  as Wayman's Benefit Attendee
Diana Gomez  as Wayman's Benefit Attendee
Karen Ford  as Wayman's Benefit Attendee
Anthony Cole  as Wayman's Benefit Attendee
Willie Powell  as Wayman's Benefit Attendee
Charles Carpenter  as Wayman's Benefit Attendee
Johnnie Lacy  as Wayman's Benefit Attendee
Virgie Anderson  as Wayman's Benefit Attendee
Tonya Webb  as Wayman's Benefit Attendee
Glarion Webb  as Wayman's Benefit Attendee
Marie Love  as Wayman's Benefit Attendee
Adele'y Demus  as Wayman's Benefit Attendee
Ed Miles  as Wayman's Benefit Attendee
Debra Williams  as Wayman's Benefit Attendee
Shela Williams  as Wayman's Benefit Attendee
Brintney Davis  as Wayman's Benefit Attendee
Mércia Carrington  as Wayman's Benefit Attendee
Tommie Runnels  as Wayman's Benefit Attendee
LeAngiela Drake  as Wayman's Benefit Attendee
Chris Sowells  as Wayman's Benefit Attendee
Orrin Waits  as Wayman's Benefit Attendee
Warren Landrum  as Wayman's Benefit Attendee
Yvonne Anderson  as Wayman's Benefit Attendee
Jackie Smith  as Wayman's Benefit Attendee
Carlos Munson  as Wayman's Benefit Attendee
Brigette Robinson  as Wayman's Benefit Attendee
Frankie Whigham  as Wayman's Benefit Attendee
Wynona Montague  as Wayman's Benefit Attendee
Tonya Richards  as Wayman's Benefit Attendee
Kendra Brown  as Wayman's Benefit Attendee
Joy Nzeakor  as Wayman's Benefit Attendee
C. Andrez  as Wayman's Benefit Attendee
Robert Broadhead  as Wayman's Benefit Attendee
Melanie Broadhead  as Wayman's Benefit Attendee
Sabrina Broadhead  as Wayman's Benefit Attendee
Nanette Weeks-Watts  as Wayman's Benefit Attendee
Maryellen Hicks  as Wayman's Benefit Attendee
Freddie Sanders  as Wayman's Benefit Attendee
Forrest Woods  as Wayman's Benefit Attendee
Damerriell Williams  as Wayman's Benefit Attendee
Tamra Hawthorne  as Wayman's Benefit Attendee
Lynn Willis  as Wayman's Benefit Attendee
Don Wensprigis  as Wayman's Benefit Attendee
Eddie Burnes  as Wayman's Benefit Attendee
Willie McDonald  as Wayman's Benefit Attendee
Marvin Sander  as Wayman's Benefit Attendee
Delores Marsh  as Wayman's Benefit Attendee
Charlene Packer  as Wayman's Benefit Attendee
C.H.  as Wayman's Benefit Attendee
Berta Nicholson  as Wayman's Benefit Attendee
L. Johnson  as Wayman's Benefit Attendee
Symone Gates  as Wayman's Benefit Attendee
Timothy Scott  as Wayman's Benefit Attendee
Anthony Reynolds  as Wayman's Benefit Attendee
Joyce Benn  as Wayman's Benefit Attendee
Jerry Palmer  as Wayman's Benefit Attendee
Kimberely Burks  as Wayman's Benefit Attendee
Jada Bryant  as Wayman's Benefit Attendee
Kristen White  as Wayman's Benefit Attendee
Tamika Fuller  as Wayman's Benefit Attendee
Shemetria Perow  as Wayman's Benefit Attendee
Perry Daniels  as Wayman's Benefit Attendee

Release date

When is Miss Juneteenth movie release date?

"Miss Juneteenth" movie release date was scheduled to be on January 24, 2020 (Sundance) and on June 19, 2020 (United States) distributing by Vertical Entertainment, Rialto Distribution, Gravel Road Distribution Group, Kanopy and Vertigo Releasing.


What are Miss Juneteenth filming details?

The duration of the film is 103 minutes. With a budget of $700,000 - 2.5 million, the film grossed over $105,908.


What are critics and audiences saying about Miss Juneteenth movie?

"Miss Juneteenth" movie got high rating from critics. IMDB rating is 6.5/10. Rotten Tomatoes rating is 99/100.

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