"Moonfall" is a 2022 internationally co-produced science fiction disaster film directed by Roland Emmerich.
The starring cast includes Halle Berry as Jocinda Fowler, Patrick Wilson as Brian Harper, John Bradley as K.C. Houseman, Michael Peña as Tom Lopez, Charlie Plummer as Sonny Harper, Donald Sutherland as Holdenfield, Kelly Yu, Eme Ikwuakor as General Doug Davidson, Carolina Bartczak as Brenda Harper, Maxim Roy as Sgt. Gabriella Auclair and others.

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Is there a trailer for Moonfall movie?

Lionsgate Movies on Thursday, January 06, 2022 released the trailer for "Moonfall" you can watch here:
Moonfall (2022 Movie) Official Trailer - Halle Berry, Patrick Wilson, John Bradley.

Plot summary

What is Moonfall movie plot?

Here is a short review of "Moonfall" movie plot summary.

In 2011, astronauts Brian Harper (Patrick Wilson), Jocinda Fowler (Halle Berry), and newcomer Marcus are on a Space Shuttle mission to repair a satellite. A mysterious swarm of alien technology attacks the orbiter, killing Marcus and knocking Fowler unconscious before tunneling into the surface of the Moon. Harper, the only witness to the swarm, returns the crippled shuttle to Earth, but his story is dismissed and he is fired from NASA.
Ten years later, conspiracy theorist K.C. Houseman (John Bradley), who believes the Moon is an artificial megastructure, secretly uses time on a research telescope. He discovers the Moon's orbit is veering closer to Earth, and tries to share his findings with the disgraced Harper. NASA also discovers the anomaly, but Houseman goes public on social media, leading to global panic. Fowler is now NASA's deputy director, launching an SLS Block 2 spacecraft to investigate the abnormality. The same alien swarm attacks, killing all three lunar astronauts after they drop a probe into a kilometers-deep artificial shaft that has opened up on the Moon's surface.
As lunar orbit deteriorates, the Moon falls closer and closer to Earth, causing seismic and gravitational disturbances. Fowler meets former NASA official Holdenfield (Donald Sutherland), who reveals that Harper was discredited due to a NASA coverup dating back to Apollo 11; during the first moon landing, a two-minute radio blackout was meant to conceal evidence that the Moon is hollow, and a military EMP device created to kill the swarm was abandoned for budgetary reasons.


Who plays who in the Moonfall movie cast?

Here is the full cast and characters of "Moonfall" movie. Actors and actresses are sorted mostly in credits order.

Halle Berry  as Jocinda Fowler a former NASA astronaut now serving as deputy director of NASA and Brian Harper's colleague
Patrick Wilson  as Brian Harper a disgraced former NASA astronaut and Fowler's colleague
John Bradley  as K.C. Houseman an independent researcher
Michael Peña  as Tom Lopez Brenda's husband
Charlie Plummer  as Sonny Harper Brian and Brenda's estranged son
Donald Sutherland  as Holdenfield a former NASA official
Wenwen Yu  as Michelle (as Kelly Yu)
Eme Ikwuakor  as General Doug Davidson a United States Air Force Four-Star General
Carolina Bartczak  as Brenda Harper Brian's ex-wife and Sonny's mother
Maxim Roy  as Sgt. Gabriella Auclair
Azriel Dalman  as Sonny Child
Frank Schorpion  as General Jenkins a United States Air Force Four-Star General
Stephen Bogaert  as NASA Director Albert Hutchings
Kathleen Fee  as Mrs. Elaine Houseman Houseman's mother
Andreas Apergis  as Lieutenant Colonel Reed a soldier tasked to deliver an EMP that was to be detonated on the Moon
Zayn Maloney  as Jimmy (10 Years Old)
Ava Weiss  as Nikki Lopez (9 Years Old)
Hazel Nugent  as Lauren Lopez (12 Years Old)
Chris Sandiford  as Mosley
Jonathan Maxwell Silver  as Johansen
Ryan Bommarito  as Ziggy
Sebastian Pigott  as Mission Commander
Jaa Smith-Johnson  as Module Pilot
Adam LeBlanc  as Religious Leader
Frank Fiola  as Alan Marcus
Katy Breier  as Bling
Josh Cruddas  as Scrawny
Kyle Gatehouse  as Jules
Tyrone Benskin  as Judge
Gerardo Lo Dico  as Bailiff
Michelle Langlois-Fequet  as Astronaut (as Michelle Langlois Fequet)
Tyler Elliot Burke  as Shuttle Tech
Andre Bedard  as Captain Avery
Zachary Amzallag  as Fowler's Assistant
Michael Czyz  as Chuck (as Michael Piotr Czyz)
Steven Piovesan  as Scientist
Jake Lewis  as Nurse
Christopher Albanese  as Lieutenant - Colorado Bunker (as Andrew Christopher Albanese)
Susan Almgren  as Planetarium Director
Massimo Diem  as Engineer
Kiril Mitev  as Aide - Davidson
Krista Marchand  as Cashier
Sebastien Cimpaye  as Freckled Kid (as Sebastien Cimpaye)
Delia Lisette Chambers  as Curly-Haired Girl
Achilles Montes-Vamvas  as Nerdy Boy
Harry Standjofski  as Landlord
Randy Thomas  as Sonny's Lawyer
Robert Brewster  as Elderly Man / Gary
Alex Gravenstein  as Looter #1
Derek Johns  as Looter #2
Steven Goss  as Clerk
Jane Gilchrist  as Old Lady
Maia Guest  as Stern Woman
Karl Walcott  as Arms Tech #1
Frank Marrs  as Arms Tech #2
Kwasi Songui  as Security Guard #1
Anthony Jones Nestoras  as Security Guard #2
Lori Graham  as Los Angeles News Anchor
David Tyler  as Los Angeles Co-Anchor (as David B. Tyler)
Christopher de Courcy-Ireland  as News Anchor
Ian Geldart  as U.S. News Reporter
Nicole Leroux  as New York News Anchor
Orla Johannes  as British News Anchor
Layla Tuy-Sok  as Young Girl
Elisabeth Etienne  as Girl's Mother
Christian Jadah  as Navigator Carl Saunders
Julia Thomas  as Flight Engineer Hannah Martin
Eric Poirier  as Chinook Crewman
Martin Doepner  as Nightstalker Pilot

Release date

When is Moonfall movie release date?

"Moonfall" movie release date was scheduled to be on January 31, 2022 (Los Angeles), on February 4, 2022 (United States and United Kingdom) and on March 25, 2022 (China) distributing by Leonine (Germany), Lionsgate (United States), Huayi Brothers (China), Entertainment Film Distributors (United Kingdomh, Ascot Elite Entertainment Group, Central Partnership, China Film Group Corporation (CFGC), Cinemundo, Colossal Mega Films, Constantin-Film, Diamond Films España, Dutch FilmWorks (DFW), Edko Films, Golden Village Pictures, HKC Entertainment, Italian International Film, Kinepolis Film Distribution (KFD), Kino Films, Lenta, Leonine Distribution, Long Shong Entertainment Multimedia Company, Lucisano Media Group, Metropolitan Filmexport, Mongkol Major, Noori Pictures, PT. Prima Cinema Multimedia, PVR Pictures, Pioneer Films, Roadshow Film Distributors (NZ) Ltd., Roadshow Films, Selim Ramia & Sons, Spentzos Films, Sun Distribution, Ukrainian Film Distribution (UFD), Vertical Entertainment, Entertainment in Video, Lionsgate Home Entertainment and Metropolitan Film & Video.


What are Moonfall filming details?

The duration of the film is 130 minutes. With a budget of $138 - 146 million, the film grossed over $59.1 million.

"Moonfall" movie is rated "PG-13", according to the MPAA film rating system.


What are critics and audiences saying about Moonfall movie?

"Moonfall" movie got average rating from critics. IMDB rating is 5.1/10. Audiences polled by CinemaScore gave the film an average grade of "C+" on a scale ranging from A+ to F.

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