"Babylon" is an American epic period comedy-drama film directed by Damien Chazelle.
The starring cast includes Brad Pitt as Jack Conrad, Margot Robbie as Nellie LaRoy, Diego Calva as Manny Torres, Jovan Adepo as Sidney Palmer, Li Jun Li as Lady Fay Zhu, Jean Smart as Elinor St. John, Lukas Haas as George Munn, Tobey Maguire as James McKay, Olivia Hamilton as Ruth Adler, Max Minghella as Irving Thalberg and others.

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Is there a trailer for Babylon movie?

Paramount Pictures on Tuesday, September 13, 2022 released the trailer for "Babylon" you can watch here:
BABYLON | Official Trailer (Uncensored) - Brad Pitt, Margot Robbie, Diego Calva.

Plot summary

What is Babylon movie plot?

Here is a short review of "Babylon" movie plot summary.

Set in Hollywood during the transition from silent films to talkies, focusing on a mixture of historical & fictional characters.


Who plays who in the Babylon movie cast?

Here is the full cast and characters of "Babylon" movie. Actors and actresses are sorted mostly in credits order.

Brad Pitt  as Jack Conrad
Margot Robbie  as Nellie LaRoy
Diego Calva  as Manny Torres
Jovan Adepo  as Sidney Palmer
Li Jun Li  as Lady Fay Zhu
Jean Smart  as Elinor St. John
Lukas Haas  as George Munn
Tobey Maguire  as James McKay
Olivia Hamilton  as Ruth Adler
Max Minghella  as Irving Thalberg
Rory Scovel  as The Count
Katherine Waterston  as Ruth Arzner
Flea  as Bob Levine
Jeff Garlin  as Don Wallach
Eric Roberts
Samara Weaving
Olivia Wilde
Spike Jonze
Phoebe Tonkin
Damon Gupton
Chloe Fineman
Troy Metcalf  as Orville Pickwick
Telvin Griffin  as Reginald
Jennifer Grant  as Mildred Yates
Frederick Koehler  as DP (Bill - Soundstage)
P.J. Byrne  as Ruth's AD
Todd Giebenhain  as Actor
Jonah Platt  as Technician
Sean O'Bryan  as Studio Exec
Bob Clendenin  as Otto's A.D.
Marcos A. Ferraez  as Cop
Natasha Kalimada  as Princess Isabella of Castille
Raelynn Harper  as Starlet
Sole Bovelli  as Beauty
Ty Molbak
McKenna Ralston  as Beauty
Rhian Rees  as Pregnant Woman
Miraj Grbic
Elijah Van Zanten  as Soldier
Carlena Britch  as Party Goer
Cyrus Hobbi  as Footballer
Lavinia Postolache  as Guest
Bregje Heinen  as Nathalie
Ana Coto  as Dancer
Karolina Szymczak
Mike Gassaway  as Soldier
Terry Walters  as Kinoscope Editor
Sara Catherine Bellamy  as Singer (credit only)
Kevin Symons  as Guest
Melissa Cordero  as Starlet
Anna Chazelle  as Bobbie Hart
Madison Hauck  as Beauty
Kathryn Hollis Peters  as Party Guest
Nana Ghana
John Kerry  as John Rothschild
Bourke Floyd  as Kinoscope Crew
Braxton Hale  as Guest
Kyla Dyan  as Actress on Stage
Sarah Noelle  as Beauty
Karina Fontes  as Jen
Raz Fritz  as Soldier / Moviegoer
Daniel Grogan  as Singer
Yissendy Trinidad  as Carmelita
James Crittenden  as Harold
James Hutson  as Party Goer
Scott Lea  as Walt the Sound Engineer
Anthony C Garcia  as Soldier
Casey Cathcart  as Actor
Anna Dahl  as Starlet
Kate Ellie Fitzgerald  as Bar Girl
Carol Jefferson  as Club Patron
Skyler Pierce  as Club Patron
Keith Kuhl  as Dancer
Robert Beitzel  as Lewis the Director
Andrea Ramos  as Maria
Colin Seifert  as Soldier
Ric Sarabia  as Crew Member (1st Day of Sound)
Lincoln Brown  as Club Patron
Zack Carter  as Hotel Guest
Nick Baga  as Party Goer
Katia Gomez  as Nurse at Sanitorium
Azizi Donnelly  as Beauty.
Kyle Williams  as Studio Employee
Trisha Simmons  as Agnes
Ariel Flores  as Young Man
Cameron Wong  as Guest
Colt Brown  as Bodyguard (as Colter Lee Brown)
Roman Chsherbakov  as Party guest
Yakov Kolontarov  as Phil
Vanessa Bednar  as Nellies Mom
Thomas Ernst  as Olaf Ludvigsen
Martyn Hale  as Soldier
Paolo Saglietto  as Soldier
Grace Kennedy-Piehl
Kaitlin Leddy  as Party Goer
Dorian Martin
Tef Baker  as Machla Lieberman
Andrew Hawtrey  as Kinoscope AD
Alex Dobrenko  as Assistant to Don Wallach
Daniel Bisla  as Medical Soldier
Farah Haque  as Dancer
Kristen Lundberg  as Mourner
William Nicol  as Cameraman
Emily Joy Lemus  as Partygoer
Hal Dion  as Elevator Operator
Michael Jovanovski  as Soldier
Aamir Yusuf  as Actor
Cameron Somers  as Soldier
Kennedy Porter  as Wallach-Mosh
Jenna Enns  as Guest
J.C. Currais  as Truck Driver
Sean Shea-Clark  as Soldier
Spencer Morgan  as Clapper (Soundstage)
Krista Caplan  as Starlet
Michael Dukakis  as Soldier
Jonathan Ohye  as New M.G.M. A.D.
Alexandre Chen  as Ruth's D.P.
Aubrey Postier  as Party Goer
David Eisen  as Valet
Adam Fried  as Soldier
Maye Harris  as Beauty
Sharon Zhang  as Guest
Jeff Friedman  as Buster
Richard Clarke Larsen  as A.C.
Frank Lui Geo  as Guardian / Hobo
Jonathan Grey  as Hearst Bartender
Ana Bergman  as Beauty
Carson Higgins  as Lloyd (Sound Mixer)
Nachbi Lacossiere  as Musician
Russel Donahue  as Soldier
Tanner Hake  as Party Goer
Lynda Gatlin  as Battle Creek Crew
Zhan Wang  as Queen Desiree
Nicholas A. Goldreich  as Cole
Delio Eswar  as MGM Crew
Kyle Christiansen  as Soldier
Jaden Alexander  as Secretary
Bubba Dean Rambo  as Studio Executive
Becca Beberaggi  as Ruth's Wardrobe Girl
Chesi Ho  as Moviegoer
Michael DeBartolo  as Hollywood Reporter
Joseph W. Evans  as Soldier
David Abed  as Young Studio Exec
Abigail Stanton  as Beauty
Anna Manheimer  as Jack's Crew
Michael Russnow  as Asbestos Man
Tyler Seiple  as Customer
Maia Sheridan  as Partygoer
Kelly Daly  as Beauty (as Rook Daly)
Khoi Le  as Soldier
Stephen Thomas  as Tourism Official
Anton Hedayat  as Footballer #3
Cutty Cuthbert  as Jimmy
Masha Ko  as Striptease Performer
Kellen Rose  as Soldier
Ryan Holmes  as Soldier
Zenas Joaquin Montaรฑo  as Pedestrian (credit only)
Peter Ramirez  as Soldier
Archer McKnight  as Soldier
Marie Kelli  as Nurse
Ashley Michelle Grant  as Pedestrian
Lucie Hamanova  as Lupe Morales
Marianne Wiedeman  as Party Goer
Melissa K.  as Guest
Aevrey Balin  as Musician
Kevin Dunning  as Orchestra Cello Player
Alessia Vernazza  as Woman
Adrien Rolet  as Partygoer
Ryan Cho  as Soldier / Moviegoer
Michelle Ghatan  as Moviegoer / Partygoer
Phil Painter  as Priest
Jesse D'Araujo  as Guest
Eric Lum  as Chinatown Adult
Sydney Love  as Woman in Bondage
Ryan Rathbun  as Valet
Jonathan Jennings  as Soldier
Connor Johnson  as Red Soldier
Austin Hust  as Soldier
Tim Allen Baker  as Soldier
Cassidy Rose Gyetvan  as Party Guest
Berk Karaca  as Soldier
Juan Madrigal  as Soldier
Brandon J McGuire  as Knight
Brian Reinare Thomas  as Soldier
Jared Scott-Mills  as Party Guest
Cristina Roche  as Premiere Guest
Anthony Burkhalter  as Reporter
Armando Cosio  as Grip (Soundstage)
Ihar Yakimau  as Soldier
Alexia Rojas  as Club Patron
Kyle Reardon  as Soldier
Sean Fabian Billings  as Soldier
Jef Travis  as Shooter
Cody York  as Soldier
Orlando Adrian  as Soldier (as Orlando Martinez)
Pedro Lozano  as Soldier
Armin Zavareh  as Soldier
Zeus Oira  as Soldier
Effie Cacarnakis  as Soldier
Alex Cohen-Leddy  as Soldier
Sean Belanger  as Soldier
T Wade Martin  as Sound Tech - Singing in the Rain
Walter Maxwell  as MGM Crew
Susan Cagle  as Club Patron
Alex Kennedy  as Soldier
Ryan Emilio Molina  as Soldier / Moviegoer
Clayton Dillard  as Soldier
Jim Allen Jackson  as Set Medic (1st Day of Sound)
Jihane Cara  as Guest
Ben Holmquist  as Reporter
Christopher Hiortdahl  as Soldier
William Diament  as Soldier
Devon Uy  as Orville's Crew

Release date

When is Babylon movie release date?

"Babylon" movie release date was scheduled to be on December 25, 2022 distributing by Paramount Pictures International, Paramount Pictures France, Paramount Pictures Germany, Paramount Pictures UK, United International Pictures (UIP) and Universal Pictures International (UPI).


What are Babylon filming details?

The film's budget is $110 million.

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