"Still Here" is a 2020 American drama film directed by Vlad Feier.
The starring cast includes Johnny Whitworth, Maurice McRae, Afton Williamson, Zazie Beetz, Jeremy Holm, Larry Pine, Danny Johnson, Rupert Simonian, Gia Crovatin, Justiin A. Davis and others.

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Is there a trailer for Still Here movie?

Blue Fox Entertainment on Tuesday, July 28, 2020 released the trailer for "Still Here" you can watch here:
STILL HERE - Official Trailer.

Plot summary

What is Still Here movie plot?

Here is a short review of "Still Here" movie plot summary.

Set in today's New York, the film follows the heartbreaking story of a missing 10-year-old girl and the pain of her family.


Who plays who in the Still Here movie?

Here is the full cast and characters of "Still Here" movie. Actors and actresses are sorted mostly in credits order.

Johnny Whitworth  as Christian Baker
Maurice McRae  as Michael Watson
Afton Williamson  as Tiffany Watson
Zazie Beetz  as Keysha
Jeremy Holm  as Greg Spaulding
Larry Pine  as Jeffrey Hoffman
Danny Johnson  as Anthony Evans
Rupert Simonian  as Sam Perkin
Gia Crovatin  as Paige Sullivan
Justiin A. Davis  as Marcus Mitchell
Leopold Manswell  as Reggie Green
Steven Hauck  as Captain Hardwick
Lou Martini Jr.  as Stuard
Tibor Feldman  as Judge Snow
Lorrie Odom  as Counselor
Danielle Dallacco  as Kristine
Karen Chilton  as Marcy
Jared Kemp  as Andre Watson
Louiza Zouzias  as Laurie
Vanessa Simmons  as TV Crew
Despina Mirou  as Reporter
Turron Kofi Alleyne  as Tyrell Hunter
Taliyah Whitaker  as Amber Jekins
Edward M. Kelahan  as Police Officer #1
Valence Thomas  as Frank Mitchell
Kevin Anton  as Front Desk Cop
Javier Sepulveda  as Ortega
William Broderick  as Prosecutor
Jordan Maldonado  as Trainer
Troy Gochenour  as Reporter #1
Grace Young  as Reporter #2
Stephen Beasley  as Onlooker #1
Antoinette Crough  as Onlooker #2
D.K. Bowser  as Homeless Man
Jerome Brooks Jr.  as Neighbor #1
Johnny M. Faulkner  as Neighbor #2
Chris Routhe  as Nate
Peter Hart  as Andrew
Daralyn Jay  as Latoya Mitchell
Desi Ivanova  as Rehab Center Director
Benjamin Horatio Garvis  as News Anchor
Chansi Petzold  as News Anchor
Baboucarr Camara  as Yann Abellard
Tony Fiore  as Police Officer #2
Dared Wright  as Prison Guard
Rit Weaver  as Defense Attorney
Tomungi Adams  as Neighbor
Ben Adducchio  as TV Crew (as Ben Addicchio)
Erol Akinpar  as Police Officer
Larry Albert  as Pedestrian
Kamilla Aleksandrova  as The Chronicle Worker
Sonny Alloway  as Neighbor
Zita Andujar  as Pedestrian
Kofi Archer  as Police Officer
Francisco Arizon  as Neighbor
Shana Ashby  as House Owner
Chantel Augston  as Mother #1
Marshall Axt  as Coroner
Lisa Bailey  as Police Station Extra
Larry Dean Barris Jr.  as Reggie's Friend (as Larry Barris)
Danielle Baskerville  as Neighbor
Karen Beckett  as Courthouse Audience
Malky Blips  as The Chronicle Worker
Beth A. Borenzweig  as The Chronicle Worker
Cory Boughton  as Friend
Jack Brennan  as Coroner
Sean Brennan  as Club Patrons
Kevin Britton  as Pedestrian
Ryan Bromham  as Captain Marcus
Nelson Brown  as Pedestrian
Keirsten Burros  as Club Patrons
Miriam Carrasquillo  as TV Crew
Ramon Castillo  as Mechanic
LiL'Joe CEO  as Thug (as Lil Joe Ceo)
Shameem Chopra  as Police Station Extra
Rosa Chrystle  as Police Officer
Matt Coakley  as Pedestrian
Daryln Cochrane  as TV Crew
Annette Collins  as Mother #2
Barbara Collins  as Pedestrian
David Collins  as Bar Patrons
Jillian Collins  as Kid #2
Christopher Costello  as Police Officer (as Chris Costello)
Duron Crichlow  as Neighbor
Ronald Crichlow  as Police Officer
Kenneth Dancer  as Police Officer
Melba Davis  as Funeral Goers
Erubey de Anda  as Club Patrons
Giovan Delacruz  as Bar Patrons
Vincent Dobson  as Young Pedestrian
Danielle Emina  as Sophie
Katima Emptage  as Funeral Goers
Katimapretty Emptage  as Courthouse Audience
Carmen Falcon  as Pedestrian
Eugene Farley  as Courthouse Audience
Nyshon Ferrell  as School Kid
Darel Franklin  as Police Officer
Ramces Gaston  as Bailiff
Federico Gonzalez  as The Chronicle Worker
Jeaniene Green  as Courthouse Audience
Matt Guido  as Friend
Silvia Gutierrez  as The Chronicle Worker
Audrey Hall  as Club Patrons
Christopher Hammermil  as Police Officer
Trevor Hayes  as Detective
Katelyn Homer  as Club Patrons
Conchata ChaCha Issan  as Courthouse Audience (as Conchata Mayfield)
Quamara Jenkins  as Neighbor
Rachel Jones  as Pedestrian
Gordon Joseph  as Holding Cell Criminal
Jeremias Julio  as Club Patrons
Dan Kadosh  as Judge
Petro Katraga  as Court Officer
Muhshin Khan  as The Chronicle Worker
Rozina Khan  as The Chronicle Worker
Carmen King  as The Chronicle Worker
Maria Knox  as Bar Patrons
Natalya Kondreck  as Kid #3
Franklin La Paz  as Police Officer
Alwanthe Lawson  as Neighbor
Don Leftt  as Detective
Jeffrey Lerman  as Attorney
Tom Lucas  as Cooker
Vanessa Lynch  as Courthouse Audience
Jose Manenso  as Mechanic
Derrick Manigo  as Detective
Keith Manning  as Detective
Patricia Marte  as Neighbor
Blair Martin  as Neighbor
Sheerice Martinez  as Neighbor
Kia Maryck  as Bar Patrons
Jacqueline Mason  as Pedestrian
Ryan Masterson  as The Chronicle Worker
Manuel Mateo  as Club Patrons
Margaret McCalla  as The Chronicle Worker
John T. McGuffin  as Detective
Lynette McQueen  as Pedestrian
Aron Mealy  as The Chronicle Worker
La Aaron Mealy  as The Chronicle Worker
Amy Meanwell  as The Chronicle Worker
Chase Merritt  as Pedestrian
Michelle Miss Knockout Bracey  as The Chronicle Worker
Carlo Mitton  as Funeral Goers
Alfredo Montez  as Friend
Kitty Ramona Morgan  as Club Patrons
Nicholas Mueller  as Pedestrian
Robert Nicolay  as TV Crew
Henri Noville  as The Chronicle Worker (as Rhett Ariston)
Hanna Nystrom  as The Chronicle Worker
Sara Parcesepe  as Pedestrian
Chrisanthos Petsilas  as Pedestrian
Thomas Pierce  as Young Pedestrian
Norman Pile  as Courthouse Audience
Josephine Pizzino  as Court Stenographer
Diana Prendergast  as Office Worker
Mark Quiles  as Office Assistant
Marek Radin  as Pedestrian
Sarah Rattle  as Waitress
Carlos Richard  as Courthouse Audience
Juji Roberson  as Friend
Stefan Robert  as Detective (as Stefan Rober)
Gene Roberts  as Reporter
Darinel Rodriguez  as Mechanic
Francisco Rodriguez  as Mechanic
Steven Rojas  as The Chronicle Worker
Esteban Romero  as Funeral Goers
Charlie Rosa  as Police Officer
Sulay Rosado  as Pedestrian
Anthony Rosas Jr.  as Criminal (as Anthony Rosa)
John Ruiz  as House Owner
Patrick Salazar  as Pedestrian
Trevon Sandy  as Courthouse Audience
Baruch Santana  as Club Patrons
Donovan Santiago  as Police Officer
Gina Scherzo  as The Chronicle Worker
Edward Sellner  as The Chronicle Worker
Amanda Serrano  as Boxing Girl
Venus Serrano  as Pedestrian
Yolanda Sey  as Funeral Goers
Devon Shaw  as Marcus Friend
Smokey Sims  as Smokey the dancer
Zariah Singletary  as Monique Watson
Igor Slobodski  as The Chronicle Worker
Belissa St. Jean  as Kid #4
Walter Steele  as Bar Patrons
Candida Storey  as Michelle
Gianna Surant  as The Chronicle Worker
Quatis Tarkington  as The Chronicle Worker
Mario Tarquinio  as Thug
Griselle Telestord  as Club Patrons
Raymon Temple  as Reggie's Friend
Sanyah Terry  as School Kid
Travis Thompson  as Neighbor
Samuel Almoldovar Torres  as Pedestrian
TravQue  as Neighbor (as Travis TravQue Thompson)
Sandy Trevon  as Funeral Goers
Jenniffer Turpeau  as Bar Patrons
Jaiden Unthank  as Kid #5
Max Vaccu  as Zao
Marlene Villafane  as The Chronicle Worker
Michael Webb  as Pedestrian
Steven Weiss  as Court Officer
E'Lois White  as Courthouse Audience
Michaud White  as Young Pedestrian
Fred Whyte  as Therapy Patient
Ashwi Williams  as Reggie's Friend
Clayton Williams  as Court Officer
Constance Wookey  as Office Worker
Krystal Wray  as Friend

Release date

When is Still Here movie release date?

"Still Here" movie release date was scheduled to be on August 27, 2020 (Germany) and on August 28, 2020 (United States) distributing by Blue Fox Entertainment and Kinostar Filmverleih.


What are Still Here filming details?

The duration of the film is 99 minutes.


What are critics and audiences saying about Still Here movie?

"Still Here" movie got average rating from critics. IMDB rating is 5.5/10. Rotten Tomatoes rating is 29/100.

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