"The Perfection" is a 2018 American psychological horror thriller film directed by Richard Shepard.
The starring cast includes Allison Williams as Charlotte, Logan Browning as Elizabeth "Lizzie" Wells, Steven Weber as Anton, Alaina Huffman as Paloma, Molly Grace as Young Charlotte, Milah Thompson as Young Lizzie, Mark Kandborg as Theis, Graeme Duffy as Geoffrey, Eileen Tian as Zhang Li, Marie Maskell as Charlotte's Mother and others.

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Is there a trailer for The Perfection movie?

Netflix on Monday, April 15, 2019 released the trailer for "The Perfection" you can watch here:
The Perfection | Official Trailer | Netflix.

Plot summary

What is The Perfection movie plot?

Here is a short review of "The Perfection" movie plot summary.

Charlotte Willmore (Allison Williams) is a talented young cellist who was forced to leave Bachoff, a prestigious music school in Boston, to care for her terminally ill mother. After her mother's death years later, Charlotte reaches out to Anton (Steven Weber), the head of the academy, and travels to Shanghai to join him, his wife Paloma (Alaina Huffman), and teachers Geoffrey (Graeme Duffy) and Theis (Mark Kandborg) in selecting a new student. Charlotte befriends Lizzie (Logan Browning), Anton's star pupil who replaced Charlotte at Bachoff. After a night of clubbing, they return to Lizzie's hotel room and have sex.
When Lizzie awakens with a hangover, Charlotte offers her some ibuprofen, which she takes with a shot of alcohol, and joins her on a trip through rural China. Boarding a bus after eating at a street food stall, Lizzie begins to feel progressively ill and takes more of Charlotte's ibuprofen. As her condition worsens, she throws up maggots and spirals into a panic, frightening the other passengers until the driver ejects her and Charlotte from the bus, stranding them in the countryside. Increasingly ill and paranoid, Lizzie sees bugs crawling inside her arm and eventually bursting out of her skin before Charlotte offers her a meat cleaver, and Lizzie hacks off her infected right hand.
It is revealed that Charlotte drugged Lizzie with medication prescribed to Charlotte's late mother, which can induce hallucinations (especially when consumed with alcohol), stole the meat cleaver from the food stall, and manipulated Lizzie into cutting off her own hand.
Three weeks later, Anton and Paloma give their new student from China, Zhang Li (Eileen Tian), a tour of Bachoff and the "Chapel," an acoustically perfect room where the academy's best students perform. That night, Lizzie arrives unexpectedly, her right hand missing. She explains her recollection of events to Anton and Paloma, and that she was discovered unconscious on the side of the road with a makeshift tourniquet around her arm, keeping her alive. Lizzie is adamant that Charlotte orchestrated the incident out of jealousy. Anton, initially sympathetic, turns cold and informs Lizzie the next day that she must leave the academy. On her way out, she looks at the photos in the hall and smashes a framed picture of Charlotte.


Who plays who in the The Perfection movie cast?

Here is the full cast and characters of "The Perfection" movie. Actors and actresses are sorted mostly in credits order.

Allison Williams  as Charlotte
Logan Browning  as Elizabeth "Lizzie" Wells
Steven Weber  as Anton the head of Bachoff Academy
Alaina Huffman  as Paloma Anton's wife
Molly Grace  as Young Charlotte
Milah Thompson  as Young Lizzie
Mark Kandborg  as Theis
Graeme Duffy  as Geoffrey
Eileen Tian  as Zhang Li
Marie Maskell  as Charlotte's Mother
Christina Jastrzembska  as Aunt
Glynis Davies  as Aunt
Tasmin Carlow-Ujiie  as Party Cellist Girl
Jorya Yi  as Party Cellist Girl
Winnie Hung  as Mingzhu
Benjamin Wong  as Party Cellist's Father
Alex Lee  as Party Cellist's Mother
Vince Tsang  as Man at Party
Sharon Crandall  as Man's Wife
Richard Yee  as Guest at Party
Grace Wang  as Guest at Party
Doralynn Mui  as Guest at Party
Sofy Chen  as Little Girl on Bus
Johnny Ji  as Li Jun
David Soo  as Bus Driver
Leanne Wang  as Young Lady on Bus
Lillian Lim  as Elderly Woman on Bus
Stephen Chang  as Older Male Bus Passenger (as Stephen MD Chang)
Larry Zhou  as Male Bus Passenger
Lee Chi Kay Ricky  as Male Bus Passenger
Evelyn Chew  as Mother on Bus

Release date

When is The Perfection movie release date?

"The Perfection" movie release date was scheduled to be on September 20, 2018 (Fantastic Fest) and on May 24, 2019 (United States) distributing by Netflix.


What are The Perfection filming details?

The duration of the film is 90 minutes.


What are critics and audiences saying about The Perfection movie?

"The Perfection" movie got high rating from critics. IMDB rating is 6.2/10. Rotten Tomatoes rating is 71/100.

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