"Blood Quantum" is a 2019 Canadian horror film directed by Jeff Barnaby.
The starring cast includes Michael Greyeyes, Elle-Máijá Tailfeathers, Forrest Goodluck, Kiowa Gordon, Brandon Oakes, Gary Farmer, Olivia Scriven, Stonehorse Lone Goeman, William Belleau, Kent McQuaid and others.

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Is there a trailer for Blood Quantum movie?

RLJE Films on Tuesday, July 28, 2020 released the trailer for "Blood Quantum" you can watch here:

Plot summary

What is Blood Quantum movie plot?

Here is a short review of "Blood Quantum" movie plot summary.

In 1981, on the Red Crow Indian Reservation in Quebec, Canada, fisherman Gisigu (Stonehorse Lone Goeman) catches a number of salmon, and observes that they continue to move after being gutted. Elsewhere that morning, Gisigu's son, indigenous sheriff Traylor (Michael Greyeyes), responds to a call about a dying dog that belongs to his ex-wife, nurse Joss (Elle-Máijá Tailfeathers). Traylor euthanizes the dog by gunshot. He goes to visit Joss, and learns that their son Joseph (Forrest Goodluck) has been arrested for vandalism in a nearby town and is in jail with his half-brother Lysol (Kiowa Gordon). Traylor then visits Gisigu, who shows him the gutted yet moving salmon. Joss's dead dog reanimates in the trunk of Traylor's police car, and Traylor shoots it. Gisigu and Traylor set the dog and the fish on fire.
Traylor and Joss head into town to free Joseph from jail. Traylor, Joseph, Lysol, and police officer Shamu (Kent McQuaid) encounter an ill, violent man in the jail who bites Joseph on the arm. Joseph goes to a hospital, where his white, pregnant girlfriend Charlie (Olivia Scriven) is waiting. That night, Traylor responds to a call from a indigenous man named Shooker (William Belleau). Traylor enters Shooker's house and is attacked and bitten by Shooker's white girlfriend, whom Traylor beats with the butt of a shotgun. Traylor and Shooker head to a bridge where Joss, Joseph and Charlie have found themselves after having escaped the hospital in an ambulance.
Six months later, the outbreak of flesh-eating "zeds" has become widespread, and the Red Crow Reservation has been turned into a fortified compound. Its residents have learned that indigenous people cannot be infected by the "zed" plague, though white people can. Lysol has become increasingly aggressive towards Joseph and others' tendency to bring outsiders - such as a man and his young daughter, the latter of whom was bitten by an infected person, as well as a girl named Lilith (Natalie Liconti), who hides the fact that she has also been infected - to the compound.


Who plays who in the Blood Quantum movie?

Here is the full cast and characters of "Blood Quantum" movie. Actors and actresses are sorted mostly in credits order.

Michael Greyeyes  as Traylor
Elle-Máijá Tailfeathers  as Joss
Forrest Goodluck  as Joseph
Kiowa Gordon  as Lysol
Brandon Oakes  as Bumper
Gary Farmer  as Moon
Olivia Scriven  as Charlie
Stonehorse Lone Goeman  as Gisigu
William Belleau  as Shooker
Kent McQuaid  as Shamu
Natalie Liconti  as Lilith
Devery Jacobs  as James (as Kawennáhere Devery Jacobs)
Felicia Shulman  as Doris
Trevor Hayes  as Man
Anok Materine  as Lydia / Nurse
Lake Delisle  as Sick Girl (as Lake Kahentawaks Delisle)
Naomi Frenette  as Shooker's Girlfriend
Héléna Laliberté  as Old Lady Driver (as Helena Laliberté)
Matthew Simard  as Skinny Timmy
Matt Trudeau  as Rufus
Victoria Bailey  as Girl
Waylon Jameson Irvine  as Newborn Baby

Release date

When is Blood Quantum movie release date?

"Blood Quantum" movie release date was scheduled to be on September 5, 2019 (TIFF) distributing by Elevation Pictures, Entract Films, Koch Films, Lumix Media and Shudder.


What are Blood Quantum filming details?

The duration of the film is 96 minutes. The film grossed over $10,926.


What are critics and audiences saying about Blood Quantum movie?

"Blood Quantum" movie got high rating from critics. IMDB rating is 5.5/10. Rotten Tomatoes rating is 90/100.

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