"Hustle" is a 2022 American drama film directed by Jeremiah Zagar.
The starring cast includes Adam Sandler as Stanley Sugerman, Queen Latifah as Teresa Sugerman, Ben Foster as Vince Merrick, Robert Duvall as Rex Merrick, Anthony Edwards as Kermit Wilts, Heidi Gardner as Kat Merrick, Juancho Hernang贸mez as Bo Cruz, Jordan Hull as Alex Sugerman, Mar铆a Botto as Paola Cruz, Ainhoa Pillet as Lucia Cruz and others.

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Is there a trailer for Hustle movie?

Netflix on Tuesday, May 10, 2022 released the trailer for "Hustle" you can watch here:
Hustle starring Adam Sandler | Official Trailer | Netflix.

Plot summary

What is Hustle movie plot?

Here is a short review of "Hustle" movie plot summary.

Stanley Sugerman (Adam Sandler), a jaded international scout for the Philadelphia 76ers of the NBA, lives life on the road searching for future stars. His frequent travel takes a toll on his wife Teresa (Queen Latifah) and daughter Alex. While he is liked by 76ers owner Rex Merrick (Robert Duvall), he clashes with Rex's son Vincent. Rex promotes Stanley to assistant coach, allowing him to remain at home with his family. The same evening, however, Rex dies, leaving Vince (Ben Foster) in charge. Three months later, Vince demotes Stanley again to scout, sending him overseas to find a new star. Meeting with his former college teammate Leon Rich (Kenny Smith), he encourages him to leave the 76ers and also become a player agent. When Stanley's plan to scout another player in Spain falls through, watching a local pick-up game, he is stunned by an incredibly talented unknown player.
Stanley attempts to speak with the man, Bo Cruz (Juancho Hernang贸mez), but is rebuffed until he makes a Facetime call to Dirk Nowitzki to prove his legitimacy. Bo and his mother Paola recount his life story: he was a talented player from an early age and was invited to play in America at age 15, but stayed in Spain after his girlfriend became pregnant with his daughter Lucia. Bo now works construction and makes extra money hustling at basketball. After an impressive workout with members of the Spanish national team, Stanley urges the 76ers front office to sign Cruz immediately, but Vincent is unconvinced. Taking matters into his own hands, he pays to bring Cruz to the US, telling him he will be signed by the Sixers or enter the NBA draft. At the airport, Bo is detained for an aggravated assault conviction he received in Spain. He is released, but warned that he could be deported if he were to be arrested in America.


Who plays who in the Hustle movie cast?

Here is the full cast and characters of "Hustle" movie. Actors and actresses are sorted mostly in credits order.

Adam Sandler  as Stanley Sugerman a scout and coach for the 76ers
Queen Latifah  as Teresa Sugerman Stanley Sugerman's wife
Ben Foster  as Vince Merrick Rex's son and 76ers co-owner
Robert Duvall  as Rex Merrick Vince's father and 76ers owner
Anthony Edwards  as Kermit Wilts a player and rival to Bo
Heidi Gardner  as Kat Merrick
Juancho Hernang贸mez  as Bo Cruz Stanley's basketball player recruit from Spain
Jordan Hull  as Alex Sugerman Stanley's daughter
Mar铆a Botto  as Paola Cruz Bo's mother
Ainhoa Pillet  as Lucia Cruz Bo's daughter
Kenny Smith  as Leon Rich a sports agent and Stanley's friend
Jaleel White  as Blake - VP of Player Personnel
Ra煤l Castillo  as Oscar Morales
Elvin Rodriguez  as Mr. Everything
Moe Wagner  as Haas
Boban Marjanovic  as Big Serbian - Dimitri Jovanovic
Michael Foster Jr.  as Zeke Washington (as Michael Foster)
Julius Erving  as Julius 'Dr. J' Erving
Matisse Thybulle  as Matisse Thybulle
Tobias Harris  as Tobias Harris
Kyle Lowry  as Kyle Lowry
Tyrese Maxey  as Tyrese Maxey
Seth Curry  as Seth Curry
Doc Rivers  as Doc Rivers
Dirk Nowitzki  as Dirk Nowitzki
Brad Stevens  as Brad Stevens
Jay Wright  as Coach Jay Wright
Jordan Clarkson  as Jordan Clarkson
Trae Young  as Trae Young
Aaron Gordon  as Aaron Gordon
Mark Jackson  as Mark Jackson
Allen Iverson  as Allen Iverson
Luka Doncic  as Luka Doncic
Tim Young  as Tim Young
Fat Joe  as Fat Joe
Mike James  as Mike James
Leandro Barbosa  as Leandro Barbosa
James Goldstein  as James Goldstein
Aaron Owens  as Aaron 'AO' Owens
Lonnie Harrell  as Lonnie 'Prime Objective' Harrell
Larry Williams  as Larry 'Bone Collector' Williams
Waliyy Dixon  as Waliyy 'Main Event' Dixon
Grayson Boucher  as Grayson 'The Professor' Boucher
Ty Tanner  as Ty 'There He Go' Tanner
Lethal Shooter  as Chris 'Lethal Shooter' Matthews
Mark Cuban  as Mark Cuban
Emeka Okafor  as Emeka Okafor
Bill Duffy  as Billy Duffy
Jeff Schwartz  as Jeff Schwartz
Pat Croce  as Pat Croce
Mo Cheeks  as Maurice Cheeks
Kristine Leahy  as Kristine Leahy
Aaron McKie  as Aaron McKie
Howard Wood  as Howard Wood
Fran Fraschilla  as Fran Fraschilla
Khris Middleton  as Khris Middleton
Greg St. Jean  as Greg St. Jean
Lonnie Cooper  as Lonnie Cooper
Dan Patrick  as Dan Patrick
Beanie Sigel  as Beanie Sigel
Torrel Harris Sr.  as Torrel Harris Sr.
Torrel Harris  as Torrel Harris Jr.
Tierra Whack  as Tierra Whack
Freeway  as Freeway
Charles Barkley  as Charles Barkley
Shaquille O'Neal  as Shaquille O'Neal
Ernie Johnson  as Ernie Johnson
Sergio Scariolo  as Sergio Scariolo
Jos茅 Calder贸n  as Jos茅 Calder贸n
Willy Hernangomez  as Willy Hernangomez
Felipe Reyes  as Felipe Reyes
脌lex Abrines  as 脌lex Abrines
Pierre Oriola  as Pierre Oriola
Jason Filippi  as Jason Filippi - International Scout
Igor Ormazabal  as Igor Ormazabal
Peter Vecsey  as Peter Vecsey
Bobby Verdun  as Coach Bobby Verdum (as Bobby Verdum)
Dell Demps  as Dell - Asst. Coach Philadelphia 76ers
Billy King  as 76ers General Manager
Joseph Vecsey  as Assistant General Manager
Peter Dominguez  as Asst. Coach Philadelphia 76ers
Dave Joerger  as Asst. Coach Philadelphia 76ers
Christian Crosby  as Executive Assistant
Ron Hoover  as Tattooed Player
Bob Steitz  as 76ers Personnel #1
Owen Morin  as 76ers Personnel #2
Kareek Best  as 76ers Personnel #3
Rebecca Rodriguez  as 76ers Personnel #4
Andrew Dean  as 76ers Personnel #5
Kathryn Alario  as 76ers Woman Executive (Gym)
Jill Snodgrass  as 76ers Woman Executive (Stairs)
Brittanie Boyd  as Brittanie - 76ers Stats
Leland Smith  as 76ers Executive Assistant
Mark Milano  as Ball Boy - 76ers Practice
Anthony L. Gargano  as Local Reporter #1
Andrew J. Perloff  as Local Reporter #2 (as Andrew Perloff)
Thaddeus Daniels  as German Fixer - Felix
Jon Collin Barclay  as German Sports Agent - Hans Larsson
William Franke  as German Telekom Security Guard
Santiago Kuster Galetto  as Spanish Fixer
Ivica Marc  as Serbian Fixer
Oscar Pavlo  as Serbian Manager / Translator
Nenad Ninkovic  as Serbian Security Guard
Dragana Argirovic  as Serbian Wife
Nielsen Gordon  as Tall Serbian Teen
Vladimir Pavlovic  as Serbian Trainer / Coach
Aila Troxel  as Alex's Friend #1
Jaidyn Hires  as Alex's Friend #2
Todd Vulpio  as Loew's Valet
Noelle Gentile  as Swimmer
Andrea Sooch  as German Wife
Peter Linari  as German Man
Sidney Allen  as Cardinal Hayes Check in Guy
Liz Wiest  as Flight Attendant
Marko Christie  as Philly Fan
Olivia Daniels  as Little Daughter
John D. Kay Jr.  as Jack in Security Guard
Bennett Gruninger  as Officier Richard
Oliver Morton  as Cyclist
Sunny Sandler  as Greek 13 Yr Old Girl
Anthony Capozzoli  as Bartender
Tyreek Cade  as Prison Tat
Denzel Jackson  as Philly Baller
Alejandra Bitti Iba帽ez  as Waitress
Marie Rose Segarra Mebuy  as Hostess
Thom Aquino  as Rex's Driver - Carl
Xavier Nu帽ez  as Spanish Man on TV (as Xavier N煤帽ez Rossell贸)
Zaila Avant-garde  as 13 Yr Old Street Baller
Josiah Gabriel  as Teen with Drone
Evan Rosado  as Social Media Teen #1
Isaiah Allen  as Social Media Teen #2
Toonyun  as Chinese Mom
Qing Fang Pang  as 7-Foot Chinese Player (as Qingfang Pang)
Diakite Boubcar Sidik Bouki  as Stoned Player
Samuel Muriithi  as Arguing African Fan
Jalani Benton  as Nigerian Player's Friend #1
Christlo C. Gittens  as Nigerian Player's Friend #2
Darrin Barber  as Nigerian Player's Friend #3
Chad Johnson  as Combine Referee
Victor Corsino  as Combine Official #1
Nicole Kornet  as Combine Official #2
Lyman Chen  as Combine Official #3
Lawrence Settles  as Combine Official #4
David A. Lee  as NBA Scout #1
Joseph Tornatore  as NBA Scout #2
Drew Hanlen  as Trainer #1
Micah Lancaster  as Trainer #2
Alfred Aboya  as Trainer #3
Stan Delva  as Trainer #4
Garth Eric Warner II  as BOA Challenger (as Garth Warner)
Rahmeer Frazier  as BOA Crowd #1
Julian DeBose  as BOA Crowd #2 / German Game Player / 76ers Celtics Game Player
Bryant Ervin  as BOA Crowd #3
Rayvonn Butler  as BOA Crowd #4
Theo Johnson  as BOA Crowd #5
Michael Krevolin  as Customs Officer #1
Andrew Aninsman  as Customs Officer #2
脕urea Peregrina Nicolau  as Woman at the Pool #1
Leivi Jimenez Ruiz  as Woman at the Pool #2
Marta Pons Cabrer  as Woman at the Pool #3
Margarita G贸mez Sans贸  as Woman at the Pool #4
Raquel Pacheco de Lima  as Woman at the Pool #5
Warren Abbot
James Adair  as NBA Combine Personnel
Kylee Anne Agnello  as Executives Family Member
Jonathan Agustin  as Beijing Basketball Player
Ruby Akula  as Airport Traveler
Robert L. Anderson III  as Airport Traveler / Combine Personnel NBA Scout
Anthony Arcure  as Airline Pilot
Philip Arentz  as Alba Fan
Scott Atkins  as Scout
Gary Ayash  as International Plane Traveler
Uve Barker  as Bus girl
Lyon Beckwith  as Fruit Vendor at Market
Robert Benn  as Neighbor
Kevin D. Benton  as Coach Johnson
Brandon Bitros  as Basketball Recruiter
Ronald Melton Braxton  as Neighbor
Joe Brennan  as German Basketball Fan Hotel Guest
Brandon Brigman  as Combine personnel / Neighborhood
Benjamin Brody  as Cameraman
Setty Brosevelt  as Fruit Vendor / Basketball Fan / 76ers Fan / Sports Agent
Keanon Anthony Brown  as Basketball Fan / NBA Entourage Member
Kurt Brungardt  as Fitness Expert
Eddie Buck  as Airport Traveler / NBA Personnel
Jennifer Butler
Zion Campbell  as Neighbor
Anthony Caroto  as Sports Fan
Cing Casper  as Fan
John Casual  as Airport Traveler / NBA Personnel
Quira Chanel  as Basketball Players Girlfriend
Lucas Cheney  as Camp Kid
David Cirino Jr.  as NBA Scout
Jason Cohen  as Fan (credit only)
Kendall Collins  as Neighbor / Girl In Car / Sports Fan
Anthony B. Cooper  as Combine Scout
Joshua Milo Cox  as Neighbor
Katrina Danyluk  as Airport Traveler
Morris Davis  as Neighbor
Scottie DiGiacomo  as International Traveler / Restaurant Guest
Ernest DiLullo Sr.  as International Traveler
E.J. Dougherty  as 76ers Executive
Gonzalo D铆az Gavranic  as Spain Street Player
Bryan Enright  as Mascot
Nathan Ferguson  as Homeless Man
Dave Ferrier  as NBA Combine Scout
John Fiduccia  as Airport Traveler
Cole Flanders  as Camp
Michael Thomas Ford  as Combine Personnel
Jaimee Friend  as Hotel Guest
Shawn Gonzalez  as 76ers Office Worker
Jibril Goodman  as Nba Entourage
Dona Gregorio  as Flight Attendant
Tim Grussenmeyer  as NBA G-League Scout
Samuel Hagg  as NBA Combine Scout
David Hammond  as Market Employee
Charles W Harris III  as Big C
Aaron Harris  as Basketball Fan
Andrew Hunsicker  as Customs Airport Traveler
Rob Jankowski  as Customs Officer
James Jean Jr.  as Nigerian Basketball Fan
Steve 'Stevieweevie' Jones  as Basketball Fan / 76ers Assistant
Kirk Kelly  as International Traveler
Alphonso Kennish  as Airport Traveler / NBA Personnel
Basil Kershner  as NBA Combine Official
Cherie Klenieski  as Airport Traveler
Claudia Langmaid  as Airport Traveler
Peter Lawani  as NBA Combine Official / Customs Officer
Debbie Lay  as Pedestrian
Zachary Leipert  as Airplane Passenger
Damon Lewis  as Officer Gordon
Jerry Lobrow  as Sports Agent
Marc Lubbers  as Basketball Fan
RJ Lucci  as Greek Dad
Kendra Marie  as Restaurant Patron
Chelsea Marie Marlowe  as NBA Combine Personnel
Randon Martin  as Cyclist
Carl Mason
Charles Massey  as NBA Referee
Christopher McDaniel  as Draft Combine Personnel
Dahmier Meadows  as Playground Basketball Player
Sumier Mention  as Neighbor / Draft Combine Scout
Catherine Mary Moroney  as 76ers Assistant
Gary L Morris  as Baskeball Coach / Basketball Fan
Phil Notarange  as Airport Traveler
Rebecca Paone  as Airport Passenger
Ken Parrish  as Combine Scout
Michelle Persiano  as Court side photographer / Airport traveler
Les Price  as Cross Fit Bro
Derek M. Puma  as Fan
Bob Quaintance  as Restaurant Patron / Basketball Fan
Erica Rankin  as NBA Entourage
Cathy Ritter  as Customs Airport Traveler
Gabriel Rosario  as Italian market worker
Dominic Rufo  as Kid at basketball camp
Michelle Santiago  as Pedestrian
Evan M. Schwartz  as NBA Combine Scout / Airport Traveler
Marc Schwarz  as Referee
Rodney Sherman  as Neighbor
Luke Simons  as Student
Anouar H. Smaine  as Dao
Brittany Stanicky  as Airport Traveler
Scot Teller  as Sports Agent
Eugene G. Swiss Thomas  as Greek Basketball Fan
G Torpey  as Basketball Fan
Sammy Lynne Toth  as High School Kid
Brian Tronieri  as Airport Traveler / Hotel Cab Driver
Greg Tucker  as Basketball Fan
Abraham Vasquez  as Self - First Class Airplane Passenger
Cynthia Vassor  as Bartender
Scott Vogel  as Nba Combine Scout
Tim Warburton  as Maintenance Crew
Jackie Watkins  as NBA Combine Scout / Entourage
John Wilburn  as NBA Combine Scorekeeper
Heather M Williams  as Basketball Fan
Mike Wilson  as Basketball Game Score Keeper

Release date

When is Hustle movie release date?

"Hustle" movie release date was scheduled to be on June 8, 2022 distributing by Netflix.


What are Hustle filming details?

The duration of the film is 118 minutes. The film's budget is $21 million.

"Hustle" movie is rated "R", according to the MPAA film rating system.


What are critics and audiences saying about Hustle movie?

"Hustle" movie got high rating from critics. IMDB rating is 7.3/10.

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