"Who You Think I Am" is a 2019 French drama film directed by Safy Nebbou.
The starring cast includes Juliette Binoche, François Civil, Nicole Garcia, Marie-Ange Casta, Guillaume Gouix, Charles Berling, Jules Houplain, Jules Gauzelin, Francis Leplay, Pierre Giraud and others.

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Curzon on Wednesday, April 08, 2020 released the trailer:
Who You Think I Am | Official UK Trailer | Exclusively on Curzon Home Cinema 10 APRIL.

What is "Who You Think I Am" about?

Claire (Juliette Binoche), a middle-aged professor of French literature, shares custody of her two sons with her ex-husband Gilles (Charles Berling). She carries on a casual affair with the emotionally distant Ludovic (Guillaume Gouix), who on one occasion lets his roommate Alex (François Civil) pick up his phone when Claire calls. Claire develops a fascination with Alex, whom she has only seen on social media. She creates a fake persona, "Clara Antunes", on Facebook and connects with Alex, gradually developing an emotional affair with him. When Alex grows insistent upon meeting in person, Claire decides to call off the affair rather than risk him being disappointed with her middle-aged self. Alex deletes his profile, leading Claire to meet with Ludovic to find out about him. He tells her that Alex, broken-hearted over a girl on Facebook, has taken his own life.
These narrative details are interspersed with a series of psychotherapy sessions between Claire and Dr Bormans. Bormans asks Claire to be honest about a detail in her story that does not add up, leading Claire to disclose that the photos and videos of "Clara" used during her communications with Alex actually belong to her estranged niece, Katia (Marie-Ange Casta), whom Gilles had left Claire for. Bormans receives a dossier from Claire containing a story in which she makes Alex' acquaintance after the end of the "Clara" persona. In the story, Alex and Claire become live-in lovers, but a nagging doubt over whether "Clara" retains a place in his heart leads Claire to revive the persona and ask Alex for a meeting. Alex, torn, chances upon the alternate phone she used for "Clara"; confronting Claire at a tea shop, he unnerves her to the point where she distractedly walks into traffic. Bormans concludes from the story that Claire is unwilling to allow any happiness to herself, even in a work of fiction. Claire proceeds to an in-patient institution for treatment of a mental disorder.

Who's in the "Who You Think I Am" cast?

Here is the full cast and characters of Who You Think I Am.

Juliette Binoche Claire Millaud
François Civil Alex Chelly
Nicole Garcia Dr. Catherine Bormans
Marie-Ange Casta Katia
Guillaume Gouix Ludovic Dalaux
Charles Berling Gilles
Jules Houplain Max
Jules Gauzelin Tristan
Francis Leplay Serge
Pierre Giraud Paul
Claude Perron Solange
Sonia Mohammed Cherif L'étudiante
François Genty Le patient
Noémie Kirscher-Perrel

When is "Who You Think I Am" released in cinemas?

The film Who You Think I Am was scheduled to be released on February 27, 2019, on August 8, 2019 (Germany), on November 7, 2019 (Hungary) and on May 8, 2020 (United Kingdom) by Diaphana Films, Alamode Film, California Filmes, Cinema Prestige, Cinéart, Crest International, Curzon, Rosebud.21 - Seven Films, Thimfilm Filmverleih, Alive Vertrieb und Marketing, BestFilm.eu, Canal+ Polska, Cohen Media Group, Hungaricom Kft and Midas Filmes.

What are "Who You Think I Am" film specifications?

The duration of the film is 101 minutes. With a budget of $6.2 million, the film grossed over $1.7 million.

What are critics and audiences saying about "Who You Think I Am"?

Who You Think I Am got high rating from critics. IMDB rating is 6.9/10.

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