"Ferdinand" is a 2017 American computer-animated adventure comedy film directed by Carlos Saldanha.
The starring cast includes John Cena as Ferdinand, Kate McKinnon as Lupe, Colin H. Murphy as Young Ferdinand, Jack Gore as Young Valiente, Bobby Cannavale as Valiente's Father, Jet Jurgensmeyer as Young Guapo, Nile Diaz as Young Bones, Peyton Manning as Guapo, Anthony Anderson as Bones, Lily Day as Nina and others.

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Is there a trailer for Ferdinand movie?

Fox Family Entertainment on Wednesday, September 20, 2017 released the trailer for "Ferdinand" you can watch here:
Ferdinand | Trailer | Fox Family Entertainment.

Plot summary

What is Ferdinand movie plot?

Here is a short review of "Ferdinand" movie plot summary.

In Spain, young Ferdinand (John Cena) lives with other calves and bulls at Señor Moreno's "Casa del Toro", where bulls are trained for the bullfighting ring. Ferdinand is a pacifist, and is bullied by the other calves Valiente, Guapo (Peyton Manning), and Bones (Anthony Anderson). A matador arrives, and the calves' fathers fight to impress him. Ferdinand's father Raf is picked, and Valiente crushes Ferdinand's favorite flower in retaliation. Raf does not come back from the ring, and upon realizing that his father is dead, Ferdinand runs away from Casa del Toro. He winds up on a flower farm owned by Juan (Juanes) and his daughter Nina (Lily Day), who adopt him, much to the annoyance of their dog Paco (Jerrod Carmichael).
Some years later, Ferdinand has grown into an enormous but still gentle bull. Juan determines that Ferdinand looks too intimidating to take along to the annual Flower Festival in Ronda, as in previous years. Ferdinand follows them anyway, but is stung by a bee and panics, accidentally destroying the town square. Animal Control officers deem him dangerous, and take him away before Nina and Juan can explain.
The officers decide to give Ferdinand to Casa del Toro, where he meets his old comrades Valiente, Bones, and Guapo, as well as new additions Lupe (Kate McKinnon) the goat, Angus (David Tennant) the Highland bull, and lab-cloned Galloway Maquina (Tim Nordquist). Ferdinand tries to escape, but is stopped by three German Lipizzan horses, who now keep watch to prevent any more bulls from escaping.
Self-centered matador El Primero (Miguel Ángel Silvestre) arrives, needing a bull for his final bullfight before retirement. Moreno (Raúl Esparza) puts all the bulls in a ring to fight it out, but Ferdinand refuses to take part, causing a chain of mishaps when he tries to help Guapo recover from a stage fright-induced faint. El Primero gives Moreno two days to get the bulls into shape. Guapo is sent to the slaughterhouse, and Valiente informs a horrified Ferdinand that non-fighters now become meat.


Who plays who in the Ferdinand movie cast?

Here is the full cast and characters of "Ferdinand" movie. Actors and actresses are sorted mostly in credits order.

John Cena  as Ferdinand a big-hearted bull
Kate McKinnon  as Lupe an old calming goat and Ferdinand's self-appointed mentor
Colin H. Murphy  as Young Ferdinand
Jack Gore  as Young Valiente
Bobby Cannavale  as Valiente's Father / Valiente
Jet Jurgensmeyer  as Young Guapo
Nile Diaz  as Young Bones
Peyton Manning  as Guapo a brash and loudmouthed bull
Anthony Anderson  as Bones an undersized but agile and fast bull
Lily Day  as Nina the original owner of Paco and Ferdinand
Julia Scarpa Saldanha  as Young Nina (as Julia Saldanha)
Juanes  as Juan the father of Nina
Jerrod Carmichael  as Paco a dog owned by Nina and Juan
David Tennant  as Angus a Scottish Highland bull
Raúl Esparza  as Moreno the owner of Casa del Toro
Tim Nordquist  as Maquina / Additional Voices
Jeremy Sisto  as Ferdinand's Father
Gina Rodriguez  as Una a short violet hedgehog
Miguel Ángel Silvestre  as El Primero an egotistical matador
Daveed Diggs  as Dos a skinny indigo hedgehog, Una's and Cuatro's brother
Gabriel Iglesias  as Cuatro a chubby blue hedgehog, Una and Dos' brother
Flula Borg  as Hans a horse at Casa del Toro
Boris Kodjoe  as Klaus a horse at Casa del Toro
Sally Phillips  as Greta a horse at Casa del Toro
Cindy Slattery  as Bunny / Additional Voices
Carlos Saldanha  as Screaming Matador / Additional Voices
Luis Carlos de La Lombana  as Ranch Hand #1
Rafael Scarpa Saldanha  as Ice Cream Boy (as Rafael Saldanha)
Karla Martínez  as Village Mother
Jordi Caballero  as Balloon Vendor / Additional Voices
Maria Peyramaure  as Tall Nun / Additional Voices
Nazanin Homa  as Short Nun / Police Officer #2 / Additional Voices (as Naz Homa)
Andreas A. Esparza  as Police Officer #1 / Additional Voices
James Palumbo  as Village Tourist / Additional Voices (as James M. Palumbo)
Bernardo De Paula  as Animal Control Officer / Additional Voices (as Bernardo de Paula)
Belita Moreno  as Shopkeeper
Alvaro Mendoza  as Ranch Hand #3
Carlos Reig-Plaza  as Ranch Hand #2 / Additional Voices
Jason Fricchione  as Madrid Tourist / Additional Voices
Susana Ballesteros  as Newscaster / Additional Voices
Ana Patricia González  as El Primero Fan (as Ana Patricia Gámez)
Laura Bayonas  as Additional Voices
Anna Clols  as Additional Voices
Susana G. Esteban  as Additional Voices
Johnny Gidcomb  as Additional Voices
Adrian Gonzalez  as Additional Voices
Richard Gould  as Additional Voices
Andrea Lareo  as Additional Voices
Andre Robinson  as Additional Voices
Carter Sand  as Additional Voices
Julian Zane Chowdhury  as Additional Voices (as Julian Zane)

Release date

When is Ferdinand movie release date?

"Ferdinand" movie release date was scheduled to be on December 10, 2017 (Los Angeles) and on December 15, 2017 (United States) distributing by 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment, 20th Century Studios, Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment, 20th Century Fox Argentina, Big Picture 2 Films, Forum Hungary, Odeon, Twentieth Century Fox C.I.S., Ukrainian Film Distribution (UFD), Warner Bros. F.E., Westec Media Limited, Disney Channel, Film1, Freeform, Hotstar and Imperial / Cinepix.


What are Ferdinand filming details?

The duration of the film is 108 minutes. With a budget of $111 million, the film grossed over $296.1 million.

"Ferdinand" movie is rated "PG", according to the MPAA film rating system.


What are critics and audiences saying about Ferdinand movie?

"Ferdinand" movie got high rating from critics. IMDB rating is 6.7/10. Rotten Tomatoes rating is 72/100. The audience also kinda likes the film. Audiences polled by CinemaScore gave the film an average grade of "A" on a scale ranging from A+ to F.

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