"The Marine 6: Close Quarters" is a 2018 American action film directed by James Nunn and James Gunn.
The starring cast includes Shawn Michaels, Michael "The Miz" Mizanin, Louisa Connolly-Burnham, Terence Maynard, Tim Woodward, Martyn Ford, Anna Demetriou, Becky Lynch, Michael Higgs, Daniel Adegboyega and others.

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Is there a trailer for The Marine 6: Close Quarters movie?

Sony Pictures Entertainment on Tuesday, September 18, 2018 released the trailer for "The Marine 6: Close Quarters" you can watch here:
The Marine 6: Close Quarters Trailer - On Blu-ray & Digital 11/13.

Plot summary

What is The Marine 6: Close Quarters movie plot?

Here is a short review of "The Marine 6: Close Quarters" movie plot summary.

In a park, young girl Sarah Dillon (Louisa Connolly-Burnham) is confronted as kidnapped by Irish criminal Maddy Hayes (Rebecca Quin). Maddy calls Sarah's father Patrick, a juror, and she threatens to kill Sarah, if Patrick doesn't force a mistrial on her father Horace, who is on trial in a court case.
Meanwhile, former US Marines Jake Carter (Mike 'The Miz' Mizanin) and Luke Trapper (Shawn Michaels) later meet up with a man named Graham at a disused brewery. They hear a scream inside and bust into the room where it came from, where they encounter Maddy and her henchmen holding Sarah hostage. Graham wanders in and ends up getting killed by Maddy. Jake and Luke get into various fights with the henchmen throughout the brewery as they try to rescue Sarah, while Patrick struggles with settling on his verdict for Horace.
Jake, Luke and Sarah are later confronted by more henchmen in an underground tunnel system and are eventually pinned down. Jake is shot and fatally wounded in the chaos, while Maddy snatches Sarah back. Trusting Luke to rescue Sarah, Jake sacrifices himself by running toward the henchmen, killing as many as he can, taking many hits. Maddy bids Jake farewell and throws a knife into his heart, killing him.
Luke follows Maddy and her remaining men outside towards a boat. Maddy learns that the mistrial has been confirmed, which then makes Sarah a loose end. Luke kills the remaining henchmen on land, and jumps onto the boat, where he kills her last henchman. Luke and Maddy then engage in hand-to-hand combat, and Luke manages to overpower Maddy with a rope and throw her overboard. An anchor connected to the rope later falls into the water, forcing Maddy to become submerged in the water and drown. Police and paramedics show up and Sarah reunites with Patrick who guarantees that Horace will be put to justice. Luke says his final goodbyes to Jake and his corpse is escorted away by paramedics. The film ends with a tribute to Jake Carter, showing everything he did throughout the franchise.


Who plays who in the The Marine 6: Close Quarters movie?

Here is the full cast and characters of "The Marine 6: Close Quarters" movie. Actors and actresses are sorted mostly in credits order.

Shawn Michaels  as Luke Trapper
Louisa Connolly-Burnham  as Sarah Dillon
Terence Maynard  as Shawn Taylor
Tim Woodward  as Tommy Walker
Martyn Ford  as Oscar Hayes
Anna Demetriou  as Katrina Rodriguez
Rebecca Quin  as Maddy Hayes (as Becky Lynch)
Michael Higgs  as Graham Torrence
Daniel Adegboyega  as Lewis Rooney
Alec Newman  as Patrick Dillon
Hester Ruoff  as Kelly
David William Bryan  as Angry Juror
Ellie Goffe  as Kind Juror
Mike 'The Miz' Mizanin  as Jake Carter
Lee Charles  as John
Tom Cheshire  as Blackjack
Franco Flammia  as Andy
Mathew McKay  as Oliver
Liz McMullen  as Girlfriend on the phone
Serhat Metin  as Ahmed
Christopher Mulvin  as Young Detective
Tim Prottey-Jones  as Yondo
George Russo  as Detective
Dan Styles  as Harry (Cattle Prod) Goon

Release date

When is The Marine 6: Close Quarters movie release date?

"The Marine 6: Close Quarters" movie release date was scheduled to be on November 13, 2018 distributing by Sony Pictures Home Entertainment.


What are The Marine 6: Close Quarters filming details?

The duration of the film is 85 minutes.

"The Marine 6: Close Quarters" movie is rated "R", according to the MPAA film rating system.


What are critics and audiences saying about The Marine 6: Close Quarters movie?

"The Marine 6: Close Quarters" movie got average rating from critics. IMDB rating is 4.9/10. Rotten Tomatoes rating is 58/100.

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