"The Pale Door" is a 2020 American Western horror film directed by Aaron B. Koontz.
The starring cast includes Devin Druid, Zachary Knighton, Melora Walters, Bill Sage, Pat Healy, Stan Shaw, Natasha Bassett, Noah Segan, Tina Parker, James Landry Hébert and others.

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Is there a trailer for The Pale Door movie?

RLJE Films on Tuesday, July 28, 2020 released the trailer for "The Pale Door" you can watch here:

Plot summary

What is The Pale Door movie plot?

Here is a short review of "The Pale Door" movie plot summary.

A family home is raided by an armed gang of thieves in the middle of the night. Brothers Jake (Devin Druid) and Duncan (Zachary Knighton) are saved by Lester (Stan Shaw). They are devastated to find their parents shot dead and watch helplessly as their house burns to the ground.
Years later, the Dalton gang meets up with Jake, who is working in a saloon. After losing one of their members in a gun fight, the gang realizes they won't have enough manpower for their upcoming train heist. At the objection of his older brother Duncan, Jake volunteers and the gang is forced to use him as a substitute.
The gang successfully pulls off the train heist, but instead of gold, the chest they steal reveals a young woman inside named Pearl (Natasha Bassett). She claims she was taken from her home in Potemkin. She also claims there would be a handsome reward for the gang if they return her home. Duncan is wounded by a Pinkerton's bullet.
The gang travel to Potemkin with Pearl and arrive at the town brothel in order to get help for Duncan, who is slowly dying. The gang is welcomed by Maria (Melora Walters), the leader of the brothel. They drink and partake in the pleasures of the town-women. Maria sits Jake down and shows him her past, where she was burned at the stake as a witch while pregnant with Pearl.
The women transform into their true selves, hideous burnt witches and attack the gang, some of which are killed off. The remaining survivors fall back to a cabin to strategize an escape. Maria gathers her fellow witches and reveal that Jake is the one who can sustain them for many more years, as he's "innocent blood", having never taken a life and is a virgin. Jake and Dodd (Bill Sage) go back to the brothel to find Duncan, but he's not there. They rendezvous with the rest of the group and fight their way to a church.


Who plays who in the The Pale Door movie?

Here is the full cast and characters of "The Pale Door" movie. Actors and actresses are sorted mostly in credits order.

Devin Druid  as Jake
Zachary Knighton  as Duncan
Melora Walters  as Maria
Bill Sage  as Dodd
Pat Healy  as Wylie
Stan Shaw  as Lester
Natasha Bassett  as Pearl
Noah Segan  as Truman
Tina Parker  as Brenda
James Landry Hébert  as Cotton Mather
Alexandra Harris  as Etta
Danielle Evon Ploeger  as Nellie
Darryl Cox  as Barkeep
Jonny Mars  as Vernon
Peggy Schott  as Opal
Jennifer Rader  as Selene
Erin Herring  as Townswoman
Jeremy King  as Bill Buckley
Mark Adam Goff  as Outlaw
Holt Boggs  as Allan
David Greathouse  as Pinkerton
Jake Ryan Scott  as Young Duncan
Kent Shelton  as Pinkerton
Emily Bertels  as Dorothy
Brennan Hunt  as Brothel Worker
Tori Hartley  as Witch
Doug Van Liew  as Earl
James Whitecloud  as Chief
Tracy Condit  as Witch
Alexandra Swanbeck  as Brothel Worker
Collin Place  as Buck
Caroline Kelly  as Female Onlooker
Amanda Pearce  as Witch
Jennifer Satwekar  as Brothel Worker
Warren Gavitt  as Gunman
Debbi Tucker  as Witch
Greg MacLennan  as Pinkerton
William Tate  as Young Jake
Greg Williams  as Armed Gunman
Kayleigh McDaniel  as Agnes
Ashley Couch  as Blood Bath Woman
Da Leigh  as Witch
Joshua Miller  as Pinkerton / Witch
Lori Chahal  as Witch
Kate Moore  as Brothel Worker
Corrynn Englerth  as Brothel Worker
Seth Stuart  as Man with Flask
Nikki Burdett  as Brothel Worker
Miranda Poteet  as Rose
Rita Scranton  as Witch
Larry King  as Cotton's Henchman
Warren Lane  as Armed Gunman
Mike Wiebe  as Pinkerton
Veronica Harjo  as Witch
Morgan Fryer  as Pinkerton
Alana Adams  as Brothel Worker
Roberta Rotert  as Witch
Robert Brock  as Pinkerton
Kaine Allen  as Brothel Worker
Taylor Watts  as Witch
Jenny Hinkle  as Witch
Eileen McClure  as Witch
Erin Michelle Allen  as Witch
Justin Pappan  as Cotton's Henchman
Aaron Barney  as Pinkerton
Stephanie Tadajewski  as Brothel Worker
Sydney Abbott  as Brothel Worker
Tiffany Scantlin  as Witch
Sherrie Crusha  as Witch
Lynn Taylor  as Brothel Worker
Kari Townsley  as Witch
Brooklyn Mercado  as Brothel Worker
Lindyn Manning  as Witch
Ash McCartney  as Witch
April Kennedy  as Witch
Elena Streuding  as Witch
Emily Heilman  as Witch
Haley Womack  as Witch
Erin Lara  as Witch
Randi Wardian  as Witch
Erin Noble  as Witch
Erin Marshall  as Witch
Valeria Shepovalova  as Brothel Worker
Leslie Reap  as Brothel Worker
Shauna Hopkins  as Witch
Kaione Wyatt  as Brothel Worker
Amanda Pierce  as Witch

Release date

When is The Pale Door movie release date?

"The Pale Door" movie release date was scheduled to be on August 21, 2020 (United States) distributing by RLJE Films, Shudder and Front Row Filmed Entertainment.


What are The Pale Door filming details?

The duration of the film is 96 minutes. The film grossed over $21,166.


What are critics and audiences saying about The Pale Door movie?

"The Pale Door" movie got average rating from critics. IMDB rating is 4.6/10. Rotten Tomatoes rating is 49/100.

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