"Trolls: TrollsTopia" is an animated streaming television series directed by Matthew Beans, Hannah Friedman and Sam Friedman.
The starring cast includes Skylar Astin as Branch, Amanda Leighton as Queen Poppy, Sean T. Krishnan as Guy Diamond, David Fynn as Biggie, Fryda Wolff as DJ Suki, Kevin Michael Richardson as Smidge, Michael-Leon Wooley as Lownote Jones, Kenan Thompson as Tiny Diamond, Ron Funches as Cooper, Kat Graham as Rhythm & Blues and others.

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Is there a trailer for Trolls: TrollsTopia TV series?

Hulu on Monday, August 08, 2022 released the trailer for "Trolls: TrollsTopia" you can watch here:
Trolls: TrollsTopia Final Season | Official Trailer | Hulu.


Who plays who in the Trolls: TrollsTopia TV series cast?

Here is the full cast and characters of "Trolls: TrollsTopia" TV series. Actors and actresses are sorted mostly in credits order.

Skylar Astin  as Branch an over-cautious, but good-hearted survivalist Pop Troll and Poppy's boyfriend
Amanda Leighton  as Queen Poppy the sweet, cheerful, happy-go-lucky and optimistic Queen of the Pop Trolls
Sean T. Krishnan  as Guy Diamond a glittery, naked Pop Troll with a highly auto-tuned voice
David Fynn  as Biggie a large, friendly Pop Troll
David Fynn  as Mr. Dinkles Biggie's pet worm
Fryda Wolff  as DJ Suki a Pop Troll
Fryda Wolff  as Satin and Chenille twin fashionista Pop Trolls
Fryda Wolff  as Fryda also potrayed as Dr. Moonbloom a medical Pop Troll
Kevin Michael Richardson  as Smidge a small, inordinately strong female Pop Troll with a masculine voice
Michael-Leon Wooley  as Lownote Jones the ambassador representing the Funk Trolls
Kenan Thompson  as Tiny Diamond a baby glittery Pop Troll and Guy Diamond's son
Ron Funches  as Cooper one of the twin princes of the Funk Trolls
Kat Graham  as Rhythm & Blues twin Funk Trolls
Jeanine Mason  as Minuet Sonata a Classical Troll
Vladimir Caamaño  as Synth the ambassador representing the Techno Trolls
Walt Dohrn  as Cloud Guy an anthropomorphic cloud
Megan Hilty  as Holly Darlin' the ambassador representing the Country Western Trolls
Anita Kalathara  as Laguna Tidepool an intelligent Techno Troll "an-troll-pologist"
Lauren Mayhew  as Val Thundershock the ambassador representing the Hard Rock Trolls
Eric Lopez  as Gust Tumbleweed a Country Western Troll and the sheriff of Country Corral
Charles DeWayne  as Demo a Hard Rock Troll and Val's band manager
JP Karliak  as Dante Crescendo the royal composer and the ambassador representing the Classical Trolls
Tru Valentino  as Blaze Powerchord a Rock Troll
David Kaye  as King Peppy the former King of the Pop Trolls and Poppy's father
Declan Churchil Carter  as Keith a young Pop Troll
Abby Ryder Fortson  as Priscilla a young Pop Troll
Kyla Carter  as CJ Suki DJ Suki's young niece
Gary Cole  as Sky Toronto the boss and owner of Sky Toronto's Party Shop
Matt Lowe
Stripe Smiley  as the owner of the candy bar Fun Dungeon Prize Corner and Tunnel of Friendship
Creek  as a spiritual Pop Troll
Larissa Gallagher  as Petra Val's best friend
David Errigo Jr.  as Forte Crescendo Dante's younger brother
Sam Haft  as Chaz the Smooth Jazz troll
Judy Alice Lee  as Bi-Na one of K-pop Group
Jennifer Sun Bell  as Young the second of three K-pop Trolls
Victoria Grace  as Min the third of three K-pop Trolls
Corina Boettger  as Marshtato Mary a creature


What are Trolls: TrollsTopia filming details?

"Trolls: TrollsTopia" series are produced by DreamWorks Animation Television and Atomic Cartoons.

The average duration of each episode is 23 minutes. Country of origin: United States and Canada. Original language: English.

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