"The Dragon Prince" is an American fantasy computer-animated streaming television series directed by Villads Spangsberg, Giancarlo Volpe, Aaron Ehasz and Justin Richmond.
The starring cast includes Paula Burrows, Sasha Rojen, Jack De Sena, Jason Simpson, Racquel Belmonte, Jesse Inocalla, Erik Dellums, Jonathan Holmes, Omari Newton, Luc Roderique and others.

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Netflix Futures on Saturday, September 01, 2018 released the trailer:
The Dragon Prince | Official Trailer | Netflix.

What is "The Dragon Prince" about?

The series is set in a fantasy world on the continent of Xadia which is rich in magic derived from six primal elements: the Sun, Moon, Stars, Earth, Sky, and Ocean. Centuries ago, the dragons, elves, and humans of Xadia lived in peace. However, the humans, being unable to utilize magic naturally, began to use dark magic, which is fueled by the life essence of magical creatures. As a consequence, they were driven away to the west, and the continent was split in two by a massive river of lava.
1000 years later, the human king Harrow (Luc Roderique) of Katolis and his advisor, the dark mage Viren (Jason Simpson), have killed the dragon king, and supposedly destroyed his heir's egg. In retaliation, elf assassins attempt to kill Harrow and his heir Ezran (Sasha Rojen). Ezran, his half-brother Callum (Jack De Sena), and the assassin Rayla (Paula Burrows) discover that the egg was not destroyed; they undertake to return the egg to Xadia. Viren seizes power after Harrow's assassination and sends his children Claudia (Racquel Belmonte) and Soren (Jesse Inocalla) to kill the princes and recover the egg. At the end of the first season, the egg hatches into the Dragon Prince, Zym.
In the second season, Viren attempts to rally the other human kingdoms to war against Xadia; he also makes a secret alliance with the mysterious, imprisoned elf mage Aaravos (Erik Dellums), with whom he communicates through a magic mirror and a caterpillar-like creature. Meanwhile, Callum becomes the first human to directly access primal magic, connecting with the Sky Arcanum. By the end of Season 2, Viren is imprisoned for treason for having illicitly used Harrow's seal, and for abusing his powers of dark magic. Ezran learns of his father's death and returns to Katolis to claim the throne.

Who's in the "The Dragon Prince" cast?

Here is the full cast and characters of The Dragon Prince.

Paula Burrows Rayla
Sasha Rojen Ezran
Jack De Sena Callum
Jason Simpson Viren
Racquel Belmonte Claudia
Jesse Inocalla Soren
Erik Dellums Aaravos
Jonathan Holmes Runaan
Omari Newton Corvus
Luc Roderique Harrow
Adrian Petriw Gren
Nahanni Mitchell Ellis
Ellie King Lujanne
Vincent Tong Prince Kasef
Rena Anakwe Janai
Ian James Corlett Ibis
Kazumi Evans Sarai
Peter Kelamis Villads
Sam Vincent Lt. Fen
Cole Howard Crow Master
Rhona Rees Nyx
Brenda Crichlow Sunfire Queen
Ashleica Edmond Kazi
Patricia Isaac Queen Neha
Jay Brazeau Doctor
Michael Daingerfield Ellis's Father
Brian Drummond Dark Mage
Zelda Ehasz Queen Aanya
Vincent Gale Ethari
Adrian Hough Sol Regem
Ely Jackson Rayla's Mother
Chris Metzen Thunder
Tyrone Savage Rayla's Father

What are "The Dragon Prince" series specifications?

The The Dragon Prince series is produced by Bardel Entertainment (animation), MWM Studios and Wonderstorm.

The average duration of each episode is 24 - 33 minutes. Country of origin: United States. Original language: English.

The The Dragon Prince series is rated with "G" rating.

What are critics and audiences saying about "The Dragon Prince"?

The Dragon Prince got high rating from critics. IMDB rating is 8.4/10. Rotten Tomatoes rating is 68/100.

More information about The Dragon Prince you can get at:

Official website: thedragonprince.com

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