"Dirty Money" is a Netflix original television series.
The starring cast includes Matt Taibbi, Alex Gibney, Anabel Hernández, Fahmi Quadir, Fisher Stevens, Simon Trépanier, Scott Tucker, Rachel Aviv, Yesenia Guitron, Anwar Bin Ibrahim and others.

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Is there a trailer for Dirty Money TV series?

Netflix on Thursday, February 27, 2020 released the trailer for "Dirty Money" you can watch here:
Dirty Money Season 2 | Official Trailer | Netflix.

Plot summary

What is Dirty Money TV series plot?

Here is a short review of "Dirty Money" TV series plot summary.

A Netflix Original Series documenting various stories about exposing the greed, corruption, and crime spreading through the global economy.


Who plays who in the Dirty Money TV series?

Here is the full cast and characters of "Dirty Money" TV series. Actors and actresses are sorted mostly in credits order.

Matt Taibbi  as Self - Correspondent Rolling Stone
Alex Gibney  as Self - Presenter
Anabel Hernández  as Self - Investigative Journalist
Fahmi Quadir  as Self - Short Seller Safkhet Capital
Fisher Stevens  as Self - Interviewer
Simon Trépanier  as Self - Executive Director Federation of Maple Syrup Producers
Scott Tucker  as Self - CEO of AMG Services
Timothy Muir  as Self - Scott Tucker's Lawyer
Rachel Aviv  as Self - Reporter The New Yorker
Yesenia Guitron  as Self - Former Personal Banker St. Helena, CA
Anwar Bin Ibrahim  as Self - People's Justice Party of Malaysia
Juan Ortega  as Self - Former Tax & Customs Commissioner Colombia
Sylvia Varnham O'Regan  as Self - Reporting Fellow Columbia Journalism Investigations
Walter Archer  as Self - Payday Loan Victim
Roddy Boyd  as Self - Investigative Reporter SIRF
Anne Gibney  as Self - Alex's Wife
Hans Mercier  as Self - Maple Syrup Lawyer
Roberto Aguilera Olivera  as Self - Ret. General Mexican Army
Donald Trump  as Self - President
Aaron Carr  as Self - Founder Housing Rights Initiative
Kilian Colin  as Self - Former Personal Banker San Diego, CA
Fern Finkel  as Self - Professional Guardian
Frank Maderal  as Self - Asst. US Attorney 2012 - 2017
Mahathir Mohamad  as Self - Prime Minister Malaysia
Joe Wyatt  as Self - Formosa Plastics Lobbyist Former US Congressman
Victor Avila  as Self - Special Agent Immigration & Customs Enforcement, 2005 - 2008
Jack Ewing  as Self - New York Times Reporter
Angèle Grenier  as Self - Anti-Federation Producer
Bethany McLean  as Self - Journalist Vanity Fair
Barbara Res  as Self - Constructive Executive
Kim Tucker  as Self - Scott's Wife
Lisa Siegel Belanger  as Self - Attorney At Law
Manuel Calloquispe  as Self - Investigative Reporter
Davis Ford  as Self - Environmental Engineer Formosa Consultant
Peter  as Self - Former District Manager Los Angeles, CA
Christopher Peterson  as Self - Professor of Law University of Utah
Ho Kay Tat  as Self - Publisher and CEO The Edge Media Group
Ritchie Torres  as Self - New York City Council Member
Ken Del Valle  as Self - Criminal Defense Attorney El Paso, TX
Walter Groth  as Self - VW Employee
Andrew Left  as Self - Short Seller Citron Research
Timothy L. O'Brien  as Self - Author & Journalist Bloomberg View
Normand Urbain  as Self - Pro-Federation Producer
Rolland Urbain  as Self - Normand Urbain's Father
Emily Glazer  as Self - Wall Street Journal Reporter
John Savanovich  as Self - Ward of the State of Massachusetts
Alex Turnbull  as Self - Executive Director Goldman Sachs, 2010 - 2014
Juan Carlos V.  as Self - Illegal Mine Foreman Madre de Dios, Peru
John Hempton  as Self - Short Seller Bronte Capital
Carolyn Jarvis  as Self - Investigative Reporter Global News
Patrick Radden Keefe  as Self - Staff Writer The New Yorker
Bertel Schmitt  as Self - Former VW Advertising Exec
Russell Simmons  as Self - Business Yogi
Blaine Tucker  as Self - Scott's Brother
Dale Jurasek  as Self - Former Lead Operator of Wastewater Dept. Formosa Plastics
David Kocieniewski  as Self - Investigative Reporter Bloomberg
Americus Reed  as Self - Professor of Marketing The Wharton School
Clare Rewcastle Brown  as Self - Journalist The Sarawak Reporter
Tomas  as Self - Security Guard Gold Transport Expert
Julien Beauchamp-Laliberté  as Self - Prosecutor
A.J. Benza  as Self - Gossip Columnist
John  as Self - Spouse of Wilson's Disease Patient
John German  as Self - Senior Fellow ICCT
Amy Johnson  as Self - Lawyer Texas Rio Grande Legal Aid
Norma Tucker  as Self - Scott's Mother
Elizabeth Warren  as Self - Member Senate Banking Committee
Martin Winterkorn  as Self - Chairman VW
Sharon Bock  as Self - Founder Guardianship Fraud Program
Mike Feuer  as Self - City Attorney Los Angeles, CA
Loira  as Self - Sex Worker La Pampa Gold Mines
Caleb Melby  as Self - Investigative Reporter Bloomberg
Tony Pua  as Self - Member of Parliament Democratic Action Party of Malaysia
Van Jason Rozner  as Self - Former Special PVC Unit Supervisor Formosa Plastics
René Duval  as Self - Richard Vallières' Attorney
Drew Katz  as Self - Pershing Square Investor
Jack O'Donnell  as Self - Former President & COO Trump Plaza Hotel & Casino
Don Semesky  as Self - Chief of Financial Operations DEA 2003 - 2008
Jia Tucker  as Self - Scott's Daughter
Frank Chavez  as Self - Former Mortgage Banker Los Angeles, CA
Ronnie Hamrick  as Self - Retired PVC Plant Supervisor Formosa Plastics
Ken Kurson  as Self - Editor-In-Chief New York Observer (2013 - 2017)
Najib Razak  as Self - Prime Minister Malaysian 2009 - 2018
Muhammad Shafee Abdullah  as Self - Lead Defense Attorney Representing Najib Razak
Anthony Salisbury  as Self - Special Agent in Charge Homeland Security Investigations
David Heath  as Self - Journalist
David Pyott  as Self - Former CEO of Allergan Inc
Martin Rosenberg  as Self - Contractor Atlantic City
Étienne St-Pierre  as Self - Maple Syrup Exporter
Arvind Thiruvengadam  as Self - Assistant Professor WVU
Brett Wolf  as Self - Senior Anti-Money Lanundering Correspondent Thomson Reuters
Emily Jane Fox  as Self - Author 'Born Trump: Inside America's First Family'
Douglas Renaudin  as Self - Finance Manager Latin America, NTR Metals, Miami
Philip Ross  as Self - Attorney At Law
Jo Ann Rivera  as Self - Assistant to Philip Ross
Christopher Shelton  as Self - President Communications Workers of America
David Sumpter  as Self - Local Resident
Alberto Ayala  as Self - Deputy Executive Officer CARB
Elise J. Bean  as Self - Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations
Paul Chessin  as Self - Former Assistant Attorney General Colorado
Adam Davidson  as Self - Staff Writer The New Yorker
Sébastien Jutras  as Self - Truck Driver
Claire McCaskill  as Self - U.S. Senator Missouri
Sherrod Brown  as Self - US Senator OH
Xavier Justo  as Self - Director Petrosaudi, 2006 - 2011
Laura Martinez  as Self - Charlie's Common Law Wife
Kyle Pope  as Self - Editor-In-Chief New York Observer (2009 - 2011)
Jonathon Braun  as Self - Supervising Editor The Apprentice
James Fontano  as Self - Co-Owner Privatech Group
Eric Schneiderman  as Self - New York Attorney General
Drew Friedman  as Self - Illustrator New York Observer
Megan Halvorson  as Self - Private Mortgage Banker Wells Fargo
Brittany Martinez  as Self - Laura's Daughter
Carroll Muffett  as Self - President & CEO Center for International Environmental Law
William Ihlenfeld  as Self - US Attorney Northern District of West Virginia 2010 - 2016
Hans Koberstein  as Self - Editor Frontal21
Bill Pruitt  as Self - Producer The Apprentice
Timothy Sloan  as Self - Wells Fargo CEO
Robert Verrone  as Self - Owner and Founder Iron Hound Management Company
Diane Wilson  as Self - Waterkeeper
Anita Finney  as Self - Scott's Former Personal Assistant
Michael Melkersen  as Self - Attorney
Randal Pinkett  as Self - The Apprentice Winner of Season 4
Everett Stern  as Self - HSBC Compliance Officer 2010 - 2011
Sandra McKenzie Hardy  as Self - Lawyer
Brian Niemietz  as Self - Journalist New York Daily News
Mary Ann Siwek  as Self - Kushner Companies Tenant New York, NY
Richard Elias  as Self - Assistant US Attorney Department of Justice 2011 - 2014
Chief Bill Follis  as Self - Modoc Tribe of Oklahoma
Doug Tumen  as Self - Former Executive Director Trump Network
Drew Bushong  as Self - Kushner Companies Tenant New York, NY
Billy Duncan  as Self - Charlie's Friend
David Gurupatham  as Self - Attorney High Court of Malaysia
Ioana Gorecki  as Self - Consumer Protection Attorney
Jenna Knudsen  as Self - Former Marketer Trump Network
Neil Carman  as Self - Former Air Control Board Inspector Texas Commission on Environmental Quality
Mia McMahan  as Self - Kushner Companies Tenant New York, NY
Ron Schnackenberg  as Self - Former Sales Manager Trump University
Nikhil Singhvi  as Self - Attorney Federal Trade Commission
Tonya Barina  as Self - Charlie's Guardian
Geep Hardy  as Self - Lawyer
Alec MacGillis  as Self - Investigative Reporter Propublica
Christen Sproule  as Self - Assistant U.S. Attorney 2009 - 2017
Ivan  as Self - Former Employee AMG Services
Sherri Simpson  as Self - Former Student Trump University
Gary Friedman  as Self - Lawyer for Sherri Simpson
Maria Chin Abdullah  as Self - Member of Parliament Chairwoman of Bersih 2013 - 2018
Ruth Etzel  as Self - Director of EPA Office of Children's Health Protection
Jim  as Self - Kushner Companies Tenant Baltimore, Maryland
James Harris  as Self - Former Mentor Trump University
Ed Zabinski  as Self - Racing Coach
Pete Myers  as Self - CEO and Chief Scientist of Environmental Health Sciences
Sarah  as Self - Kushner Companies Tenant Baltimore, Maryland
Patrick  as Self - Whistleblower Kushner Companies
Walter Shaub  as Self - Former Director U.S. Office of Government Ethics
Yovan Collado  as Self - Deputy Organizing Director Housing Rights Initiative
Uta Winkler  as Self - Kushner Companies Tenant New York, NY
Robin LoGuidice  as Self - Housing Rights Lawyer
Kamiia Warren  as Self - Fmr. Cove Village Tenant Essex, Maryland
Doug Donovan  as Self - Investigative Reporter Baltimore Sun
Rohit Varma  as Self
Morgan Pehme  as Self


What are Dirty Money filming details?

"Dirty Money" series are produced by Jigsaw Productions.

The average duration of each episode is 50 - 77 minutes. Country of origin: United States. Original language: English.


What are critics and audiences saying about Dirty Money TV series?

"Dirty Money" TV series got high rating from critics. IMDB rating is 8.1/10. Rotten Tomatoes rating is 100/100.

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