"The Man in the High Castle" is an American dystopian alternate history television series directed by Frank Spotnitz and Philip K. Dick.
The starring cast includes Alexa Davalos, Rupert Evans, Luke Kleintank, DJ Qualls, Joel de la Fuente, Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa, Rufus Sewell, Brennan Brown, Callum Keith Rennie, Bella Heathcote and others.

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Is there a trailer for The Man in the High Castle TV series?

Amazon Prime Video on Wednesday, October 16, 2019 released the trailer for "The Man in the High Castle" you can watch here:
The Man in the High Castle Season 4 - Official Trailer | Prime Video.

Plot summary

What is The Man in the High Castle TV series plot?

Here is a short review of "The Man in the High Castle" TV series plot summary.

It is the year 1962. Having lost World War 2, the United States is now occupied by Germany and Japan. Germany occupies the eastern states and Japan the western, with the Neutral Zone in between. When her sister is killed by the Japanese, Juliana Crain (Alexa Davalos) is sucked into the covert, dangerous world of the American Resistance. Opposing her and her comrades are the most ruthless forces the Nazis and Japanese have to offer, lead by Obergruppenfuhrer John Smith (Rufus Sewell) of the SS and Chief (Joel de la Fuente) Inspector Kido of the Kempeitai. The Resistance's greatest hope appears to lie in films which show an alternate reality, a world where the US and its allies won WW2. While largely viewed as propaganda, these films could be more than that. At the centre of the manufacture and distribution of these films is one man, a figurehead in the Resistance: The Man in the High Castle.


Who plays who in the The Man in the High Castle TV series?

Here is the full cast and characters of "The Man in the High Castle" TV series. Actors and actresses are sorted mostly in credits order.

Alexa Davalos  as Juliana Crain a young woman from San Francisco
Rupert Evans  as Frank Frink (seasons 1 - 3), Juliana's boyfriend at the beginning of the series
Luke Kleintank  as Joe Blake (seasons 1 - 3), a new recruit to the underground American Resistance
DJ Qualls  as Ed McCarthy (seasons 1 - 3), Frank's co-worker and friend
Joel de la Fuente  as Chief Inspector Takeshi Kido the ruthless head of the Kempeitai stationed in San Francisco
Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa  as Nobusuke Tagomi (seasons 1 - 3), the Trade Minister of the Pacific States of America
Rufus Sewell  as John Smith an SS Obergruppenf├╝hrer, later promoted to Oberst-Gruppenf├╝hrer, and then to Reichsmarschall of the colony of North America (near series end becoming Reichsf├╝hrer of a newly autonomous North American Reich)
Brennan Brown  as Robert Childan (seasons 2 - 4; recurring season 1), an antique store owner
Callum Keith Rennie  as Gary Connell (season 2), leader of the West Coast Resistance movement and enforcer for Abendsen
Bella Heathcote  as Nicole D├Ârmer (seasons 2 - 3), a young Berlin-born filmmaker
Chelah Horsdal  as Helen Smith (season 3 - 4; recurring seasons 1 - 2), John's wife
Michael Gaston  as Mark Sampson (season 3; recurring season 1; guest season 2), a Jewish friend of Frank's living in San Francisco
Jason O'Mara  as Wyatt Price also known as Liam (season 3 - 4), an Irishman
Frances Turner  as Bell Mallory (season 4), the leader of the Black Communist Rebellion (BCR) in San Francisco
Aaron Blakely  as Erich Raeder (seasons 1 - 3), an SS-Sturmbannf├╝hrer working with Smith
Rick Worthy  as Lemuel "Lem" Washington the owner of the Sunrise Diner in Canon City and member of the Resistance
Carsten Norgaard  as Rudolph Wegener (seasons 1 - 3), a disillusioned high-ranking Nazi official
Lee Shorten  as Sergeant Hiroyuki Yoshida (seasons 1 - 2), Inspector Kido's right-hand man, killed in the bomb attack on Kempeitai headquarters
Arnold Chun  as Kotomichi Tagomi's aide-de-camp
Camille Sullivan  as Karen Vecchione (seasons 1 - 2), a leader of the Pacific States branch of the Resistance, later killed in a Kempeitai shoot-out
Bernhard Forcher  as Hugo Reiss (season 1), the German ambassador to the Japanese Pacific States
Mayumi Yoshida  as the Crown Princess of Japan (seasons 1, 4)
Christine Chatelain  as Laura Crothers (season 1), Frank's sister
Stephen Root  as Hawthorne Abendsen / The Man in the High Castle (seasons 2 - 4), the head of the American antifascist resistance, creating films set in other worlds
Allan Havey  as the Origami Man (season 1), a Sicherheitsdienst (SD) operative sent to Canon City to eliminate members of the Resistance
Geoffrey Blake  as Jason Meyer (season 1), a Jewish member of the Resistance
Hank Harris  as Randall Becker (season 1), a member of the Pacific States branch of the Resistance
Sebastian Roch├ę  as Reichsminister Martin Heusmann (seasons 2 - 3), Joe's estranged father and a high-ranking member in the Nazi government
Hiro Kanagawa  as Taishi Okamura (seasons 1 - 2), the leader of a Yakuza based in the Pacific States
Neal Bledsoe  as Captain Connolly (season 1), an American SS officer serving under John Smith, later revealed to be a spy working for Reinhard Heydrich
Daisuke Tsuji  as the Crown Prince of Japan (season 1)
Burn Gorman  as the Marshal (season 1), a bounty hunter searching for concentration camp escapees
Giles Panton  as Billy Turner (season 3 - 4), a Nazi Reich American advertising executive
Cara Mitsuko  as Sarah (season 2), a Japanese American Resistance member, Frank's confidante and a survivor of the Manzanar concentration camp
Tate Donovan  as George Dixon (season 2), Trudy's biological father and a member of the resistance in New York City
Tao Okamoto  as Betty Kasoura (season 1), Paul's wife
Rob LaBelle  as Carl (season 1), a book store clerk in Canon City
Laura Mennell  as Thelma Harris (season 3), a closeted lesbian gossip column reporter in New York City
Shaun Ross  as the Shoe Shine Boy (season 1), a young albino man living in Canon City
Ann Magnuson  as Caroline Abendsen (season 3 - 4), the wife of Hawthorne Abendsen
Tzi Ma  as General Hidehisa Onoda (season 2), a leading member of the Japanese Army
Michael Hogan  as Hagan (seasons 2 - 3), an ex-priest and leader in the San Francisco Resistance
Eijiro Ozaki  as Admiral Inokuchi (season 3 - 4), the head of the Imperial Japanese Navy fleet stationed in the San Francisco Bay
Amy Okuda  as Christine Tanaka (season 1), an office worker working in the Nippon Building
Akie Kotabe  as Sergeant Nakamura (season 3), a Japanese-American of mixed ethnicity
Tamlyn Tomita  as Tamiko Watanabe (season 3 - 4), an Okinawan-Hawaiian painter
Janet Kidder  as Lila Jacobs (season 3), one of the many Jews protected in a Catholic commune in the Neutral Zone
Jeffrey Nordling  as Dr. Daniel Ryan (season 3), a Jungian therapist employed to treat Helen Smith's grief following the death of her son Thomas
Cl├ę Bennett  as Elijah (season 4), Bell Mallory's lover and one of the members of the BCR
James Neate  as Jack (season 3), a man with whom Ed becomes romantically involved in the Neutral Zone
Chika Kanamoto  as Yukiko (season 4), Childan's assistant and later wife
Sen Mitsuji  as Toru Kido (season 4), Inspector Kido's son
Quinn Lord  as Thomas Smith John and Helen's son and the eldest child
Bruce Locke  as General Yamori (season 4), a hardline Japanese general in favour of continuing the occupation of the JPS
Gracyn Shinyei  as Amy Smith John and Helen's daughter
Genea Charpentier  as Jennifer Smith John and Helen's daughter
Rachel Nichols  as Martha (season 4), Helen Smith's "wife-companion" assigned by the Reich to keep an eye on her
Eric Lange  as General Whitcroft (season 4), John Smith's second-in-command
Michael Hagiwara  as Okami (season 4), a Yakuza boss operating in the JPS
Rich Ting  as Captain Iijima (season 4)
Daniel Roebuck  as Arnold Walker (seasons 1 - 2), Juliana's stepfather and Trudy's father
Macall Gordon  as Anne Crain Walker (seasons 1 - 2), Juliana's mother
David Harewood  as Equiano Hampton (season 4), the leader of the BCR
Marc Rissmann  as Wilhelm Goertzmann (season 4), an Obergruppenf├╝hrer from Berlin
Kenneth Tigar  as SS-Reichsf├╝hrer later F├╝hrer, Heinrich Himmler (seasons 2 - 4)
Conor Leslie  as Trudy Walker (seasons 1 - 3), Juliana's half-sister
Yukari Komatsu  as Michiko Tagomi (season 2), Nobusuke's wife
Ray Proscia  as SS-Oberst-Gruppenf├╝hrer Reinhard Heydrich (seasons 1 - 2)
Eddie Shin  as Noriaki Tagomi (season 2), Nobusuke and Michiko's son
William Forsythe  as J. Edgar Hoover (seasons 3 - 4), Director of the American Reich Bureau of Investigation (the Nazi counterpart of the real-life FBI), co-plotting with Rockwell
Wolf Muser  as Adolf Hitler (seasons 1 - 2), the leader of the Greater Nazi Reich
John Hans Tester  as Dr. Josef Mengele (seasons 3 - 4), the head of the studies about trans-universe travel, realising an enormous traveling machine
David Furr  as George Lincoln Rockwell (season 3), the Reichsmarschall of German-controlled America, plotting against John Smith
Hiromoto Ida  as Imperial Guard
Gwynyth Walsh  as Margarete Himmler (season 4), Himmler's wife and the head of the Reich Red Cross
Keone Young  as Field Marshal Shunroku Hata (season 1)
Timothy V. Murphy  as SS-Oberst-Gruppenf├╝hrer Adolf Eichmann (season 4)
Lisa Paxton  as Eva Braun (season 2), Hitler's wife, at his side on his deathbed
Jeremy Schuetze  as Klaus Hein
Glenn Ennis  as Jeremy
Meg Heus  as Bridget
Steve Byers  as Lawrence Klemm
Ty Olsson  as Major Tod Metzger
Garfield Wilson  as Leon
Alex Zahara  as SS Officer Oliver Diels
Cody Ray Thompson  as Agent Campbell
Jason Riki Kosuge  as Japanese Man
Louis Ferreira  as Brad Bellows
Jack Kehler  as Harlan Wyndam-Matson
Malik McCall  as Darius
Gillian Barber  as Alice Adler
David Sakurai  as Colonel Saito
Louis Ozawa  as Paul Kasoura
Kaniehtiio Horn  as Gina
Alex Barima  as Oscar Watson
Emily Holmes  as Lucy Collins
Yuichi Saito  as Kempeitai Sergeant
Kyle Mosonyi  as Hitler Honor Guard
Josh Pence  as Hans
Gabrielle Rose  as Frau Silvia
Nancy Sorel  as Mary Dawson
Bzhaun Rhoden  as Benjy
Yael Yurman  as Clara Sampson
Jessie Fraser  as Rita Pearce
Ruairi MacDonald  as Charlie Sampson
Peter Shinkoda  as Kazu Hirano
Alexander Soto  as Pablo
Fiona Vroom  as Carla
Paul Dzenkiw  as SD Agent Matthews
Mike Li  as Yakuza Man
Arpad Balogh  as Chuck Dolan
Kevan Ohtsji  as Russell Sato
Ptolemy Slocum  as Raymond Doyle
Carter MacIntyre  as Russ Gilmore
Valerie Mahaffey  as Susan
Richard Ching  as Mr. Eto
Ben Cotton  as Earle
Callum Seagram Airlie  as John Crothers
Carmen Mikkelsen  as Emily Crothers
Takahiro Inoue  as Shimura
Raresh DiMofte  as Karl M├╝ller
Christiaan Westerveld  as Holt
Sean Kuling  as Smith's Adjutant
Peter Kelamis  as Raunchy Richie
Malcolm Masters  as Camera Operator
Gina Williams  as Black Female Piano Player
Anthony F. Ingram  as Kasoura's House Boy
Anthony Shim  as Detective Mishima
Mark Brandon  as Newscaster
Yuta Takenaka  as Kempeitai Investigator
Ted Cole  as Neighbor
Josie Bulbrook  as Young Juliana
Raphael Kepinski  as Jacob
Tristan Jensen  as Grand Palace Bartender
Ali Skovbye  as Annie Sanders
Eric Banerd  as Nazi Security Guard
Darren Dolynski  as Bill Crothers
Barbara Eve Harris  as Angela
Michael Eber  as Doni
Sarah Strange  as Ledette
Shannon Day  as Katie Owens
Lyriq Bent  as Mingus Jones
Shane Dean  as Mingus Jones
Thomas Miller  as Male Volunteer #1
Stefanie von Pfetten  as Katharina Wegener
Kevin McNulty  as Doctor Adler
Frank C. Turner  as Jim McCarthy
Duncan McLellan  as Male Volunteer #2
Aaron Pearl  as Hank McCrae
Camille Hollett-French  as Female Volunteer #1
Donna Yamamoto  as Tagomi's Secretary
Jason Beaudoin  as Griggs
Cory Gruter-Andrew  as Henry Iver
Jason Asuncion  as Hiro
Hyuma Frankowski  as Japanese Translator
J.C. Williams  as Jeremiah
Carlo Yu  as JPS Marine Sergeant #1
Nikolai Witschl  as Jimmy
Nicole Oliver  as Zina Parks
Carter Ryan  as Buddy
Yuki Matsuzaki  as Nakamura
Peter Anderson  as Goebbels
Harry Han  as Kempeitai Police #1
Casey Kenneth Wright  as Bobby
Mike McLeod  as Gestapo Agent
Ari Solomon  as Technician
Lorynne Machado  as Young Female Volunteer #2
Pavel Romano  as Barker
Alexander J. Baxter  as ARBI Agent
Johnny Mah  as Larger Man
Russell Porter  as Mystery Man
Jillian Walchuck  as ND Hostess
David Chin  as Plainclothes Policeman
Jennifer Oleksiuk  as ND Hostess #2
Donald Sales  as Atticus
Rintaro Sawamoto  as Kempeitai Guard (Hotel)
Martin Novotny  as Nazi Embassy Staffer
Chris Robson  as History Teacher
Justin Stone  as German Stormtrooper
Kurt Evans  as Henry Collins
Russell Jung  as Finance Minister Mori
Jackie Blackmore  as Malka
Adrian Hough  as Ambassador Weber
Seiya Matsudo  as Sergeant Nishida
Sky Kao  as Kempeitai Officer
Dianne Greenwood  as Fatima Hassan
Mathias Retamal  as Bartender
Takeshi Kurokawa  as Japanese Official
Daniel Lim  as Japanese Imperial Army Soldier (Nippon)
Charles Zuckermann  as Senior Nazi Officer
Veronika Hadrava  as Woman
Dalias Blake  as Anthony
Eric Breker  as SD Agent Farkas
Ryan Kong  as Japanese Boy
Charles Edward Bae  as Japanese Customer
Kelvin Lum  as Royal Imperial Colonel
Camden Filtness  as Paul
Michael Kopsa  as Luftwaffe General
Clayton James  as Young George
Alfred Anderson  as BCR Bomb Builder #2
Holly Arthur  as BCR Bomb Builder #1
John Innes  as Harry
Darcy Laurie  as Bucket
Kasey Ryne Mazak  as Drug Addled Soldier
Corina Akeson  as Nurse
Michael Rispoli  as Don Warren
Charlie Hofheimer  as Daniel Levine
Bella Dayne  as Monika
Ron Rogg├ę  as Nazi Police Officer
Aubrey Deeker Hernandez  as SS Officer Kurt Scausch
Jay Hindle  as Technician #1
Forbes Angus  as Hotel Manager
Jeff McKracken  as Hook Nose Gestapo
Thure Riefenstein  as Field Marshal
Nickolas Baric  as Junge
Jesse Haddock  as Morgue Attendant
Eric Keenleyside  as Ron Whittaker
Craig Erickson  as Intruder
Bob Frazer  as Danny Carter
Fiona Fu  as Mrs. Akiyama
Luke Roessler  as Otto Wegener
Larry Hoe  as Minister Nagasaki
Pierce Kang  as 9-Year-Old Toru
Michael A. Cheng  as Terminal Security
Jara Zeimer  as Klaudia Wegener
Art Kitching  as Abwehr Officer
Cameron Dent  as Dwight
Kate Dion-Richard  as Reich Nurse
Benjamin Ratner  as Erwin
Michael Q. Adams  as Bus Driver
Patrick Heinrich  as Jurgen Klammer
Colin Lawrence  as Boat Captain
Bill Dow  as Dr. Eric Zuckereyck
David Ikeda  as Dr. Hamahashi
Jason Tremblay  as Wayne Harris
Douglas Chapman  as Colonel Bolden
Brett Alexander Davidson  as Bodyguard
Daniel Diemer  as Kent
Carlo Fanella  as Nazi Broadcast Director
Fletcher Donovan  as Nazi Officer
Akiko Hull  as Herbalist
Melanie Crystal  as Shop Assistant
Dean Paul Gibson  as Mr. Brewer
Kelly McCabe  as Railings
Melanie Walden  as Customer
Robel Zere  as Boat Thin Mate
Lisa Baran  as Beautiful Girl
Leo Rano  as Ernesto
Kwesi Ameyaw  as Junior
Danny Gamble  as Whitcroft's General
Tunji-Taylor Lewis  as Joe
Daichan Nakagawa  as JPS News Reader
Zara Smith  as Tracy
David Drummond  as Rikers Island Guard
Ricardo Ewert  as Hitler's Aide
Linden Banks  as Nazi Doctor
Andrew Kavadas  as Tuck
Adam Klassen  as SS Officer
Alex Kliner  as Bookstore Cashier
Rob Compton  as Jeremy Schmidt
David Stuart  as Technician #3
Laura Drummond  as Mrs. Vick
Derek Lowe  as Opium Dealer
Heather-Claire Nortey  as Mavis
Adam Henderson  as Doctor
Tyreah Herbert  as Imani
Cornelis Koopmans  as Honor Guard
Paul Pape  as Film Narrator
Adam Bergquist  as Executive #2 Bill
Helena Heidebrecht  as Partier
Christina Lewall  as Calisthenics Instructor
Robert Moloney  as Hector
Rob Morton  as Truck Driver
Ryan Scramstad  as Nazi Officer (Sea Plane)
John Shaw  as Reich Orator
Marlie Collins  as Chic Club Singer
David Longworth  as Driver
Sean MacLean  as Gate Guard
Andy Nez  as Doorman
Leonard Tenisci  as Joseph Goebbels
John Emmet Tracy  as Father Finn
Blaine Anderson  as Marine Recruiter #1
Clint Jung  as General Ryuu Masuda
James Ralph  as General #1
Ian Rozylo  as Reich Lieutenant
Natalie von Rotsburg  as Older Female Guest
Colby Wilson  as Man
Colleen Winton  as Gabby Drake
John Dewar  as Game Show Host
Bob Dong  as Factory Owner
Mas Morimoto  as Shinto Priest
Caroline Muthoni Muita  as Mary
Stephan Goldbach  as Gruppenfuhrer Schmidt
Ian Kim  as Officer
Yumi Nagashima  as Akiko Kido
Artur Stofel  as Nazi Aide
Michael Yama  as Librarian
Tyler Layton-Olson  as Pretty Boy
Neuman Mannas  as Singer
Kirby Morrow  as GNR Commanding Officer
Rocky Anderson  as General #2
Tatsuya Aoki  as Buddhist Priest
Colin Corrigan  as German SS Sergeant
Hiroaki Futsukaichi  as Yakuza Jeweler
Mike Gill  as Marine Recruiter #2
Namgyu Gwon  as Blas├ę Kempeitai Soldier
Darcey Johnson  as Glenn Durham
Forrest Rozitis  as Male Student
Ronin Wong  as Mr. Chiba
Romuald Hivert  as Canon City Guy
Louis Hobson  as Nazi Contestant
Pippa Mackie  as Coat Check Girl
Matthias Brunert  as Berlin Party Guest
Terence Hayman  as Bus Driver
Matt Janzen  as Newsstand Clerk
Ryan Jinn  as Japanese Soldier
Jerome Yoo  as Kempeitai Police #2
Lauren Maynard  as Pretty Girl
Jeremiah Oh  as Kempeitai Detective #1
Adam Swain  as Black Teen
Scott Takeda  as Mr. Kobayashi
Rachel Warkentin  as Sabra Teen
Jan Bos  as Medical Officer
Donovan Cerminara  as U.S. Army Corporal
Guy Christie  as Robert Street
Destiny Millns  as Waitress
Wade Sun  as Army Soldier
Kesler Talbot  as Bobby
Jeremy Thorsen  as SS Security Officer
Paul Vos  as General #3
Taku Okamoto  as Japanese Police Officer
Moses Andeku  as Activist #1
Kai Bradbury  as Kempeitai Officer
Jackson Hoad  as SS Officer
Julian Lao  as Japanese Soldier
Sean Poague  as Juliana's Dad
Paul Schulz  as Band Leader
Ken Tremblett  as Richard Dawson
Garland Chang  as Kempeitai Detective #2
Jillian Fargey  as Gladys
John Mariano  as Vince Cippolini
Janet Glassford  as Dairy Woman
Andrew Hedge  as Sheriff
Isaac Keoughan  as Avram
Eric Mazimpaka  as Tenement Man #1
Dean McKenzie  as Mr. Jones
Kyal Scott  as Smith's SS Soldier #1
Carolyn Yonge  as Rachel Chrisalms
Lini Evans  as Nightclub Singer
Jason McKinnon  as Jail Guard
Ralph Smith  as Nazi Officer #1
Magnus Futrell-Frunhling  as Nazi Aid #2
Sarah Hayward  as Floor Manager
Simon Leung  as Manager
Jocelyn New  as Activist #2
Joshua Pak  as Japanese Medic
Mark Acheson  as Gino
Shauna Johannesen  as Sabra Woman
Ken Lawson  as Grand Palace Clerk
Gabriel Carter  as U.S. Army Private #1
Kheon Clarke  as Tenement Man #2
Abby de Forest  as Minder #1
Jarrod Evanyshyn  as Smith's SS Soldier #2
Maggie Ma  as Woman
Eda Soong  as Yakuza Bouncer
Eric Yue  as Farmer
Keisha Haines  as Prostitute
Danny Swanson  as Bus Driver
Meghan Gardiner  as Crying Family Member #1
Lauchlin MacDonald  as Suspicious Dad
Darren Matheson  as Adler's Son
Valentina Skala  as Toddler Trudy
Thomas Turner  as Driver #1
Alison Araya  as Gloria
Sebastien Archibald  as Medical Aide
Peter Hanlon  as Joseph Berg
Javier Lacroix  as Bartender
Celia Aloma  as Tenement Wife #1
Herbert Duncanson  as Guest
Ricardo Pequenino  as Young Man
James Song  as Kempeitai Officer
Erik Vigil  as U.S. Army Private #2
Sean Akira  as Japanese Surgeon
Ryuhei Tanaka  as Japanese Soldier on Street
Angelo Tosi  as Older Man
Andy Yu  as Japanese Imperial Army Soldier (Bus)
Wendy Abbott  as Raeder's Mother
Nicola Doherty  as Crying Family Member #2
Nancy Kerr  as Assessor
Wolfgang Klassen  as Berlin Party Guest #2
Jeff Craigen  as ARBI Agent #1
Jackson Chao  as Imperial Naval Officer
Wonser De-Gbon  as Tenement Wife #2
Austin Miklautsch  as Weltkommando #1
Skyler Mowatt  as U.S. Army Private #3
Austin Trapp  as Nazi Kid
Daisuke Nakagawa  as Kempeitai Officer (Embassy)
Mark Gash  as Mr. Cullen
Kenneth Liu  as Warehouse Kempeitai #1
Chase Nicholson  as Photo Kid
Trevor Carroll  as Will
Susan Hanson  as Mrs. Yahata
Harrison MacDonald  as ARBI Agent #2
Stephen Ogden  as Howard Wexler
Genevieve Brock  as Weltkommando #2
Gabriel Jacob-Cross  as Tenement Child
Francisco Trujillo  as Carlos
Andrew Neil McKenzie  as Medical Photographer
James Rha  as Warehouse Kempeitai #2
Brian Cyburt  as SD Officer Miller
Alison Raine  as Nurse
Kayla Deorksen  as Skater Girl's Mother
Evan Gillmore  as SS Blackshirt Corporal
Ralista Harding  as BCR Bomb Builder #3
Paul Puzzella  as Roadhouse Friend #1
The Black Ayden Chan Arnold  as Jamal
Chhultim Sherpa  as Buddhist Monk
Paul Lazenby  as White Man #1
Kent Paling  as Butler
Stephen Aberle  as Samuel
Cameron Andres  as Nazi Youth Singer
Udi Daon  as Jewish Attendee #1
Robert Gordon Harvey  as Nazi Smoking Soldier
Blair Penner  as SD Officer Williams
Brad Bergeron  as SS Train Driver #1
Sarah Perkonlg  as Roadhouse Friend #2
Ryan Hesp  as Bill
Sylvesta Stuart  as Another Mate
Dimitry Tsoy  as Kempeitai Police
William Belleau  as Clyde
Erin Boyes  as Hoover's Secretary
Steve Weller  as Jewish Attendee #2
Sherise Graham  as BCR Member #5
Evan Spergel  as SS Train Driver #2
Barbara Beall  as BIll's Wife
Steve Chang  as Stunt Actor Kempeitait #2
Vladimir Raiman  as Jewish Attendee #3
Zuri Vankevich  as T-Shirt Guy
Joe Allard  as White Man #2
Shane McLean  as Assistant
Maxwell Neck  as Jory
Monique Phillips  as Renee Wexler
Andrew Prest  as Pilot
Robyn Bradley  as Jewish Attendee #4
Emma Jayne Maas  as Young Child
Terry Williams  as BCR Member #3
Wonita Joy  as Old Asian Woman
Marcie Nestman  as Jewish Attendee #5
Nicole Rockmann  as Mother
Allyson Macdougal  as BCR Member #4
Jaren Moore  as Maintenance Man
Scott Seol  as Kempeitai Sergeant
Willy Miles  as Camera Operator
Josias Tschanz  as German officer


What are The Man in the High Castle filming details?

"The Man in the High Castle" series are produced by Amazon Studios, Scott Free Productions, Electric Shepherd Productions, Headline Pictures, Big Light Productions, Picrow and Reunion Pictures.

The average duration of each episode is 45 - 70 minutes. Country of origin: United States. Original language: English, German and Japanese.


What are critics and audiences saying about The Man in the High Castle TV series?

"The Man in the High Castle" TV series got high rating from critics. IMDB rating is 8/10. Rotten Tomatoes rating is 83/100.

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