"Find Me in Paris" is an English-language teen dramedy series directed by Jill Girling and Lori Mather.
The starring cast includes Jessica Lord, Hannah Dodd, Rory J. Saper, Eubha Akilade, Hiran Abeysekera, Castle Rock, Christy O'Donnell, Caitlin-Rose Lacey, Seán Óg Cairns, Chloe Fox and others.

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Is there a trailer for Find Me in Paris TV series?

Hulu on Thursday, August 15, 2019 released the trailer for "Find Me in Paris" you can watch here:
Find Me in Paris: Season 2 Official Trailer • A Hulu Original.

Plot summary

What is Find Me in Paris TV series plot?

Here is a short review of "Find Me in Paris" TV series plot summary.

«Season 1»:
Helena 'Lena' Grisky, a Russian princess from 1905, is training to be a ballerina at the Opéra de Paris and is the school's top student. Her boyfriend Henri is unaware that his family are time-travellers, and he discovers a time-piece hidden by his father, which he gives to Lena (Jessica Lord) as a gift, thinking it is just a piece of jewellery. Lena is transported and trapped in the year of 2018, leaving Henri battling to find a way to bring her back and to fight off the Time Collectors, who set out to capture Lena.
Meanwhile in 2018, Lena must continue to attend ballet school at the modern Opéra de Paris in order to keep her identity a secret and remain in Paris until she can return to 1905. However, despite wanting to return to 1905, Lena soon settles into her new time period and makes new friends in some of the school's other students - Jeff, Dash (Hiran Abeysekera) and Ines (Eubha Akilade), who becomes her best friend and the first to discover her secret. However, she also finds a rival in the ruthless Thea (Hannah Dodd), who sees Lena as a threat to her ambition to be the school's best dancer. To make things even more complicated, even though Lena has not forgotten Henri, she ends up falling for Max (Rory J. Saper), who becomes her dance partner. She also finds a love for a new dance genre, hip-hop, when she joins Max's dance group called the BLOCK. With all these conflictions, Lena is left with a dilemma: return to 1905 or stay in the future.
«Season 2»:
When Lena travels back to 1905, it is reported to the time travel bureau that someone has entered the wrong century. It is then revealed that Lena was actually born in the 21st-century, but was sent to the 20th-century as a newborn. Lena and Henri become separated in different time zones, and write letters to each other throughout the season. Thea discovers the Time Collectors, and begins a relationship with Frank (Seán Óg Cairns), using his time travelling device.


Who plays who in the Find Me in Paris TV series?

Here is the full cast and characters of "Find Me in Paris" TV series. Actors and actresses are sorted mostly in credits order.

Jessica Lord  as Lena Grisky
Hannah Dodd  as Thea Raphael
Rory J. Saper  as Max Alvarez (season 1 - 2)
Eubha Akilade  as Ines Lebreton
Hiran Abeysekera  as Dash Khan (season 1 - 2)
Castle Rock  as Jeff Chase
Christy O'Donnell  as Henri Duquet
Caitlin-Rose Lacey  as Kennedy Mather
Seán Óg Cairns  as Frank
Chloe Fox  as Bree Girling
Terique Jarrett  as Isaac Portier (season 2 - 3)
Lawrence Walker  as Pinky
Luca Varsalona  as Clive
Rik Young  as Armando Castillo
Katherine Erhardy  as Gabrielle Carré
Ingo Brosch  as Victor Duquet
Javone Prince  as Oscar
Chris Baltus  as Etienne
Edward Kagutuzi  as Young Oscar
Audrey Hall  as Claudine Renault
Elisa Doughty  as Princess Alexandra
Rameet Rauli  as Alexa "Lex" Dosne (season 2)
Sophie Airdien  as Francie Parks
Manuel Pacific  as Reuben Bello
Jake Swift  as Nico Michaels (season 3)
Louis Davison  as Simon
Kirsty Mitchell  as Quinn
Josh Burdett  as Jack
Jelle Florizoone  as Owen
Esther Lindebergh  as Jenna
Carl Ernouf  as Sherrif tempo
Lori Mather-Welch  as English classical dance judge
David Michel  as English classical dance judge
Patricia Thibault  as Directrice
Avant Strangel  as Zack
Aran Bert  as M. Moreau
Dominic Gould  as Grand-Duke Stefan
Leila Putcuips  as Madame Pelletier
Dianne Weller  as Janet Raphael
Jean-Guillaume Bart  as Menkin
Bharti Patel  as Mama Khan
Lorie Baghdassarian  as Tia Isabella
Katie Louise Hillyer  as Violette
Juliette Reverse  as Thea's new minion 1905
Maya Albert  as Dcotor Miknees
Fabrice Labrana  as Paul G
Zack Reece  as Dance Off Producer 1
Ronald Crooks  as English classical dance talent scout
Zoe Carrera  as English classical dance judge
Frédérique Barkoff  as Nurse
Davis Freeman  as Mr. Legrest
Georgia Ware  as Young Gabrielle


What are Find Me in Paris filming details?

"Find Me in Paris" series are produced by Cottonwood Media, ZDF Enterprises and BE-FILMS.

The average duration of each episode is 25 minutes. Country of origin: France and Germany. Original language: English.

"Find Me in Paris" TV series is rated "PG-13", according to the MPAA film rating system.


What are critics and audiences saying about Find Me in Paris TV series?

"Find Me in Paris" TV series got high rating from critics. IMDB rating is 7.2/10. Rotten Tomatoes rating is 64/100.

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