"The Underground Railroad" is an American historical fiction drama streaming television limited series directed by Barry Jenkins.
The starring cast includes Thuso Mbedu as Cora Randall, Chase W. Dillon as Homer, Aaron Pierre as Caesar, Joel Edgerton as Ridgeway, William Jackson Harper as Royal, Damon Herriman as Martin, Amber Gray as Gloria Valentine, Lily Rabe as Ethel Wells, Lucius Baston as Prideful, Jim Klock as Tom Hardman and others.

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Is there a trailer for The Underground Railroad TV series?

Amazon Prime Video on Thursday, April 15, 2021 released the trailer for "The Underground Railroad" you can watch here:
The Underground Railroad - Official Trailer | Prime Video.

Plot summary

What is The Underground Railroad TV series plot?

Here is a short review of "The Underground Railroad" TV series plot summary.

In an alternate timeline, the Underground Railroad, in reality a network of abolitionists, hidden routes, and safe houses that helped enslaved African-Americans escape to freedom in the early to mid-1800s, is an actual railroad complete with engineers, conductors, tracks, and tunnels. Cora (Thuso Mbedu), an enslaved Black person in Georgia, joins newcomer Caesar (Aaron Pierre) in an effort to ride the subterranean train to freedom.


Who plays who in the The Underground Railroad TV series cast?

Here is the full cast and characters of "The Underground Railroad" TV series. Actors and actresses are sorted mostly in credits order.

Thuso Mbedu  as Cora Randall
Chase W. Dillon  as Homer
Aaron Pierre  as Caesar
Joel Edgerton  as Ridgeway
William Jackson Harper  as Royal
Damon Herriman  as Martin
Amber Gray  as Gloria Valentine
Lily Rabe  as Ethel Wells
Lucius Baston  as Prideful
Jim Klock  as Tom Hardman
Peter Mullan  as Ridgeway Senior
Owen Harn  as Chandler
Justice Leak  as James Randall
Sheila Atim  as Mabel
Peter De Jersey  as John Valentine
Chukwudi Iwuji  as Mingo
Fred Hechinger  as Arnold Ridgeway
Will Poulter  as Sam
Mychal-Bella Bowman  as Grace
Bri Collins  as Olivia
Irone Singleton  as Mack
Kraig Dane  as Boseman
Jeff Pope  as Connelly
Kylee D. Allen  as Molly
David Wilson Barnes  as Jamison
Lucy Faust  as Fiona
Trevor David  as Samson
Marcus Gladney Jr.  as Ellis
Calvin Leon Smith  as Jasper
Deja Dee  as Sybil
Luray Cooper  as Jockey
Kara Flowers  as Georgina
Monique Grant  as Agnes
Sherry Richards  as Ruth
Cullen Moss  as Judge Smith
Donald Elise Watkins  as Rumsey Brooks
Jon Eyez  as VF Blacksmith
Charity Jordan  as Annie
Ryan James  as Red
Keith Brooks  as Vevay Teller
Benjamin Walker  as Terrance Randall
Dorcas Mathers  as Minerva
Jeremiah Eric Westbrook  as Hezekiah
Ethan Xavier Williams  as VF Son
Abigail Achiri  as Polly
Sean Bridgers  as Fletcher
LaChanze  as Ms Reva
Sam Malone  as Moses
Darryl Booker  as Samuel
Pam Smith  as Lucille
Harrison White  as Gus
Danny Boyd Jr.  as Young Mack
Denitra Isler  as Mae
Yuly Mireles  as Marisol
Charlie Talbert  as Store Clerk
Garrett Hines  as TN Patroller #1
Daniel Profeta  as Richard
Meg Heus  as Jane
Michael Ortiz  as TN Patroller #2
Mikaela Kimani Armstrong  as YG Cora
Elizabeth Youman  as Louisa
Troy Anthony Hogan  as Ollie
David Jensen  as Vevay Townsman
Kevin Savage  as James Fulton
Chris Schmidt Jr.  as Young Attacker
Blaine Kern III  as John Wallace
Gracen Newton  as Kid
Megan Boone  as Miss Lucy
Nicole Butler  as Dead Young Woman
Ryan-James Hatanaka  as Red
John Branch  as Bald Bartender
Zsane Jhe  as Lovey
MK Smith  as Francis
Devyn A. Tyler  as Meg
Elijah Everett  as Big Anthony
Stevie Baggs Jr.  as Jacob
Dajour Ashwood  as Jeremiah
Christopher Berry  as Mr. Fields
Trayce Malachi  as Chester
Mark Ashworth  as Mr. Churchill
T.C. Matherne  as Albert
Chip Lane  as Carter
Charmaine Shaw  as Betty
Frank Oakley III  as Deacon
Sasha Morfaw  as Iris
Will Beinbrink  as Dr. Stevens
Charles Green  as Mr. Ford
Christian I. Noble  as Engineer
Andrea Laing  as Henrietta
Chloe Minick  as Ruth Anne
Brad Sanders  as Black Proprietor
David Kallaway  as Bounty Hunter #1
Ritchie Montgomery  as Rural Bartender
James DuMont  as Abraham
Tamara Clark  as Screaming Woman
Oluwaseun Patunola-Ajayi  as Hub Traveler


What are The Underground Railroad filming details?

"The Underground Railroad" series are produced by Plan B Entertainment and Pastel Productions.

Country of origin: United States. Original language: English.

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