"Yellowstone" is an American drama television series directed by Taylor Sheridan and John Linson.
The starring cast includes Kevin Costner, Luke Grimes, Kelly Reilly, Wes Bentley, Cole Hauser, Kelsey Asbille, Brecken Merrill, Jefferson White, Danny Huston, Gil Birmingham and others.

Here are "Yellowstone" TV series trailer, plot summary, full cast and characters, release date and everything we know so far.


Is there a trailer for Yellowstone TV series?

101 Studios on Wednesday, May 06, 2020 released the trailer for "Yellowstone" you can watch here:
Yellowstone | Season 3 - Official Trailer.

Plot summary

What is Yellowstone TV series plot?

Here is a short review of "Yellowstone" TV series plot summary.

Yellowstone follows the Dutton family, owners of the largest ranch in the United States. The plots revolve around family drama and the bordering Native reservations and national park.


Who plays who in the Yellowstone TV series?

Here is the full cast and characters of "Yellowstone" TV series. Actors and actresses are sorted mostly in credits order.

Kevin Costner  as John Dutton a sixth-generation patriarch of the Dutton family, controls the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch, the largest contiguous ranch in United States
Luke Grimes  as Kayce Dutton a former US Navy SEAL and youngest son to John and Evelyn
Kelly Reilly  as Beth Dutton a financier, and John and Evelyn's daughter
Wes Bentley  as Jamie Dutton an attorney, aspiring politician, and one of John and Evelyn's sons
Cole Hauser  as Rip Wheeler the ranch foreman at the Yellowstone / Dutton Ranch, and John's right-hand man and enforcer
Kelsey Asbille  as Monica Long Dutton Kayce's Native American wife
Brecken Merrill  as Tate Dutton the son of Kayce and Monica and John's only grandchild
Jefferson White  as Jimmy Hurdstrom a ranch hand at Yellowstone and amateur bronc rider
Danny Huston  as Dan Jenkins a billionaire land developer from California whose main goal as to take the Yellowstone ranch from John Dutton
Gil Birmingham  as Chief Thomas Rainwater the nearby Native American tribal chief
Denim Richards  as Colby a ranch hand at Yellowstone
Ian Bohen  as Ryan a ranch hand at Yellowstone and a Livestock Agent
Forrie J. Smith  as Lloyd Pierce a senior ranch hand at Yellowstone
Atticus Todd  as Ben Waters
Timothy Carhart  as A.G. Stewart Attorney General of Montana
Rudy Ramos  as Felix Long Monica's grandfather, and Tate's great-grandfather
Ryan Bingham  as Walker a former prisoner recruited as a ranch hand at Yellowstone by Rip Wheeler
Michaela Conlin  as Sarah Nguyen an investigative reporter drawn to John Dutton and his family
Tokala Black Elk  as Sam Stands Alone
Katherine Cunningham  as Christina an assistant to Jamie Dutton
Fredric Lehne  as Carl Reynolds
Luke Peckinpah  as Fred Myers
Michael Nouri  as Bob Schwartz the CEO at the financial firm where Beth Dutton as a partner, and Beth's friend and mentor
Savonna Spracklin  as Alice Wahl
Heather Hemmens  as Melody Prescott
Robert Mirabal  as Principle Littlefield
Hugh Dillon  as Sheriff Donnie Haskell
David Cleveland Brown  as Jason Beth Dutton's assistant
Neal McDonough  as Malcolm Beck a rival businessman and nemesis to John Dutton (season 2)
Tanaya Beatty  as Avery a former stripper recruited by Rip as a ranch hand at Yellowstone
John Aylward  as Father Bob
James Jordan  as Livestock Agent Steve Hendon
Terry Serpico  as Teal Beck Malcolm's brother and business partner (season 2)
Josh Holloway  as Roarke Morris (season 3)
Bill Tangradi  as Alan Keene
Taylor Sheridan  as Travis Wheatly a horse trader and an acquaintance of John Dutton
Gretchen Mol  as Evelyn Dutton the late wife of John Dutton, mother to Lee, Jamie, Beth, and Kayce
Barret Swatek  as Victoria Jenkins the wife of Dan Jenkins
Kelly Rohrbach  as Cassidy Reid a prosecutor, and former rodeo queen
Martin Sensmeier  as Martin Monica's physical therapist (season 2)
Eden Brolin  as Mia (season 3)
Q'orianka Kilcher  as Angela Blue Thunder a tribal lawyer (season 3)
Jake Ream  as Jake a Wrangler (season 2-3)
John Emmet Tracy  as Ellis Steele (season 3)
Karen Pittman  as Willa Hayes
Hassie Harrison  as Laramie (season 3), barrel racer and Mia's friend
Maria Julian  as Receptionist/AG Assistant (season 3)
Dave Annable  as Lee Dutton ("Daybreak"), John Dutton's oldest son, head of security at Yellowstone, and a sworn agent of the Montana Livestock Commission
Brian Unger  as Dr. Stafford ("A Monster Is Among Us")
Jill Hennessy  as Senator Huntington ("Daybreak"), an ally of Chief Rainwater
Tinsel Korey  as Emily Sessions ("A Monster Is Among Us")
Jeremiah Bitsui  as Robert Long ("Daybreak"), a US Army veteran, brother to Monica, and uncle to Tate
Geno Segers  as Danny Trudeau ("No Good Horses")
Mike Faiola  as Dr. Fielding ("A Monster Is Among Us")
Dabney Coleman  as John Dutton Sr. ("Sins of our Father"), John's father
James Pickens Jr.  as Old Cowboy ("The Unravelling: Pt. 2")
Mo Brings Plenty  as Rainwater's Driver
Wendy Moniz-Grillo  as Governor Perry
Jen Landon  as Teeter
Wolé Parks  as Torry
Boots Southerland  as Wade Morrow
Michael Todd Behrens  as Doug
Brent Walker  as Clint Morrow
Ethan Lee  as Ethan
Gabriel Gator Guilbeau  as Gator
Josh Lucas  as Young John Dutton
Kylie Rogers  as Young Beth
Buck Taylor  as Emmett Walsh
Lane Garrison  as Ray
Ryan Dorsey  as Blake
Scout Smith  as Student
Dalton Baker  as Young Jamie
Katie Cockrell  as Receptionist
Diane D. Griffith  as Bar Patron
Steven Williams  as Cowboy
Steve Coulter  as Mel Thompson
K.C. Clyde  as County Attorney Randy
Adam Call  as Trent
Kyle Red Silverstein  as Young Rip
Stanley Peternel  as Dirk Hurdstram
Rhys Alterman  as Young Kayce
Tom Foran  as Tom Foran
Amy Nay  as Market Watch Presenter
Makayah Crowfoot  as Stands Alone Daughter
Isaiah Samuel Crowfoot  as Stands Alone Son
Geneviev Slater  as Student
Sol Xavier May-Kennedy  as Robert Long Son 1
Wolford Reed May-Kennedy  as Robert Long Son 2
Mosiah Aaron Crowfoot  as Robert Long Son 3
Will Patton  as Garrett Randle
Rya Kihlstedt  as Sam the Vet
MorningStar Angeline  as Samantha Long
Abigail Snarr  as Barrel Racer
Ashley Erin Campbell  as Beth's Assistant
Noah D. Spears  as Nathan
Cindy Perez  as Receptionist
Eddie Spears  as Marcus
Kelli D. Warrack  as Beth's New Assistant
Camrey Bagley Fox  as Assistant
Rebecca Cade  as News Reporter
Anthony Herrern  as Club Patron
Rachel Romney  as Willa's Assistant #2
Heidi Sulzman  as Officer Charlotte Skyles
Domenick Lombardozzi  as Masked Man
Braden Lynch  as Dr. Patrick Monteith
Wally Welch  as Mickey Creagan
Allison Dunbar  as Veronique
Austin Hébert  as Peter
J.R. Cacia  as Ted at the Bar
Tom Jenkins  as Senator Balen
Belinda Glenn  as Helen
Walter Mecham  as George Washington
Spencer Belnap  as Bald Man
Scott Deckert  as Masked Man #2
Christian Jensen  as Deputy
Kathleen Wilhoite  as Carolyn Nelson
Trenton James  as Andrew Jackson
Dylan Kenin  as Cowboy
Tito Livas  as Deputy #2
Andrea Fappani  as Andrea Fappani
Bear Menor  as Fighting Boy
Darin Southam  as Stan
Teren Turner  as Masked Man #3
Kelsie Elena  as Nurse
Chris Harvey  as Auction Manager
Bob Avila  as Bob Avila
Blythe Howard  as Woman
Seanna Ladd  as Cashier
Eric McGraw  as Cattle Thief
Tim McQuay  as Martin
Rusty Tinder  as Rusty Tinder
Angie Winegar  as Physical Therapist
Jared Shipley  as Coroner
Corey Cushing  as Corey Cushing
Erica Hansen  as News Reporter
Stephen Harr  as Feed Lot Cowboy
Steve Luna  as State Trooper
Austin R. Grant  as Aaron McReary
Morgan Lund  as Trent Willet
Brett Pendleton  as Deputy
Harvey J. Alperin  as Mr. Pelican
Robert Milo Andrus  as Deputy
Don Harvey  as Jerry Hayes
Todd Bergen  as Todd Bergen
Michael Flynn  as Henry
Brian Frederickson  as Auctioneer
Amelia Rico  as Dana Whitefeather
Jeremy Hoop  as State PD Officer
Dakota Love  as Daisy Trudeau
Kat Smith  as Nurse
Chantel Flanders  as Sales Associate
Devin Liljenquist  as Sotheby's Agent
Forrest Smith  as Young Lloyd
Tracer Gilson  as Tracer Gilson
Adam Johnson  as Biker
Mark Rowe  as Phil Hawthorne
Mosiah Silentwalker  as Derek Whitefeather
Fred Spencer  as Old Timer
Raleigh West  as Hope
DeJean Brown  as Officer Mike Sullivan
Howard Ferguson Jr.  as Rough Cowboy
David H. Stevens  as Petroleum Engineer
Tom McCutcheon  as Tom McCutcheon
Craig Sullivan  as Repairman
Craig Sullivan  as Craig Sullivan
Brando White  as Montana State Trooper
Gwen Copeland  as Hawthorne's Wife
Brandan Ngo  as Student
Kelby Phillips  as Kelby Phillips
J.W. Platt  as Old Timer 2
Danny Rice  as Biker 2
John Sanderford  as Kyle Ridley
Sila Agavale  as Process Server
Aimee-Lynn Chadwick  as Waitress
Joshua Michael French  as Oil Worker
Mandy McCutcheon  as Mandy McCutcheon
Whitney Palmer  as Physical Therapist
Eddie Wilde  as Male Police Officer
Douglas Caputo  as J.T. Rigby
Craig Clyde  as Old Rancher
Josh Kemble  as Shotgun Man
Katie Preston  as Biker Girl
Whiskey Myers  as Whiskey Myers
Cornelius O'Connor  as Cremator
Kacey Bates  as Female Police Officer
Kai Caster  as Young Kayce
Candice Costello  as Angela Martin
Cade McCutcheon  as Cade McCutcheon
JJ Neward  as Meg Thurman
Randy Bloomer  as Randy Bloomer
Bijan J. Hosseini  as Investment Banker
Amberley Snyder  as Amberely Snyder
Kellie Cockrell  as Governor's Aide #2
Christopher May  as Craig Martin
Sean Dillingham  as Marty
Rob Kirkland  as Watch Commander Bill Ramsey
Matt Mills  as Matt Mills
Joey Stylez  as Joey Stylez
John Gowans  as Old Man
Justin Hyde  as Justin Hyde
Sid Steiner  as Sid Steiner
Ambyr Mishelle  as Paige Nutter
Casey Pieretti  as Dying Man
Derek Boone  as Oil Worker
Drezus  as Drezus
Randall Malin  as Show Manager
Shae Robins  as Waitress
Anna Daines  as Woman
Cody Hyde  as Cody Hyde
Jared Lynton  as Willa's Assistant
Rocker Steiner  as Rocker Steiner
Patrick Bogdanich  as Wild Eyes
Marty Southern  as Auctioneer
Nicolas Harvard  as Director
Luce Rains  as Mean Cowboy
Ashley Marian Ramos  as Barista
RedCloud  as Mc Red Cloud
Jenessa Sheffield  as Cowgirl
Harper Griffith  as Screaming Child
Don Hudson  as News Reporter
Kenneth Ruthardt  as Big Belly
Ryan Begay  as Tribal Member
Ali Kinkade  as Allison
Lane Manwill  as Radio Announcer
Vivian Mathias  as Willa's Assistant #3
Lisa Roumain  as Vital Stats Clerk
Alina Posacki  as Young Vocalist
Arek Boulding Strohmenger  as Arek Boulding
Christy Summerhays  as Carla
Elise Workman  as Banker
Brad Garfield  as Boyd Nelson
Shaunna Thompson  as Waitress
Gabe Casdorph  as Ron Wright
Aria Song  as Translator
Kip Denton  as Young Lee
Pete Halbert  as Pete Sands
Chase Palmer  as Student #3
Paul Howard Smith  as Randy Paulson
Brady N. Clegg  as Boy
Kevin Kennedy  as Auction Manager
Jim Lau  as Tourist
Jae Head  as Luke Hayes
Carrie Wrigley  as Ellen
Michelle Campbell  as Nurse Makes Origami
Crystle Lightning  as Verda Stands Alone
Elizabeth Hales  as Woman
Stacey Howell-Brown  as Livestock Receptionist
Mason D. Davis  as Viggo
Nathaniel Edwards  as Male Nurse
Tilden Hooper  as Bareback Rider
Liam Wood  as Boy
Kari Hawker-Diaz  as News Reporter
Valerie Yu  as Kim
Stacey Thunder  as News Reporter #2
Isaac Cheung  as Kim's Boyfriend
Gabe Spencer  as Young Rip
Brad Carter  as Checkers
V.J. Foster  as MILT
Christopher Goodman  as Doctor
Max Madsen  as Robber
Ernest Marsh  as Cowboy Club Old Money
Glade Quinn  as Bartender
Eric Satterberg  as Real Estate Agent
Gregory Zaragoza  as Red Bear
Golden Brooks  as Geraldine Rainwater
Heath Hensley  as Running Man
Kristen Marie Jensen  as Tiffany
Thomas Plustwik  as Gas Mask Man
Keith Shepro  as Cattle Man


What are Yellowstone filming details?

"Yellowstone" series are produced by Linson Entertainment, Bosque Ranch Productions, Treehouse Films and 101 Studios (season 2 - present).

The average duration of each episode is 37 - 92 minutes. Country of origin: United States. Original language: English.


What are critics and audiences saying about Yellowstone TV series?

"Yellowstone" TV series got high rating from critics. IMDB rating is 8.6/10. Rotten Tomatoes rating is 69/100.

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