"Peaky Blinders" is a British period crime drama television series directed by Otto Bathurst (series 1), Tom Harper (series 1), Colm McCarthy (series 2), Tim Mielants (series 3), David Caffrey (series 4), Anthony Byrne (series 5) and Steven Knight.
The starring cast includes Cillian Murphy, Sam Neill, Helen McCrory, Paul Anderson, Annabelle Wallis, Sophie Rundle, Joe Cole, Finn Cole, Charlotte Riley, Tom Hardy and others.

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Is there a trailer for Peaky Blinders TV series?

Netflix on Friday, September 20, 2019 released the trailer for "Peaky Blinders" you can watch here:
Peaky Blinders | Season 5 Trailer | Netflix.

Plot summary

What is Peaky Blinders TV series plot?

Here is a short review of "Peaky Blinders" TV series plot summary.

Peaky Blinders is an English television crime drama set in 1920s Birmingham, England in the aftermath of World War I. The series, which was created by Steven Knight and produced by Caryn Mandabach Productions, Screen Yorkshire and Tiger Aspect Productions, follows the exploits of the Shelby crime family. Screen Yorkshire provided funding for the production through the Yorkshire Content Fund. It was the first production to receive funding from the Yorkshire Content Fund, which in turn made certain the majority of the show was filmed in Yorkshire as part of the deal.


Who plays who in the Peaky Blinders TV series?

Here is the full cast and characters of "Peaky Blinders" TV series. Actors and actresses are sorted mostly in credits order.

Cillian Murphy  as Thomas "Tommy" Shelby the leader of the Peaky Blinders
Sam Neill  as Chief Inspector/Major Chester Campbell (series 1 - 2), an Ulster Protestant policeman drafted from Belfast
Helen McCrory  as Elizabeth "Polly" Gray née Shelby, the aunt of Tommy and his siblings, and treasurer of the Peaky Blinders
Paul Anderson  as Arthur Shelby Jr., the oldest Shelby sibling
Annabelle Wallis  as Grace Shelby (main series 1 - 3, recurring series 5), née Burgess, a former undercover agent and Irish Protestant
Sophie Rundle  as Ada Thorne née Shelby, the Shelby brothers' only sister
Joe Cole  as John "Johnny" Shelby (series 1 - 4), the third-youngest Shelby brother
Finn Cole  as Michael Gray (series 2 - present), Polly's biological son
Charlotte Riley  as May Carleton (series 2, 4), a wealthy widow
Tom Hardy  as Alfred "Alfie" Solomons (series 2-present), the leader of a Jewish gang in Camden Town
Natasha O'Keeffe  as Lizzie Shelby (main series 2 - present, recurring series 1), née Stark; An ex-prostitute
Noah Taylor  as Darby Sabini (series 2), the leader of an Italian gang in Camden Town
Aimee-Ffion Edwards  as Esme Shelby (main series 3 - 4, recurring series 1 - 2), née Lee, John Shelby's wife
Gaite Jansen  as Grand Duchess Tatiana Petrovna (series 3), a Russian princess
Alexander Siddig  as Ruben Oliver (series 3), a portrait artist in a romantic relationship with Polly Gray
Kate Phillips  as Linda Shelby (main series 4 - 5, recurring series 3), Arthur Shelby's wife
Adrien Brody  as Luca Changretta (series 4), a New York mafioso with a vendetta against the Shelby family
Aidan Gillen  as Aberama Gold (series 4 - 5), an ally of the Shelby family and lover of Polly Gray
Charlie Murphy  as Jessie Eden (series 4 - present), a union convenor and lover of Tommy Shelby's
Anya Taylor-Joy  as Gina Gray (series 5), Michael Gray's American wife
Sam Claflin  as Sir Oswald Mosley (series 5), a fascist politician
Ned Dennehy  as Charlie Strong owner of a boatyard and an uncle figure to Tommy
Iddo Goldberg  as Freddie Thorne (series 1), a known communist
Benjamin Zephaniah  as Jeremiah 'Jimmy' Jesus a preacher and friend of the gang
Packy Lee  as Johnny Dogs (main series 2 - present, recurring series 1), a friend of Tommy Shelby's
Charlie Creed-Miles  as Billy Kimber (series 1), a local kingpin
Andy Nyman  as Winston Churchill
Ian Peck  as Curly (main series 4 - present, recurring series 1 - 3), a horse expert and assistant to Charlie Strong
Paddy Considine  as Father John Hughes (series 3), a priest working with the anti-communist Section D (The Economic League) in the British government
Jordan Bolger  as Isaiah Jesus the son of Jeremiah Jesus and a member of the gang
Jan Bijvoet  as Grand Duke Leon Petrovich Romanov (series 3), Grand Duchess Izabella's husband
Alfie Evans-Meese  as Finn Shelby the youngest of the Shelby siblings and the member of the gang
Dina Korzun  as Grand Duchess Izabella (series 3), Princess Tatiana Petrovna's aunt
Jack Rowan  as Bonnie Gold (series 4 - 5), Aberama Gold's boxing champion son
Tony Pitts  as Sergeant/Inspector Moss a police officer from Birmingham
Brian Gleeson  as Jimmy McCavern (series 5), leader of the Billy Boys, a Scottish Protestant gang
Kingsley Ben-Adir  as Colonel Ben Younger (main series 5, recurring series 4), a young colonel
Tommy Flanagan  as Arthur Shelby Sr. (series 1), the father of Tommy and his siblings'; Polly's brother
Kevin Metcalfe  as Scudboat (series 1), a henchman of the gang
Jeffrey Postlethwaite  as Henry a Peaky Blinders henchman
Matthew Postlethwaite  as Nipper a Peaky Blinders henchman
Neil Bell  as Harry Fenton a former landlord and owner of the Garrison pub
George Gwyther  as Karl Thorne the only child of Ada and Freddie Thorne
Cosmo Jarvis  as Barney (series 5), a WWI comrade and old friend of Tommy's
Samuel Edward-Cook  as Danny "Whizz-Bang" Owen a former comrade of Tommy Shelby and a loyal member of the gang
Lobo Chan  as Mr. Zhang
Adam El Hagar  as Ollie the assistant to Alfie Solomons
Sam Hazeldine  as Georgie Sewell the right-hand man and consiglieri to Darby Sabini
Andrew Koji  as Brilliant Chang (series 5), a Chinese criminal leader involved in opium smuggling
Isabelle Estelle Corbusier  as Yasmin Lipscomb
Daniel Fearn  as King Maine a boxing trainer in Birmingham
Paul Bullion  as Billy Kitchen a Black Country man
Allan Hopwood  as Abbey Heath
Rory Keenan  as Donal Henry a spy
Simone Kirby  as Irene O'Donnell a Pro-Treaty IRA member
Josh O'Connor  as James a friend and housemate of Ada Thorne
Stephanie Hyam  as Charlotte Murray a wealthy girl, with whom Michael Gray has a short affair
Dorian Lough  as Mario the owner of The Eden Club, ran by Darby Sabini
Wendy Nottingham  as Mary the housekeeper of Tommy Shelby
Billy Marwood  as Charles Shelby son of Tommy and Grace Shelby
Kate Dickie  as Mother Superior (series 5), a nun
Henry Garrett  as Clive Macmillan first husband of Grace Burgess
Alex Macqueen  as Patrick Jarvis MP a Member of Parliament and also a member and representative of The Economic League, working with Father Hughes
Tom Vaughan-Lawlor  as Malacki Byrne a member of the IRA and the cousin of one of the IRA members
Wanda Opalinska  as Rosemary Johnson the foster mother of Michael Gray, whom she named Henry
Luca Matteo Zizzari  as Matteo one of Luca Changretta's henchmen
Kenneth Colley  as Vicente Changretta the father to Luca and Angelo Changretta
Dave Simon  as Lancaster Officer Mulchay
Graeme Hawley  as Niall Devlin a working man in the Shelby Company Limited, working for Tommy Shelby
Ralph Ineson  as Connor Nutley a Lancaster factory foreman
Pauline Turner  as Frances the housekeeper of Tommy Shelby
Peter Bankole  as William Letso a former diamond miner, a tunneler from the South African Labor Corps and a friend of Tommy Shelby
Jake J. Meniani  as Frederico one of Luca Changretta's henchmen
Peter Campion  as Mickey Gibbs barman of The Garrison pub
Frances Tomelty  as Bethany Boswell a wise old woman living in Wales, whom Tommy Shelby seeks out
Richard Dillane  as General Curran an uncle of Grace Burgess
Dominic Coleman  as Priest
Richard Brake  as Anton Kaledin a Russian refugee
Heaven-Leigh Clee  as Ruby Shelby the daughter of Tommy Shelby and Lizzie Stark
Donald Sumpter  as Arthur Bigge the King's Private Secretary
Charlene McKenna  as Captain Swing an IRA leader in Belfast
Jamie Kenna  as Billy Mills a former heavyweight boxing champion and a worker for the Shelby Company Limited
Elliot Cowan  as Michael Levitt a Birmingham journalist
Joseph Long  as Chef
Tim Woodward  as Lord Suckerby a High Court Judge
Andreas Muñoz  as Antonio the Italian assassin
Harry Kirton  as Finn Shelby
Eric Campbell  as Policeman
Patricia Winker  as Local Woman
Lee Bolton  as Special Policeman
Daryl McCormack  as Isaiah Jesus
Jensen Clarke  as Charles Shelby
Paul Chadwick  as Special Policeman
Jack Hartley  as Billy Lovelock
William Atkinson  as Club Patron
Colin Alltree  as Factory Worker
Pete Szoradi  as Labourer
Rob Day  as Billy Boy
Grant Crookes  as Lancaster Mathers Worker
David Dawson  as Roberts
Alan Bentley  as Special Policeman
Graham Parrington  as Peaky Blinders Gangster
Nicola-Jayne Wells  as Neighbour
Tony Fillingham  as Solomons Gang
Philip Howard  as Camden Town Clubber
Luke Hulme  as Police Officer
Brian Woodward  as Chauffeur
Dino Kelly  as Goliath
Craig Thomas Lambert  as Boxing Trainer
Etahan Picard-Edwards  as Billy Shelby
James Richard Marshall  as Field Marshal Russell
Branwell Donaghey  as UVF Hardman 1
Brendan Gibson  as UVF Hardman
Nigel Travis  as Erasmus
Keith Dunphy  as Maguire
Paul McEwan  as Governor
Neil Maskell  as Churchill
Jassa Ahluwalia  as Dimitri
Aaron Neil  as Maitre D'
Brenda Lee Grech  as The Swan
Jacob Wye  as Siegfried
Peter Rylands  as Daniel Preece
Gemma Page  as Edna
Callum Booth-Ford  as Karl Thorne
Samuel Blenkin  as Adam Parker
Greg Kolpakchi  as Violinist
Harrison Vaughan  as Black Lion Boy
Erin Shanagher  as Grieving Woman
Lizzy McInnerny  as Mrs. Ross
Benedict Relton  as Policeman
Richard McCabe  as Winston Churchill
Tom Mothersdale  as Kidnap gangster
Pamela Ashton  as Digbeth Kids Mother
Russ Booth  as Tom Foundry Worker
Steven Peace  as Peaky Gang
Andrew Sheridan  as Plain Clothes Officer
Sam Wright  as Eden Club Member
Marc Esse  as Waiter
James Brogden  as Billy Factory worker
Craig Carr  as Boxing Trainer Seconds
Jonathan Garratt  as New Peaky Number 12
Andrew Jefferson-Tierney  as Billy
James Mccosh  as Referee
Bethan Daisy Caddick  as The Digbeth Kid's Sister
John-Paul Hurley  as Stanly Chapman
James Eeles  as The Digbeth Kid
William Andrews  as Butler
Darren Connolly  as Bri
Nick Holder  as Marston
Kunjue Li  as Chin
Pedro Caxade  as Carlo
Colin Connor  as Black Lion Barman
Anna Wilson-Hall  as Wedding Lady 1
Karl Shiels  as Ryan
Sara Beasley  as Wedding Lady 2
Therese Bradley  as Zilpha Lee
Barry Aird  as Bonnie
Sam Benjamin  as Border Officer
Bartley Burke  as Business Man
Lorraine Horgan  as Mrs. Donovan
Maisie Turpie  as Polly's Young Maid
Perry Fitzpatrick  as Guard
Richard Patterson  as Condemned Man
John Albasiny  as James Monkland
Caroline Lawrie  as Lady 1
Nina Yndis  as Kavetka
Robert Hook  as Peter
Jonty Stephens  as Reporter
Josef Altin  as Stefan Radischevky
Helen Anderson  as Lady 2
Kate Bowes Renna  as Lady 3
Vincent Wang  as Baba
Debra Penny  as Lady 4
Matthew Jure  as Stacker
Emma Pearce  as Sandra
Timothy Harker  as Officer 1
Paula Wharton  as Bad Nurse
Reuben Clarke  as Young Peter
Elliot Levey  as Leon Greene
Gemma Paige North  as Mrs. Conners
Martin Askew  as Winson Green Heavy
Jane Wood  as Medium
John Purcell  as Officer 2
Gana Bayarsaikhan  as Li
Lola Mawdsley  as Young Girl
Sam Lee  as Gypsy Singer
Sam Battersea  as Woman at Seance
Charlie Knight  as Young Boy
Rory Gallagher  as Eamonn Duggan
Jon Glover  as Race Commentator
Paul Cawley  as Gilbert Palmer
Liam Scholes  as Young Lad
Alison Todd  as Sandra
Alastair Barley  as Eden Club Doorman
Tim Delap  as Royal Bodyguard
Sean Buckley  as Older Russian
Ian Blower  as Old Man
Robbie Keane  as Quaker Friend
Sarah Gallagher  as Angel Nurse
Michael Keogh  as Asylum Nurse
David Perks  as Man 1
Douglas Rankine  as Billy Boys Leader
Adam Speers  as Man 2
James Boyland  as Communist Comrade
Malcolm Tomlinson  as Tory MP
Joe Macaulay  as Paddy Watts
Ian Conningham  as Flying Squad Officer
Nicholas Tennant  as Marquis Older Barman
Dustin Demri-Burns  as Monsieur Silk
Dennis O'Donnell  as Passenger
Martin Hammond  as Gentleman
Matthew Akers  as Billy Kitchen Man
Charlie Anson  as Briggs
William Bale  as Horse Auctioneer
Kivan Dene  as Prison Guard
Hayley Doherty  as Nurse
Richard Douglas  as Dock Worker
Nigel Hastings  as Auctioneer
Adam Lawrence  as Polly's Lover
Dean Marshall  as Sabini Gang
Rupert Procter  as Micky
Guy Williams  as Sir Ian Carleton
Bríd Brennan  as Audrey Changretta the mother of Luca Changretta, wife of Vicente Changretta and head of the Italian gang in Birmingham, as part of being the enemy of the Peaky Blinders
Adam Collins  as Officer Collins
Nigel Boyle  as Policeman
Andrew Caley  as Michael's priest
Israel Cortes  as Josef Jesus
Jolyon Coy  as Edward Roberts
Matt Emery  as Customs officer
Emily Gray  as Prostitute
Sophie Hannah Harrison  as Nurse Atherton
Marcus Langford  as Boat Puller
Gemma Layton  as Female officer
Rob Mitchell-James  as Stratford Barman
Joe Osborne  as Foreman
Valentina Petito  as Nurse
Aidan Rawnsley  as Caddie
Neil Swift  as Custom Officer
Christian Thorpe  as Communist
Lee Toomes  as Spotted Dog barman
Richard Varley  as Waiter
Stephen Graham
Emmett J. Scanlan  as Billy Grade an ex-footballer turned singer and an ally to the Peaky Blinders


What are Peaky Blinders filming details?

"Peaky Blinders" series are produced by BBC Studios, Caryn Mandabach Productions, Tiger Aspect Productions and Screen Yorkshire.

The average duration of each episode is 55 - 65 minutes. Country of origin: United Kingdom. Original language: English.


What are critics and audiences saying about Peaky Blinders TV series?

"Peaky Blinders" TV series got high rating from critics. IMDB rating is 8.8/10. Rotten Tomatoes rating is 92/100.

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