"For Life" is an American legal drama television series directed by Hank Steinberg.
The starring cast includes Nicholas Pinnock as Aaron Wallace, Indira Varma as Safiya Masry, Joy Bryant as Marie Wallace, Mary Stuart Masterson as Anya Harrison, Tyla Harris, Glenn Fleshler as Frank Foster, Boris McGiver as Glen Maskins, Timothy Busfield as Henry Roswell, John Doman as Alan Burke, Brandon J. Dirden as Darius Johnson and others.

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Is there a trailer for For Life TV series?

Sony Pictures Entertainment on Friday, January 31, 2020 released the trailer for "For Life" you can watch here:
For Life - Official Trailer.

Plot summary

What is For Life TV series plot?

Here is a short review of "For Life" TV series plot summary.

The series centers on Aaron Wallace (Nicholas Pinnock), who has been sentenced to life in prison for a crime he did not commit. While incarcerated, Wallace becomes a lawyer and works as a defense attorney for others while striving to get his own sentence overturned. The series is loosely based on the life of Isaac Wright Jr.


Who plays who in the For Life TV series cast?

Here is the full cast and characters of "For Life" TV series. Actors and actresses are sorted mostly in credits order.

Nicholas Pinnock  as Aaron Wallace a former club owner convicted of drug trafficking, although in truth, the drugs actually belonged to one of his friends
Indira Varma  as Safiya Masry the warden
Joy Bryant  as Marie Wallace Aaron's wife
Mary Stuart Masterson  as Anya Harrison (season 1), Safiya's wife
Tyla Harris  as Jasmine Wallace Aaron's teenage daughter
Glenn Fleshler  as Frank Foster (season 1), a senior corrections officer at the prison
Boris McGiver  as Glen Maskins (season 1; guest season 2), the prosecutor
Timothy Busfield  as Henry Roswell a former New York state senator
John Doman  as Alan Burke (recurring season 1; starring season 2), The attorney general of the state of New York
Brandon J. Dirden  as Darius Johnson Aaron's best friend
Erik Jensen  as Dez O'Reilly An assistant district attorney
50 Cent  as Cassius Dawkins A dangerous inmate that as transferred to Bellmore by Maskins
Peter Greene  as Wild Bill Miller The leader of the white supremacy gang at Bellmore
Felonious Munk  as Hassan Nawaz a prisoner at Bellmore in season one, released in season two
Joseph Siravo  as Jerry McCormack The head of the prison board
Matt Dellapina  as Tom Hansen Safiya's assistant
Toney Goins  as Ronnie Baxter Jasmine's boyfriend and the father of her child
Sean Boyce Johnson  as Scotty Williams The probation officer assigned to Aaron when he as released
Royce Johnson  as Andy Josiah and Marcel's father
Amina Robinson  as Elaine Josiah Andy's wife, and Marcel's mother
Jace Bently  as Marcel Josiah Andy and Elaine's son
Dorian Missick  as Jamal Bishop
Christopher Mormando  as Prison Bus Driver
Sean Ringgold  as Huey Cornell
Darik Bernard  as Walter
Brandon Morris  as Lassiter
Hassan Johnson  as Bobby Latimer
Adam Feingold  as Micelli
Brendan Burke  as Gavin
John Douglas Thompson  as Spencer Richardson
Alexandra Socha  as Charlotte
Jeb Kreager  as Anderson
Aristeo F. Kardi  as Guard
Marcus LaVoi  as Nathan Goodleaf
Cameron Mann  as Justin Masry
Will Cobbs  as Skinny John
Tommy Nohilly  as Trammell
Khalil McMillan  as CO Jones
JoJo Kushner  as Zoe Masry
Truck Hudson  as Henderson
Suzanne Savoy  as Judge Gina Sorensen
Ricky Garcia  as Vasquez
Natalie Jacobs  as Dee Dee
Bahiyah Hibah  as Surveillance Guard
Christine Renee Miller  as Jesse Hinkler
Taprena Michelle Augustine  as Samantha Hailey
Chance Kelly  as Cyrus Hunt
Nancy Lemenager  as Beth Maskins
Jordan Mahome  as Michael
Salem Murphy  as Irene Randell
Monica Wyche  as Valerie Linwood
Colin Kilkenny  as Big Mack
Denise Pillott  as Carla
Rio Rocket  as G-Force
Mehdi Barakchian  as Jared Lewis
Annabel Capper  as Monica Fallon
Robert Vincent Smith  as Burt
Tyhem Commodore  as J-Rose
Cassandra Freeman  as Veronica Marshall
Nasser Faris  as Sherwin Maloof
James McDaniel  as Earl
Sharon Washington  as Barbara
Marjan Neshat  as Dr. Vanessa Hamid
Tobias Segal  as Frankie
Gregg Daniel  as Easley Barton
Shaun O'Hagan  as Joe Davidson
Paul Bomba  as Officer Phillip Matranga
Andrew Casanova  as Jose Rodriguez
Phoenix Carnevale  as Television Anchor
Lawrence Ballard  as Lee Barry
Harold Surratt  as Clay
Charlie Kevin  as Edgar Lindsley
Caleb Z Smith  as Charlie Maskins
Aaron Morton  as DA Detective #2
John Viscardi  as Kyle Rogers
Sue Cremin  as Maggie
Michael Kelberg  as Investigator Crooks
Kevin Dean Williams  as Investigator Merrill
Stivi Paskoski  as Davit
Mike Figueroa  as Tiller
Carlos Davis  as Darryl
Michael Gaston  as Liam McClinchey
Crystal Dickinson  as Georgia Bishop
Todd Susman  as Judge Ira Wexler
Johanna Day  as Andrea Kayser
Angel Desai  as Janet
Turron Kofi Alleyne  as Calvin Newcombe
Danny Johnson  as Judge Reginald Cummings
Jade Wu  as Judge Julie Tanaka
Alexis Nichole Smith  as Lexi Richardson
Eric Elizaga  as ADA Adam Yamada
Christina Rouner  as Judge Patricia Howell
Klein Walker  as Jasmine Wallace (6-8)
Adrian Alvarado  as Lieutenant Diaz
Kyle Vincent Terry  as Deshaun Baldwin
Richard V. Licata  as Judge Thomas Lassaro
Robyn Payne  as Cheryl Baxter
Ron Scott  as Larry Baxter
Graham Powell  as DA Detective #1
Ed Walsh  as Solitary Guard
Irma-Estel LaGuerre  as Jose's Abuela
Jason Nuzzo  as Mike Paxton
Victor Verhaeghe  as Harry Norris
Matt Baguth  as Inmate #1
Carlos Arce Jr.  as Jury Foreman
Gabe Vargas  as Matteo
Ethan Herschenfeld  as Doctor
Grim Reaper Q.  as Big Saint
Lawrence Bingham  as Frisking Guard
Mick O'Rourke  as Monte
Hakeem Dickson Jr.  as Inmate #2
Raul Torres  as Mendoza
Guiesseppe Jones  as Gregory Yates
Kevin McCormick  as Deke
Madia Hill Scott  as Reporter
dL Sams  as Nurse
Vivia Font  as Lawyer
Emily Dorsch  as Female Patient
Bill Beydoun  as State Police Rep
Heather Simms  as Alice Martin
Shaun Anthony  as A.D.A. Kirk
Peter Jay Fernandez  as Victor Hernandez
Matthew Boston  as Jordan Kent
Camila Canó-Flaviá  as Paola Guerrero
America Olivo  as Rose Davila
LaTonya Borsay  as Neighbor
Vasile Flutur  as Benjamin Terzian
Carla Brandberg  as Judge Phylis Wright
Kerry Flanagan  as Elise Baccus
Elena Ouspenskaia  as Mrs. Terzian
Alok Tewari  as Judge Nader Farhad
Jeffrey Brabant  as Cop
Richard Busser  as Dirk
Woody Fu  as A.D.A. Andrew Sun
Franky G  as Rafi Figueroa
Aime Donna Kelly  as Yandi
Venida Evans  as Noreen
Terence Archie  as Joel
Dennis T. Carnegie  as Bailiff
Lizzy DeClement  as Molly Davison
Marcus Naylor  as James Martin
Aurora Rowland-Martinez  as Tricia Sakokete
Michael J. Burg  as Dr. Mirza
Gino Cafarelli  as Court Officer #1
Matt Deangelis  as Joey Knox
Anna George  as Dr. Davidson
Lyris Logan  as Jasmine Wallace (9-12)
Jason Altman  as Officer Marino
Mark Lotito  as Morris Crawford
Curzon Dobell  as Judge James Lawrence
Chance Smith  as Josh Martin
Will Tomi  as Phil Lee
Brenda McCullough  as Pastor Hattley
Leticia Castillo  as Martina Guerrero
Ava Eisenson  as Guardian Ad Litem
Joaquín Maceo Rosa  as Angelo
Renée Stork  as Realtor
Jeorge Bennett Watson  as Thomas Wilson
Juan Ayala  as Reporter 1
Robert McKay  as Pastor Williams
Donald Chang  as Secretary
Colin Keane  as Gavin
Mark Zeisler  as Judge Mitchell
Henry Alford  as Another Prisoner 2
Johnny Bermudez  as Queens Court Officer
Paula Patiño  as Court Officer
Matthew James Ballinger  as Freddy Dawkins
Andrea Cirie  as Sarah McCarron
Andrea Leigh  as Hearing Examiner
Sean MacLaughlin  as Erick
Quinn McCarthy  as Angela
Gregory Dann  as Chris
Rami Margron  as A.D.A. McNamara
Bernard Bygott  as Officer Esposito
Malachy Cleary  as Judge Kacey Edgemore
Nick Basile  as Dennis Banner
Erick Betancourt  as Garrigus
Jeryl Ann Costello  as Shirley
Julio Monge  as Alberto Rodriguez
Eleanor Reissa  as Monica Peters
Michelle Sohn  as Nurse
Onika Day  as Staten Island Court Officer
Arielle Siegel  as A.D.A. Kimberly Stevens
Lori Funk  as Teresa
Raymond Neil Hernandez  as Corrections Officer
Allen McCullough  as Priest
Philip Martin Reid  as Bus Prisoner
Kareem Savinon  as Giovanni Morales
Mary Callanan  as Foreman
Natalie Carter  as Older Black Woman
H. Foley  as Hostile Customer
J. Oscar Simmons  as Judge Kevin Flanagan
Logan Riley Bruner  as Connor
Lou Martini Jr.  as Mark Velarde
Christina Shea-Wright  as Sally Braver
Liz Glazer  as Reporter 2
Kendra Holloway  as Ella
John Leonard Thompson  as Craig Salkin
Chad Gittens  as Court Officer
Kym Gomes  as Patty Robinson
Tim Intravia  as Hospital Detective #1
Edelen McWilliams  as Jill Murray
Annie Pisapia  as Alisha
Adam Ratcliffe  as Officer Charlie York
Diany Rodriguez  as Angry Woman
Ken Wulf Clark  as Wild Eyes
Marilyn Torres  as Nina Velasco
Toni Belafonte  as Natasha
Asher Edgecliffe-Johnson  as O'Reilly's Son
Lord Jamar  as Elijah
Alexis Suarez  as Hospital Detective #2
Brian Adam DeJesus  as Another Prisoner 1
Jessica Blank  as Kathy O'Reilly
Antoni Corone  as Police Commissioner
Miyoshi Faggins  as Maisha
Sarah Hayon  as Gloria Fuentes
Jaiden Kaine  as Green
Eric Stafford  as Court Officer
Julian Thomas  as Rico
James Mount  as Dean Johnston
Graham Wolfe  as Officer Mills
Stephen Badalamenti  as Nick Sivero
Cristina Garcia Leon  as Friend #1
David Oliver  as Bartender
Darrell Shipley  as Visitor Gate CO
Matt Weiss  as Greg
Benjamin Monroe  as Another Prisoner 3
Stewart Zamudio  as Male Reporter
Roberto De Felice  as Roberto Jimenez
Brenda Meaney  as Granger
Manuel Joaquin Santiago  as Club Kid #1
Shannon Weiss  as Store Clerk
Ray Wiederhold  as Cop
Kieran Roberts  as Court Officer Roberts
Guy A. Fortt  as Security Guard
Marcia Haufrecht  as Eleanor Sprite
Javon Johnson  as Captain Crawford
Sophie Laruelle  as Club Kid #2
Lisa Ramirez  as Anna Fernandez
Lucia Spina  as Rachel Frankel
Danny Doherty  as Court Officer
D. Dumebi Egbufor  as Crying Woman
Frances Eve  as ADA Mina Megalos
Jashawn Lee  as Club Kid #3
Elise Santora  as Judge Bertha Hermosillo
Martin Barabas  as Judge Zachary Floyd
Rosario Salvador  as Inmate #3
Ernest Williams Jr.  as Bailiff
Michael Wolfe  as Calvin's Partner
Paige Jennifer Barr  as Prison Board Lawyer
Rob DeRosa  as Worker
Wilton Guzman  as Taxi Driver
Katt Masterson  as C.O. Collins
Josh Sauerman  as Attendant
Sean Weil  as Prison Guard
Twinkle Burke  as Lina McDonald
Malcolm A. Chavis  as Pod Inmate #4
Mark Dowey  as Vic the Forger
Craig Geraghty  as Smitty
James Gunn  as Cop #1
Lou Lentino-Rodriguez  as Neighbor
Ned Van Zandt  as Prison Chaplain
Esjae  as Cop #2
David Hummel  as Detective
Deb Radloff  as Nurse Emily
Salma Shaw  as Meredith Voker
Brett Bartholomew  as Garrett Gardner
Jory Levine  as Bailiff
Andy V. Moscat  as Court Officer
Yaron Urbas  as Proctor
Derek Hedlund  as Court Police
Nina Kassa  as Doctor
Allison F. Phillipps  as Walter's Wife
Cristala Carter  as Raya Clark
Femi Olagoke  as Club Goer 1
George Schroeder  as Aryan #1
Carly Blake Sebouhian  as Nurse
Steven B. Walters  as Inmate #1
Hope Blackstock  as Reporter #1
Jay Hieron  as Club Goer 2
Tim Lajcik  as Aryan #2
Robert Mauzell  as State Police
Bones Rodriguez  as Angry Dad
Jonathon Ruckman  as CO Steele
Josh Musgrave  as Reporter #2
Mo Stark  as Detoxing Patient
Dave Stishan  as Inmate #3
Phillip Taratula  as Reporter #3
Los Jones  as Crony #1
Charlie Santiago  as Man in Cell
Heinley Gaspard  as Crony #2
Vivian Adams  as Concerned Visitor
Terrence Glenn Thomas  as Guard #2
Artie Brennan  as Reporter #1
Coffey  as Addict #1
Samantha Rivers Cole  as Reporter #2
Morpheus Peters  as Little Aaron
Mike Press  as Paramedic #1
Patrick Shane  as Paramedic #2
John Castagliola  as CO Pete
Jessie Hooker-Bailey  as Staffer
Alexander Martin Jones  as Riker's Reception CO
Shawn Black  as Cert Officer
Matthew Streeter  as Riker's Guard #2
Thursday Farrar  as Lieutenant Governor
Jennifer Brito  as State Police Officer #2


What are For Life filming details?

"For Life" series are produced by Channel Road Productions, G-Unit Film & Television, Doug Robinson Productions, ABC Studios (season 1), ABC Signature (season 2) and Sony Pictures Television Studios.

The average duration of each episode is 43 minutes. Country of origin: United States. Original language: English.


What are critics and audiences saying about For Life TV series?

"For Life" TV series got high rating from critics. IMDB rating is 7.6/10.

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