"Undone" is an American adult animated psychological comedy-drama streaming television series directed by Hisko Hulsing, Raphael Bob-Waksberg and Kate Purdy.
The starring cast includes Rosa Salazar as Alma Winograd-Diaz, Angelique Cabral as Becca Winograd-Diaz, Constance Marie as Camila Diaz, Siddharth Dhananjay as Sam, Daveed Diggs as Tunde, Bob Odenkirk as Jacob Winograd, Kevin Bigley as Reed Hollingsworth, John Corbett as Layton Hollingsworth, Jeanne Tripplehorn as Beth Hollingsworth, Sheila Vand as Farnaz and others.

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Is there a trailer for Undone TV series?

Prime Video on Saturday, April 02, 2022 released the trailer for "Undone" you can watch here:
Undone - Season 2 Official Trailer | Prime Video.

Plot summary

What is Undone TV series plot?

Here is a short review of "Undone" TV series plot summary.

Undone explores "the elastic nature of reality through its central character, Alma (Rosa Salazar). After getting into a nearly fatal car accident, Alma discovers she has a new relationship with time and uses this ability to find out the truth about her father's death."


Who plays who in the Undone TV series cast?

Here is the full cast and characters of "Undone" TV series. Actors and actresses are sorted mostly in credits order.

Rosa Salazar  as Alma Winograd-Diaz
Angelique Cabral  as Becca Winograd-Diaz
Constance Marie  as Camila Diaz
Siddharth Dhananjay  as Sam Alma's boyfriend
Daveed Diggs  as Tunde Alma's boss at a daycare
Bob Odenkirk  as Jacob Winograd
Kevin Bigley  as Reed Hollingsworth
John Corbett  as Layton Hollingsworth
Jeanne Tripplehorn  as Beth Hollingsworth
Sheila Vand  as Farnaz Jacob's student and research assistant
Tyler Posey  as Father Miguel A new priest at Camila's church
Brad Hall  as Charlie A mysterious person whose company originally funded Jacob's research, and whom Jacob suspects of killing him
Nicholas Gonzalez  as Tomas A bartender
Luna-Marie Katich  as Young Alma
Giorgie Luck Vasquez  as Young Becca
Holley Fain  as Geraldine
Nova Reed  as Cassie
Percy Daggs IV  as Oliver
Cameron Gayden  as Mateo
Alma Martinez  as Rosario
Veda Cienfuegos  as Ruchel
Blue Chapman  as Zabeth
Ryan Lopez  as Young Alejandro
Alexander Morehead  as Young Jacob
Carlos Santos  as Alejandro
Yael Grobglas  as Leeba
Raphael Bob-Waksberg  as Groomsman
Allan McLeod  as Orderly
Suzanne Friedline  as Book on Tape
Ana Ortiz  as Tia Monse
Sarah Kozinn  as Voice on Phone
Kristalyn Ibarra  as Three-Year Old Alma
Renee Victor  as Abuelita Fabiola
Luzer Twersky  as Zusman
Issabela Merrall  as Rosa Celia
Jaryha Trin'A Wilson  as Eight-Year Old Octavia
Natasha Ofili  as Teacher
Romi Dias  as Housemother
Dean Barlage  as Other Officer
Santiago Cabrera  as Padre Reyes
Keiko Agena  as Nancy
Lotus Blossom  as Margo
Christine Avila  as Dr. June
Arjelia Andrade  as Aztec Dancer #3
Fernanda Romero  as Patient
Paloma Lebenzon  as Little Girl Monse
Lazaro Arvizu  as Aztec Drummer
Zemhye Curtis  as Second Boy
Brian Gattas  as Therapist
Percy Daggs III  as Cassie's Dad
Amy Schwartz
Phillip Jordan  as Malik
Edy Ganem  as Marta
Tonantzin Carmelo  as Tonantzin
Zabeth Russell  as Nurse
Roman Lucido  as Nicolas
Jontille Gerard  as Oliver's Mom
James Mathis III  as Darrold Harris
Raul Vincent Baroco  as Kandonache
Khloe Jewel Hawkins
Anthony Nikolchev  as Officer Casmir
Tara Karsian  as Bathrobe Woman
Sandi McCree  as Darrold's wife
Laura Patalano  as Linda
Inesh Kumaravel  as Indian Boy
Emanuel Eduardo Delgado  as Aztec Dancer #1
Terry Walters  as Church Woman
Jorge Diaz  as DJ
Gaby Moreno
Rose Portillo  as Speech Teacher
Megan Grano
Janani Prakash  as Indian Girl
Varun Prakash  as Sanjeev
Dhanalakshmi Thirumalai  as Ananya
Victor Hugo Munoz  as Aztec Dancer #2
Joel Steingold  as Wedding Photographer
Kingston Vernes  as First Boy
Corey Boardman  as Davy Crockett
Susan Spano  as Patient


What are Undone filming details?

"Undone" series are produced by The Tornante Company, Amazon Studios, Boxer vs. Raptor, Submarine Amsterdam and Hive House Project.

The average duration of each episode is 22 - 24 minutes. Country of origin: United States. Original language: English.


What are critics and audiences saying about Undone TV series?

"Undone" TV series got high rating from critics. IMDB rating is 8.2/10.

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