"I Know This Much Is True" is an American drama television series directed by Derek Cianfrance.
The starring cast includes Mark Ruffalo, Melissa Leo, John Procaccino, Rob Huebel, Michael Greyeyes, Gabe Fazio, Kathryn Hahn, Juliette Lewis, Rosie O'Donnell, Imogen Poots and others.

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Is there a trailer for I Know This Much Is True TV series?

HBO on Tuesday, March 31, 2020 released the trailer for "I Know This Much Is True" you can watch here:
I Know This Much Is True: Official Trailer | HBO.

Plot summary

What is I Know This Much Is True TV series plot?

Here is a short review of "I Know This Much Is True" TV series plot summary.

The show takes place in Three Rivers, Connecticut in the early 1990s. Dominick Birdsey's identical twin, Thomas Birdsey (Mark Ruffalo), suffers from paranoid schizophrenia. With medication, Thomas is able to live his life in relative peace and work at a coffee stand, but occasionally, he has severe episodes of his illness. Thinking he is making a sacrificial protest that will stop the Gulf War, Thomas cuts off his own hand while at a public library. Dominick sees him through the ensuing decision not to attempt to reattach the hand, and makes efforts on his behalf to free him from what he knows to be an inadequate and depressing hospital for the dangerously mentally ill.


Who plays who in the I Know This Much Is True TV series?

Here is the full cast and characters of "I Know This Much Is True" TV series. Actors and actresses are sorted mostly in credits order.

Mark Ruffalo  as Dominick and Thomas Birdsey
Melissa Leo  as Ma Dominick and Thomas' mother
John Procaccino  as Ray Birdsey Dominick and Thomas' stepfather
Rob Huebel  as Leo Dominick's best friend
Michael Greyeyes  as Ralph Drinkwater a former classmate from Dominick and Thomas' youth whose life intersects once again with Dominick
Gabe Fazio  as Shawn Tudesco a weightlifter down at hard-bodies
Kathryn Hahn  as Dessa Constantine Dominick's ex-wife
Juliette Lewis  as Nedra Frank a self-absorbed grad student hired by Dominick
Rosie O'Donnell  as Lisa Sheffer a social worker for unit two at the Hatch Forensic Institute
Imogen Poots  as Joy Hanks Dominick's live-in girlfriend
Archie Panjabi  as Dr. Patel Thomas' newly appointed psychologist
Philip Ettinger  as 17-19-Year-Old Dominick Birdsey
Aisling Franciosi  as Young Dessa
Bruce Greenwood  as Dr. Hume
Marcello Fonte  as Domenico Onofrio Tempesta Dominick and Thomas' maternal grandfather from Sicily
Harris Yulin  as Father Lavie
Donnie Masihi  as 8-Year-Old Dominick Birdsey
Rocco Masihi  as 8-Year-Old Thomas Birdsey
Laura Esterman  as Ruth Rood
Joseph Ragno  as Henrey Rood
Annie Fitzgerald  as Miss Hanker
Irene Muscara  as Prosperine Tucci ("The Monkey"), Ignazia's best friend and lover, loathed by Domenico Tempesta
Matt Helm  as Young Leo
Agatha Nowicki  as Angie Constantine Dessa's sister
Tatanka Means  as Nabby Drinkwater
Brian Goodman  as Al ("One")
Joe Grifasi  as Steve Falice ("Four")
Felix Solis  as Nurse ("Four")
Roberta Rigano  as Ignazia Tucci Tempesta (Violetta d'Annunzio), Dominick's grandmother from Pescara
Simone Coppo  as Vincenzo Tempesta youngest brother of Domenico Tempesta
Laura Silverman  as Kristin ("One")
Sue Jean Kim  as Dr. Yup ("Four")
Zaria Degenhardt  as Concettina Tempesta Dominick and Thomas' mother as a young girl ("Six")
Derek Goh  as 17-19-Year Old Dominick & Thomas Acting Double
Acahkos Johnson  as Penny Ann Drinkwater
Jaiden Klein  as Marie Sexton
Pete Forth  as Other Guard
Violet Adams  as Bunny
Oliver Patnode  as Otero
Adrienne r Williams  as Mrs. Birdsall
Crystal the Monkey  as Monkey
Squirt  as Monkey
Marylouise Burke  as Librarian
A.C. Peterson  as Gene Diogenes
Sean Cullen  as Dr. Yates
Michael Armand DeMatteo  as Fatso
Federico Dordei  as Nunzio
Shannon Plumb
James Pravasilis  as Third Guard
Tim Ruddy  as Robocop
Sandra Berrios  as Social Worker at Hatch
Jorge Caraballo  as Jerry Martineau
Michael Simon Hall  as Stuart Feinstein
Tonya Canady  as Vonette
Bethany Kay  as Miss Haas
Omar Pederzoli  as Rocco Iacco
Vincent Reina  as Channy
Kayleen Rovere  as Funeral Director
Kate Grimes  as English Professor
Raymond Neil Hernandez  as Omar
Mariano La Manno  as Pedacci
Christine Parks  as Humanities Department Chair
Ksistsiikoma Low Horn-Wadsworth  as Young Henry Drinkwater
Michael Mellamphy  as Sgt. O'Meara
Morgan Sullivan  as Office Buddy
Gina Costigan  as Mrs. O'Meara
John Gardner  as Desk Officer
Samuel R. Katz  as Eugene Savitsky
Bodhi Okuma Linton  as 7-8-Year-Old Ralph Drinkwater
Chris Swain  as Hospital Aide
Lorenzo Cusa  as Marshall
James Feeney  as Dr. Azzi
Jake Robards  as Landlubbers
Destry Allyn Spielberg  as Dr. Hume's Daughter
Steven Cox  as Boyfriend of Dr. Hume's Daughter
Mark A. Gamma  as Mourner Mark
Michael Genet  as Thomas' Surgeon
Christopher J. Hanke  as Thad
Charlie Reina  as Channy
Apurv Agrawal  as Ma's Surgeon
MorningStar Angeline  as Nabby Drinkwater's Wife
Wayne J. Miller  as Mourner Wayne
James Quattrochi  as Bus Driver
Maria Gonzalez  as Ma's Oncology Nurse
Al Linea  as Abruzzi
Gianna Sarlo  as Girl in Yellow
Kevin Walsh  as Mourner Mike
Richard Fitch  as Mill Foreman
Miles Katz  as Eugene Savitsky
Michelle Majors  as Ray's Physical Therapist
Sarah Marcum Reyes  as Ma's Hospice Nurse
Scott Thomas  as Dale
Thomas Gionet-Lavigne  as Ray's Orderly
Emiliano Iagher  as Mill Worker
Rachel B. Joyce  as Jeanette
Alice Rothman-Hicks  as Hospice Worker
Itzel Magnolia Castellanos  as Exam Room Handler
Stephanie McCann  as Nurse's Aide
Vito J. Petroccitto Jr.  as Rivercrest Musician
Chelsea Sheets  as Brunette
Paul Coleman  as Support Group Counselor
Charles Jeeter  as Hatch Hospital Guard
Marion Parks  as Rivercrest Woman
Brigitte Williamson  as Brunette with Bangs
Ethan Crystal  as Thin Sailor
James Diluzio  as 1920s Priest
Brandon J. Dirden  as Kyle's Dad
Kim Secord  as Ray's ICU Doctor
Brett Bartholomew  as No Neck Sailor
Guillermo Diaz  as Sergeant Mercado ("One")
Katt Masterson  as Doreen
Sarah Oustatcher  as Ray's ICU Nurse
Amy Lynn Stewart  as Merciful Mother
Jason Furlani  as Larry Penn
Royce Seader  as Ray's Rehab Nurse
Gary James Windt  as Color Guard
Alexander Hacker  as Templeton
Kelvin Hernandez  as Flag Presenter
Alexander Vinogradov  as Angela's Funeral Priest
Necole Milone  as Well Wisher
Robert Mladinich  as Paddy Wagon Officer
Peter Weiss  as 'John Wayne'
James Vertucci  as Paddy Wagon Driver
Thomas Catizone  as Insane Asylum Physician
Mitchell Kolvenbach  as Insane Asylum Attendant


What are I Know This Much Is True filming details?

"I Know This Much Is True" series are produced by Willi Hill and FilmNation Entertainment.

The average duration of each episode is 59 - 80 minutes. Country of origin: United States. Original language: English and Sicilian.


What are critics and audiences saying about I Know This Much Is True TV series?

"I Know This Much Is True" TV series got high rating from critics. IMDB rating is 8.2/10.

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