"Hunters" is an American drama web television series directed by David Weil.
The starring cast includes Logan Lerman, Jerrika Hinton, Lena Olin, Saul Rubinek, Carol Kane, Josh Radnor, Greg Austin, Tiffany Boone, Louis Ozawa, Al Pacino and others.

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Is there a trailer for Hunters TV series?

Amazon Prime Video on Thursday, February 13, 2020 released the trailer for "Hunters" you can watch here:
Hunters - Official Red Band Trailer I Prime Video.

Plot summary

What is Hunters TV series plot?

Here is a short review of "Hunters" TV series plot summary.

The series is inspired by a number of real Nazi hunters through the decades, but it is not meant to be a specific representation of any of them. It follows a diverse band of Nazi hunters living in 1977 New York City who discover that Nazi war criminals are conspiring to create a Fourth Reich in the U.S. A parallel plot element is the discovery of Operation Paperclip, the U.S. government operation relocating many German scientists (many of them Nazis) to the U.S.


Who plays who in the Hunters TV series?

Here is the full cast and characters of "Hunters" TV series. Actors and actresses are sorted mostly in credits order.

Logan Lerman  as Jonah Heidelbaum a young mathematics whiz
Jerrika Hinton  as Millie Morris an FBI agent
Lena Olin  as The Colonel leader of the Fourth Reich
Saul Rubinek  as Murray Markowitz Mindy's husband and the Hunters' electronics expert; a German-Jewish Holocaust survivor
Carol Kane  as Mindy Markowitz Murray's wife and the Hunters' signals expert; a German-Jewish Holocaust survivor
Josh Radnor  as Lonny Flash actor and master of disguises for the Hunters
Greg Austin  as Travis Leich an American Neo-Nazi acolyte drawn into the Fourth Reich
Tiffany Boone  as Roxy Jones a member of the Hunters
Louis Ozawa  as Joe Mizushima a Vietnam War veteran and the Hunters' combat expert
Al Pacino  as Meyer Offerman a Polish-Jewish philanthropist and Holocaust survivor
Kate Mulvany  as Sister Harriet a former MI6 operative
Dylan Baker  as Biff Simpson an Undersecretary of State in the Carter administration and secretly an undercover Nazi agent
Christian Oliver  as Wilhelm Zuchs "The Wolf," a Nazi doctor at Auschwitz
Jonno Davies  as Tobias the Colonel's body man
Victor Williams  as Detective Kennedy Groton
Ebony Obsidian  as Carol Lockhart
Henry Hunter Hall  as Sherman "Cheeks" Johnson
Caleb Emery  as Arthur "Bootyhole" McGuigan
Jeannie Berlin  as Ruth Heidelbaum Jonah's grandmother and a survivor of Auschwitz
Julissa Bermudez  as Maria De La Ruiz
Becky Ann Baker  as Commerce Secretary Juanita M. Kreps
Celia Weston  as Dottie
Joshua Satine  as Aaron Markowitz
Josh Mostel  as Rabbi Steckler
Judd Hirsch  as Simon Wiesenthal
Keir Dullea  as Klaus Rhinehart
Barbara Sukowa  as Tilda Sauer
William Sadler  as Dr. Friedrich Mann
Victor Slezak  as Wernher Von Braun
Veronika Nowag-Jones  as Gretel Fischer a NASA scientist killed in the first episode and investigated by Millie Morris
John Noble  as Frederic Hauser
Megan Channell  as Katarina Löw
Annie Hägg  as Young Ruth
Zack Schor  as Young Meyer
Ronald Guttman  as Moritz Ehrlich
Mary Jo McConnell  as Una
Phoenix Noelle  as Malika
James Rutledge  as Butler
Myra Lucretia Taylor  as Viola Morris
Andre Ware  as Lou Morris
Miles G. Jackson  as Danny Rohr
Jason Kravits  as Rabbi Grossman
Ronald Woodhead  as Lukas
Jackson Mattek  as Alexander
John Hans Tester  as Karl Holstedder
Kenneth Tigar  as Heinz Richter
Sam Daly  as Ron Davis
Francesca Faridany  as Patricia Collins
Ben Livingston  as President Jimmy Carter
Tramell Tillman  as Detective Sommers
Maximo Masefield  as Young Jonah
Hannah Reid Rubinek  as Amy Markowitz
Steven Kaplan  as Ben Rosenfeld
Judy Rosenblatt  as Mrs. Schlosstein
Adam Gagan  as Kosher Nostra #1
Danny Doherty  as Meyer's Driver
Chip Zien  as Levi Libstein
Kathryn Kates  as Hilda Hoffman
Izabella Miko  as Helen Hirsch
Raphael Sbarge  as Dieter Zweigelt
Ed Moran  as FBI Official
Angela Oh  as Josie Parker
Ben Cole  as Jason Schmidt
Jill Larson  as Frannie Fischer
Zoe Winters  as Congresswoman Elizabeth Handelman
Jon Collin Barclay  as Young Holdstedder
Paul DeBoy  as CIA Official
Anastasia Barzee  as Annika Bauman
Gibson Frazier  as Carmel Offie
Bruce Kirkpatrick  as NSA Official
Bill Corry  as The Ghost
Garth Kravits  as Tommy Damato
Robert Sampson  as Larry
Pavel Shatu  as Security Agent
Conan McCarty  as Allen Dulles
A.J. Shively  as Jakob Schneider
Yury Tsykun  as Boris Frodski
Laurie Dawn  as Nurse
Leigh Ann Larkin  as Lottie Simpson
Yosef Podolski  as Samuel
Rob Leo Roy  as Dr. Howard Percy Robertson
John Combs  as J. Edgar Hoover
Natalie Jacobs  as Bess Sommers
Robert Jimenez  as Case Worker
Moise Morancy  as Darnell Williams
Alet Taylor  as Travis' Mother
Gordon Winarick  as Dennis Duncan
Eddie McGee  as Vietnam Vet
Martin Rinab  as Older Nazi
C.L. Simpson  as Arlene Sommers
Bryce Weitzmann  as Young Jonah
Michael Winther  as Travis' Father
Todd Alan Crain  as Bill Badger
Barry Godin  as Senator O'Heir
Nathan Klau  as Seth Goldstein
Hailey Stone  as Yolanda
Julian Thomas  as Hippy Veteran
Anouk Xuereb  as Rebekah Kreutzer
Raphael M.A. Frieder  as Cantor
Cassidy Layton  as Chava Apfelbaum
Cherie Mendez  as Jeanine Frist
Meadow Nguy  as Linh
David Shih  as Detective Parker
Anna Ewelina  as Helen
Keeley Karsten  as Convent Girl #1
Tricia Paoluccio  as Mother
Musto Pelinkovicci  as Rebbe Apfelbaum
June Ballinger  as Woman with Cane
Peter Lennox  as Paramedic
Max MacKenzie  as Markus Roth
Lou Martini Jr.  as Port Supervisor
Easton Noble  as Young Son
Shanga Parker  as Dapper Gentleman
Margot Weintraub  as Convent Girl #2
Eshan Bay  as Safe Technician
James LeGros  as Hank Grimsby former OSS operative and now Millie's boss at the FBI
Esther Chen  as Stewardess
Fred Hady  as Nazi Officer
Anna Holbrook  as Sister Colin
Caroline Schmidt  as Hanna Zweigelt
Bill Timoney  as Congressman Marshall
Damani Varnado  as Homeless Man
Frank Bal  as Terry
Erin Davie  as Kendra Conrad
Freddie Kuguru  as Commuter
Gyula Mesterházy  as Nazi Guard #2
Ayla Schwartz  as Bat Mitzvah Girl
Avril Lena Wei  as Vietnamese Girl
Allison Briner  as Gertrude
Richard Clodfelter  as Otto Kuhn
Zsófia Dani  as Young Bathroom Girl
Brandon Engman  as Teen Clerk
Dave Konig  as Wonder Cola Ambassador
Evan Leone  as FBI Special Agent #1
Jay Rivera  as Police Officer Maldonado
Stephen D'Ambrose  as NASA Suit #1
Aidan Hart  as Singing Prisoner #1
DeLance Minefee  as FBI Agent #1
Kirsten Scott  as Nervous Assistant
Ryan Scott Thomas  as FBI Special Agent #2
Jon Bander  as Emcee
Austin Jennings Boykin  as Singing Prisoner #2
Elizabeth Inghram  as Screaming Secretary
T. Ryder Smith  as Ulysses F. O'Harrison
Perry Strong  as FBI Agent #2
Kevin Guzewich  as Singing Prisoner #3
Calvin Knie  as Young Heinz Richter
Gabriel Lopez  as Security Guard Benny
Matt Nagin  as Kosher Nostra #2
Barry Reitman  as Man 2
Mark Rowe  as FBI Agent #3
Barthelemy Atsin  as Eric Greene
Chloé Bryan  as Girl in Laundromat
Jeffrey Farber  as Man Eating Hamburger
Dean Kyburz  as Singing Prisoner #4
Art McFarland  as Priest
Johnny Solo  as Security Guard Al
Kristian Espiritu  as Nurse
Manny Galan  as Hell Devils Leader
Candice Jean-Jacques  as Haitian American Mother
Florin Penisoara  as Singing Prisoner #5
David Shumbris  as Security Guard #3
Marilyn Spanier  as Woman 1
Balázs Czukor  as Avram Kreutzer
Roosevelt Davis  as Haitian American Father
Sophia Gonzalez  as Little Girl in Toy Shop
Sandra Karas  as Woman 2
Philippe Vonlanthen  as Nazi Guard
John D. Alexander  as Nazi Soldier #1
Milan Marsh  as Rachelle
Iringó Réti  as Stern Woman
William Franke  as Nazi Soldier #2
Jack O'Connell  as Mel
Hans Peterson  as SS Nazi Guard #1
Zack Segel  as Surly Waiter
Ava Eisenson  as Lost Woman
Daniel Hackbarth  as SS Nazi Guard #2
Tue Hoe  as Nazi Soldier #3
Lizzy Plimpton  as Joyce
Krisztián Csákvári  as Humming Prisoner #1
Fiona Horrigan  as Safe Deposit Teller
Gábor Jászberényi  as Young Moritz
Logan Sutherland  as Emerson
Inna Yesilevskaya  as Wailing Woman
Szofi Berki  as Humming Prisoner #2
Raphael Corkhill  as Office Guard
Remington Jay Perregaux  as Blonde Young Man
Bianka Tatár  as Young Mindy
Balázs Csémy  as Young Murray
Mick Diflo  as Skeezy Man
Péter Fancsikai  as Nazi SS #1
Szabolcs Ruszina  as Leopold
Bence Brasch  as Nazi SS #2
Miklós Hegedüs  as Nazi Patroller
David Sitler  as King Lear Man
Miklós Kapácsy  as Nazi SS #3
Anna Podolak  as Angry Woman
Marc Schöttner  as Nazi Administrator
Zsolt Viczei  as Auschwitz Conductor
John Basedow  as News Anchor #1
Péter Jankovics  as Auschwitz Violinist
Logan Crawford  as News Anchor #2
Orsolya Kötél  as Auschwitz Clarinetist
Jeremy Lanuti  as Biff Jr.
Kriszta Legerszki  as Auschwitz Flute Player
Viktor Dénes  as Auschwitz Tuba Player
Stephen Pilkington  as Carl Hirsch
Andrew Rogers  as Joe Brown
Tracie Higgins  as Judy Brown
Jaxon Bartok  as Sawyer Simpson
Audrey Bennett  as Trinity Simpson
Brandon Elia  as Rookie Cop
Holly Grum  as Chess Board Knight
Ari Tomais  as Chess Board Bishop
Vince Eisenson  as Chess Board Prisoner #1
Markus McClain  as Chess Board Prisoner #2
Lesley Noyes  as Chess Board Prisoner #3
Paul Grossman  as Chess Board Prisoner #4
Karen Chmielnicki  as Chess Board Prisoner #5
Richard Ruskin  as Chess Board Prisoner #6
Jack Sochet  as Chess Board Prisoner #7
Allison Wick  as Chess Board Prisoner #8
Riley Galt  as Chess Board Prisoner #9
Julianna Pitt  as Chess Board Prisoner #10
Josh Alscher  as Chess Board Prisoner #11
Alison Maddren  as Chess Board Prisoner #12
Sara Tepper  as Chess Board Prisoner #13
Kyle Jacob  as Chess Board Prisoner #14
Ryan Welsh  as Chess Board Prisoner #15


What are Hunters filming details?

"Hunters" series are produced by Monkeypaw Productions, Sonar Entertainment, Big Indie, Black Mass Productions, Governor's Court and Amazon Studios.

The average duration of each episode is 57 - 90 minutes. Country of origin: United States. Original language: English.


What are critics and audiences saying about Hunters TV series?

"Hunters" TV series got high rating from critics. IMDB rating is 7.2/10.

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