"Osmosis" is a French science fiction web television series directed by Audrey Fouché.
The starring cast includes Hugo Becker, Agathe Bonitzer, Stéphane Pitti, Gaël Kamilindi, Suzanne Rault-Balet, Manoel Dupont, Yuming Hey, Vincent Renaudet, Philypa Phoenix, Fabien Ducommun and others.

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Is there a trailer for Osmosis TV series?

Netflix on Thursday, February 28, 2019 released the trailer for "Osmosis" you can watch here:
Osmosis | Official Trailer | Netflix.

Plot summary

What is Osmosis TV series plot?

Here is a short review of "Osmosis" TV series plot summary.

Set in near-future Paris, the science-fiction drama sees a new dating app called Osmosis developed that can decode true love, digging deep into its users' brain data to find a perfect match with 100% accuracy. But is there a price to pay when letting an algorithm decide whom you will love, using technology that can access the innermost recesses of your mind and your best-kept secrets?


Who plays who in the Osmosis TV series?

Here is the full cast and characters of "Osmosis" TV series. Actors and actresses are sorted mostly in credits order.

Hugo Becker  as Paul Vanhove CEO of Osmosis and first tester of the implant
Agathe Bonitzer  as Esther Vanhove Paul's sister and technical genius creator of Osmosis
StĂ©phane Pitti  as Lucas Apert
GaĂ«l Kamilindi  as Gabriel
Suzanne Rault-Balet  as Swann
Manoel Dupont  as Niels Larsen
Yuming Hey  as Billie Tual
Vincent Renaudet  as Martin the AI of Osmosis
Philypa Phoenix  as JosĂ©phine Vanhove Paul's wife
Fabien Ducommun  as Antoine FouchĂ©
Lionel Lingelser  as LĂ©opold Goulard
Waly Dia  as Simon
AurĂ©lia Petit  as Louise Vanhove
Laure-Lucile Simon  as Eloan Spivack
Dimitri Storoge  as Mathieu Christo
Pierre Hancisse  as Samuel Kahn
Jeremy Lewin  as Romeo
Sarah-Jane Sauvegrain  as Romy
Jimmy Labeeu  as Ilyes
Camille-François Nicol  as Tom
Luana Silva  as Ana Stern
Emilie Roumy  as Esther Enfant #1
Arnaud Simon  as Pierre Larsen
ClĂ©mence Boisnard  as Thea
Viktor KlĂ©pal  as Paul Enfant #1
Christelle Cornil  as CĂ©cile Larsen
Romane Rohmer  as Esther 10 Ans
Sabrina Aliane  as Malia
Aubin Risse  as Paul 13 Ans
Guillaume Duhesme  as Policier
Bob Martet  as Agent Moreau
Brieuc Leguern  as Jean
Didier Sauvegrain  as Le Chasseur
SalomĂ© Partouche  as Juliette
ChloĂ© Renaud  as Technicienne Moreau
Margot Marie MĂ©nĂ©guz  as Femme TĂ©moignage
Lena LaprĂšs  as Claire Salomon
Diong-KĂ©ba Tacu  as Souleymane
Arthur Dupont  as Martin
Vinciane Millereau  as Daphne
Erynn Meriaux  as Esther 7 Ans
Thibaut Guillemaille  as Marceau
Julien Buchy  as Policier En Civil
LoĂŻc Riewer  as Benjamin
Eddie Chignara  as Docteur Jaubert
Pierre Duprat  as Jonas Hemmerich
Victor Le Blond  as Sam
Thomas Silberstein  as Hacker
Pierre Estorges  as EmployĂ© Dark Pigallie
Kevin Garnichat  as Mohican #1
Julien Lopez  as Benjamin
Mireille Perrier  as Boss
Michel Bouis  as Taggueur
Anna Fournier  as Serveuse Bar
Xavier Mussel  as Actionnaire Julliard
Meriem Serbah  as Directrice Centre Anger Management
GrĂ©goire Monsaingeon  as Docteur Farge
Émilie Roumy  as Esther Enfant #1
Diane Stolojan  as Prof De Dessin
HervĂ© Sovrano  as Animateur TV
SaĂŻd Benchnafa  as Chauffeur Voiture Esther
JosĂ©phine Fresson  as Parent 1
Alain Stern  as Parent 2
TimothĂ©e Lepeltier  as Homme Du Gign
Jade Fortineau  as Journaliste Interview Samuel Kahn
Ryan Bartley  as Additional Voices
Christine Marie Cabanos  as Additional Voices
Greg Chun  as Paul Vanhove
Kevin Connolly  as Additional Voices
Brittany Cox  as Esther
Alexandre De Caro  as Jerem
Jake Eberle  as Additional Voices
Tiphaine Froid
Todd Haberkorn  as Lucas
Chris Hackney  as Additional Voices
David Haverty  as Additional Voices
Billy Kametz  as Martin
Jason Marnocha  as Additional Voices
Lady Maxx
Daman Mills  as Niels
Casey Mongillo  as Billie
Andi Norris  as Additional Voices
Joe Ochman  as Additional Voices
Laura Post  as Additional Voices
Ben Pronsky  as Additional Voices
Zeno Robinson  as Gabriel
Andrew Russell  as Additional Voices
Tara Sands  as Additional Voices
Keith Silverstein  as Additional Voices
Michael Sorich  as Additional Voices
Rick Steadman  as Additional Voices
Haviland Stillwell  as Additional Voices
Ezra Weisz  as Additional Voices
Sabrina Weisz  as Additional Voices


What are Osmosis filming details?

"Osmosis" series are produced by CAPA Drama.

The average duration of each episode is 32-48 minutes. Country of origin: France. Original language: French.


What are critics and audiences saying about Osmosis TV series?

"Osmosis" TV series got average rating from critics. IMDB rating is 5.9/10.

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