"The Politician" is an American comedy-drama streaming television series directed by Ryan Murphy, Brad Falchuk and Ian Brennan.
The starring cast includes Ben Platt, Zoey Deutch, Lucy Boynton, Bob Balaban, David Corenswet, Julia Schlaepfer, Laura Dreyfuss, Theo Germaine, Rahne Jones, Benjamin Barrett and others.

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Is there a trailer for The Politician TV series?

Netflix on Monday, June 15, 2020 released the trailer for "The Politician" you can watch here:
The Politician: Season 2 | Official Trailer | Netflix.

Plot summary

What is The Politician TV series plot?

Here is a short review of "The Politician" TV series plot summary.

The first season is set at the fictional Saint Sebastian High School in Santa Barbara, California. Payton Hobart (Ben Platt), who has dreamed of being elected President of the United States since childhood, is running for student body president against the popular and athletic River Barkley (David Corenswet). Payton, under the direction of his ambitious friends McAfee Westbrook (Laura Dreyfuss), James Sullivan (Theo Germaine), and Alice Charles (Julia Schlaepfer), chooses Infinity Jackson (Zoey Deutch), a cancer patient and victim of Munchausen by Proxy disorder, to be his vice-president. Meanwhile, River, under the direction of his girlfriend Astrid Sloan (Lucy Boynton), chooses Skye Leighton (Rahne Jones), a gender-nonconforming black classmate, to be his vice-president.
The second season is set in New York City and Albany, New York. Payton, now a student at New York University, is running for a seat in the New York State Senate against incumbent Majority Leader Dede Standish (Judith Light). Payton, under the direction of his former classmates and climate change activist Infinity Jackson, runs an ecocentric campaign. Standish, under the direction of her conniving campaign manager Hadassah Gold (Bette Midler), runs a more conservative campaign. Meanwhile, Payton's mother, Georgina Hobart (Gwyneth Paltrow), is running to be Governor of California.


Who plays who in the The Politician TV series?

Here is the full cast and characters of "The Politician" TV series. Actors and actresses are sorted mostly in credits order.

Ben Platt  as Payton Hobart an ambitious man
Zoey Deutch  as Infinity Jackson Payton's former running mate
Lucy Boynton  as Astrid Sloan Payton's rival and River's former girlfriend
Bob Balaban  as Keaton Hobart (season 1), Payton's adoptive father
David Corenswet  as River Barkley (season 1; recurring season 2), Payton's opponent for student body president and ex-boyfriend
Julia Schlaepfer  as Alice Charles Payton's girlfriend and later fiancée
Laura Dreyfuss  as McAfee Westbrook Payton's campaign manager and advisor
Theo Germaine  as James Sullivan Payton's campaign manager and advisor
Rahne Jones  as Skye Leighton River's former running mate
Benjamin Barrett  as Ricardo (season 1; guest season 2), Infinity's former dim-witted boyfriend
Jessica Lange  as Dusty Jackson (season 1), Infinity's grandmother and former caretaker
Gwyneth Paltrow  as Georgina Hobart Payton's adoptive mother
Judith Light  as Dede Standish (season 2; guest season 1), the New York State Senate Majority Leader
Bette Midler  as Hadassah Gold (season 2; guest season 1), Dede's Chief of Staff
Ryan J. Haddad  as Andrew Cashman a former student with cerebral palsy at St. Sebastian
Trey Eason  as Luther Hobart one of Payton's brothers
Natasha Ofili  as Principal Vaughn (season 1), the Principal at St. Sebastian
B.K. Cannon  as Chris
Martina Navratilova  as Brigitte (season 1), a horse trainer
Dylan McDermott  as Theo Sloan (season 1), Astrid's father
Sam Jaeger  as Tino McCutcheon (season 2; guest season 1), the Junior Senator-Elect from Texas
January Jones  as Lisbeth Sloan (season 1), Astrid's mother
Joe Morton  as Marcus Standish (season 2; guest season 1), Dede's husband
Teddy Sears  as William Ward (season 2; guest season 1), the third in Dede and Marcus' throuple
Jackie Hoffman  as Sherry Dougal (season 2; guest season 1), the receptionist at Dede Standish's campaign office
Rick Holmes  as Cooper (season 1)
Eric Nenninger  as Detective (season 1)
Russell Posner  as Elliot Beachman (season 1)
Terry Sweeney  as Buddy Broidy (season 1)
Robin Weigert  as Andi Mueller (season 2)
Susannah Perkins  as Jayne Mueller (season 2)
Jordan Nichole Wall  as Ivy (season 1), girl with Down syndrome on school bus
Jake Tapper  as himself a CNN correspondent and moderator for the gubernatorial debate
Trevor Eason  as Martin Hobart
Koby Kumi-Diaka  as Pierre
Richard Wharton  as Thomas
Daryl Edwards  as J. Tank Brown
James Waterston
Clark Carmichael  as Pat Carney
Sandra Landers  as Anna Whitcolm
Joseph Runningfox  as Shaman George
Ava Eisenson  as Riva Mandel
Carrie Gibson  as Waitress
Sky Soleil  as Officer McKay
Troy Blendell  as Mr. Happ
Marshall Fox  as Ray
Michael Graham  as Gaylord Nelson
Heather Burns  as Mary McCutcheon
Mallory Ann Wu  as Taryn
Krystin Goodwin  as Tiffany Albrecht
Mitch Greenberg  as Male Patron
Sullivan Jones  as Hamilton
John Scott-Richardson  as Native American Chief
Graham Clarke  as Freddy
Alveraz Ricardez  as Police Officer
Lawrence Ballard
Josh Bonzie  as Randal
Joe Carroll  as David
Chris Kipiniak  as Bryce Edgmon
Valerie Sue Love  as Waitress
Irene Shamas  as Danni
Eileen Grubba  as Angela
Tracy S. Lee  as Vicki
Taylan Tural  as Dina
Alix Elias  as Elderly Volunteer
Michael Hartney  as Manager
Robert James Hickey  as Carl Moses
Louise Bennett  as Nancy Grace-Type
Sean Michael Boozer  as Board Member #1
Karen Brundage  as Olive Garden Woman
Justiin A. Davis  as Dabney
Macy Friday  as Chippy
Carla Valentine  as Nurse
Tonya Canady  as Female Lawyer
Amber Efé  as Reporter
Kelly Fulton  as Alison
Andrew Haserlat  as Waiter
Josh Hemphill  as Nurse
Monica Steuer  as Reignbough
Luis Avila  as Amir
Michael James Bell  as Asshole Guest
Courtney Taylor Burness  as Hostess
Ty Chen  as Khai Zhi
Dey Young  as Board Member #2
Karen Braga  as Sway
Tristan Griffan  as Nurse #2
Michael Simon Hall  as David Yancy
Elvis Mitchell
Ian Unterman  as Other Reporter
Luke Young  as Photographer
Miles Fisher  as Thad
Kevin Gardner  as Mr. Hapswell
Jeff Griggs  as Perkins #1
Deepti Gupta  as Dr. Singh
Jillian Peterson  as Board Member #4
Tanner Thomason  as John Judson
Adam Wang  as Mr. Anselm
Phoenix Carnevale  as Reporter #3
Lizzy Jutila  as Young Expectant Mother
Kim Berrios Lin  as Professor
Namakula  as Reporter
David L. Townsend  as James Alcorn
Josh Philip Weinstein
Sammy Busby  as Police Chief
Gina Gian  as Mother
Jake Johnson  as Student #1
Soma Mitra  as Producer
Jay Pennick  as Board Member #5
Albie Selznick  as Perkins #2
Cate Bottiglione  as Shelly Simmonds
Nandita Chandra  as Alka Shah
David J. Cork  as Franklin
Laurissa Romain  as Cute Girl
Ivet Corvea  as Lecturer
Zehra Fazal  as Reporter
Kevin Garner  as Teddy
Emma Kennedy  as Student #2
Timothy Landfield  as Dr. Brandt
Andrew Patrick Ralston  as Dean Lawrence
Twinkle Burke  as Nurse
Henry Caicedo  as Lobsterman #1
Caitlin Cooke  as Alice-Look-A-Like
Greg Crowe  as Older Man
James Augustus Lee  as Prisoner #1
AJ Achinger  as Derek
Kyle Eastman  as Jeremy
Elizabeth Lambert  as Alice's Mom
Liv Mai  as Susan
Theo Wilson  as Anchor Steve Brock
Jay Dunigan  as Lobsterman #2
T.L. Flint  as Prisoner #2
Brian Richardson  as Volunteer
Carla Barnett  as Nurse
Hesper Dominguez  as Drama Student #1
Laura Patalano  as Lupe
Paloma Rabinov  as Trina
Reed Rudy  as Alice's Father
Michael W. Harley  as Fat Prisoner
Kerry Vera Lea  as Employee
Joel Bolus  as Drama Student #2
Doreen Calderon  as Librarian
Gustavo Escobar  as Kid in Store
Lauryn Kennedy Hardy  as Girl Student
Dre Jackson  as Bartender
Tommie Earl Jenkins  as Teacher
Brett A. Jones  as Office Bodyguard #2
Sue Molnar  as Instructor
Melvin Caldwell  as Monsignor
Oliver Day  as Drama Student #3
Julieta Espinoza  as Hobart Maid
Chris Gann  as Office Bodyguard #1
Brad Griffith  as Auctioneer
Elise Luthman  as Shelley
Jasminn Johnson  as Intern
Jeff Allen  as Thomas Eagleton
Will Hawkes  as Calc Teacher
Tracey Ann-Marie Nelson  as Admin. Assistant
Dylan Wilkinson  as Drama Student #4
Brandon Win  as Connor
Amy Anderson  as Scientist
Zach Lewis  as Officer
Glenn Meister  as George McGovern
David Zachary Ortiz  as Kid
Isiah Adams  as Crewman
Andre Hotchko  as Hubert Humphrey
Rudy Pankow  as Other Kid
Elena Rosa  as FBI Agent #1
Jonathan Bray  as FBI Agent #2
Blaine Gray  as Ted Kennedy
Evan Wasser  as Third Kid
Chris Flanders  as Walter Mondale
Pàton Hardy  as Mary
Michele Aristy  as Astrid's Maid
Debby Gerber  as Nurse
Laura Hammer  as Park Parent
Nathan Howard  as Damien
Meghan Noone  as Mrs. Thomas Eagleton
Brooke Piedra  as High School Girl
Donna Pieroni  as Ms. Barbara
Jordan Preston  as Polygraph Cop
Mar Sudac  as Student
Alfredo Tavares  as Wedding Guest
Tucker Brown  as 'Candidate' Jimmy McMillan
Shannon Cabbell  as McAfee's Date
Louis DeVaughn Nelson  as Election Audience Member
Sheldon Raymore  as Native American Cultural Consultant
Alexandra Tejeda Rieloff  as Poll Worker
Gwyneth Anne Trumbore  as Student


What are The Politician filming details?

"The Politician" series are produced by Touchstone Television, Prospect Films, Brad Falchuk Teley-Vision, Ryan Murphy Television and Fox 21 Television Studios.

The average duration of each episode is 28 - 62 minutes. Country of origin: United States. Original language: English.


What are critics and audiences saying about The Politician TV series?

"The Politician" TV series got high rating from critics. IMDB rating is 7.5/10.

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