"Little America" is an American anthology streaming television series.
The starring cast includes Suraj Sharma, Jearnest Corchado, Conphidance, Mélanie Laurent, Kemiyondo Coutinho, Shaun Toub, Angela Lin, Ishan Gandhi, Eshan Inamdar, Melinna Bobadilla and others.

Here are "Little America" TV series trailer, plot summary, full cast and characters, release date, streaming services and everything we know so far.


Is there a trailer for Little America TV series?

Apple TV on Sunday, January 19, 2020 released the trailer for "Little America" you can watch here:
Little America - Inside the Anthology Series | Apple TV+.

Plot summary

What is Little America TV series plot?

Here is a short review of "Little America" TV series plot summary.

Little America looks to "go beyond the headlines to look at the funny, romantic, heartfelt, inspiring and unexpected lives of immigrants in America, at a time when their stories are more relevant than ever."


Who plays who in the Little America TV series?

Here is the full cast and characters of "Little America" TV series. Actors and actresses are sorted mostly in credits order.

Suraj Sharma  as Kabir
Jearnest Corchado  as Marisol
Conphidance  as Iwegbuna Ikeji
Mélanie Laurent  as Sylviane
Kemiyondo Coutinho  as Beatrice
Shaun Toub  as Faraz
Angela Lin  as Ai
Ishan Gandhi  as preteen Kabir
Eshan Inamdar  as young Kabir
Melinna Bobadilla  as Gloria Rosado
John Ortiz  as Squash Coach
Tom McCarthy  as Professor Robbins
Sherilyn Fenn  as Laura Bush
Chinaza Uche  as Chioke
Ebbe Bassey  as Mma Udeh
Zachary Quinto  as Spiritual Leader
Bill Heck  as Jack
Innocent Ekakitie  as Brian
Jamie Gore Pawlik  as Charlotte Ansley
Susan Basemera  as Yuliana
X. Lee  as Bo
Madeleine Chang  as Cheng
Gavin Lee  as Henry
Haaz Sleiman  as Rafiq
Justin Ahdoot  as Behrad
Adam Ali  as Zain
Shila Ommi  as Yasmin
Igal Naor  as Bassam
Sanaa Akroud
Priyanka Bose  as Sarita
Jeb Brown  as Jerry
Paul W. Downs  as Craig
Gustavo Gomez  as Diego Rosado
Lori Greiner
Adrianna Mitchell  as Rochelle
Victoria Clark  as Tracy
Mary Crosbie  as Debbie
Lora Lee Gayer
Harvey Guillén
Jessica Hecht  as Professor
William Hill
Ravi Kapoor  as Krishan
Jordan Renzo  as Christopher
Sunkrish Bala  as Vijay
Brooke Bloom  as Rita
Dierdre Friel  as Assistant Vice Principal Harris
Gene Jones  as Hat Store Shopkeep
Charlie Kilgore
Nana Mensah
Gary Perez
Michel Zaccour
Becky Ann Baker  as Mrs. Wren
Kim Director  as Lydia
Lanny Flaherty  as Cowboy Hat Customer
Philip Luswata
Melissa Marsala
Tony Mirrcandani  as Sanjay
Ramon Nuñez  as Jason
Don W. Shepherd
Nick Bailey  as Student Cowboy
Zavion Davenport
Steven Hauck  as Thomas
Patrick Kerr
Garrett Richmond  as Troy
Alexandria Wailes  as Augusta
Avril Lena Wei  as Young Ai
Zalfa Chelhot
Demosthenes Chrysan  as Super Manny
Anthoula Katsimatides  as Sofia
Sue Jean Kim  as Sunny
Yoshihisa Kuwayama  as Jhonny
Robert O'Gorman  as Shelton
Petronia Paley  as Delila
Kelvin Whui  as Ba
Kamiran Aldeo  as Alvaro
Vivian Chiu  as Ma
Joy Jones  as Manny's Wife
Stefaniya Makarova  as Karolina
John Plumpis  as Alexander
Samantha Sturm  as White House Secretary
Dana Byrne  as Madame
Clark Carmichael  as Referee
Alfie Fuller  as Lianna
Peter Grosz  as Man with Yarmulke
Joel Rainwater  as Leith
Marguerite Stimpson  as Miss Dubeck
Eli Jean Tahchi  as Tamim
Gordon Joseph Weiss  as White Haired Shop Owner
Lyman Chen  as Driver
Brooke Davis  as Woman
Chase W. Dillon  as Young Iwegbuna
Sue Kurowski  as Diner Waitress
David Neal Levin  as Wayne
Dimitri Nana-Côté
Anne L. Nathan  as Ronni
Chelsea Patricia Ramirez  as Shirley
Graham Baker  as Sloane
Christina Catechis  as Jamba Girl
May Hilal  as Bibi
Jeff Hiller  as Man with Cold
Arthur Hu  as Bo (3 years old)
Brian Russell  as Travel Agent
Tirosh Schneider  as Waiter
Andy Taylor  as Godfrey
Tyrone Davis Jr.  as Lule
Chadi El Kareh  as Junaid
Amy Janette McDonald  as Keys Announcer
David Sitler  as Roger
SlashWisDom  as Iwegbuna's Dad
Hee Sunwoo  as Line Cook
Kai To  as Bo (6 years old)
Laurie Veldheer  as Desk Attendant
Carlen Basdeo  as Dominguez
Crystal Bock  as Waitress
Hudson Chen  as Bo (9 years old)
Michael Ford  as Backpacker 1
Oliver Mbamara  as Projectionist
Genesis Oliver  as Romare
Tika Simone  as Bar Manager
Tessa Skara  as Brandi
Oge Agulué  as Burly Worker
Hillary Baack  as Sharon
Sara Hogrefe  as Backpacker 2
Mia Krishnamurthy  as Natalie
Reza Nader  as Persian Cashier
Chinua B. Payne  as Young Chioke
Ramzi Tafsorqa  as Bartender
Sophia Xu  as Cheng (3 years old)
Mika G. Bardin  as Cassidy
Diego Chiat  as Friend #1
Howard Ferguson Jr.  as Lead Cowboy
Logan Jones  as Manager
Ornela Kapetani  as UN Caseworker
Janice Lee  as Cheng (6 years old)
Ali Liebegott  as Cashier
Kathy McCafferty  as Saleswoman
Aaron Ballard  as Officer 1
Sahar Bibiyan  as Hamdam
Harrison Chad  as Tom
Willis Chung  as Ai's Husband
Mohammad Farzaneh  as Man Passing
Alex Hazen Floyd  as Friend #2
Breeze Kai-Sabel Mahnken  as Child 1
Tim Simon  as Server
Beau Baxter  as Officer 2
Robert Eli  as Charlotte's Coach
Leann Lei  as Telemarketer #1
Alice Sophie Malyukova  as Child 2
Sam Rahmani  as Lamma
Stanley Simons  as Smoking Kid
Joshua Uduma  as Victor
Mark Boyett  as Judge 1
Sarah Ho  as Telemarketer #2
Zahra Mourtada  as Areej's Child
Ade Otukoya  as Debare
Jonathan Rayson  as Charlotte's Father
Virginia Vale  as Soccer Mom
Michele Ammon  as Charlotte's Mother
Paul Batah  as Male Patron
Tyler Jones  as Bellhop
Jared Loftin  as Supermarket Manager
Peggy Lu  as Telemarketer #3
Frances Uku  as Kachy
Ben Gougeon  as Salt Lake Announcer
Akram Khanalizadeh  as Fake Bibi
Mike Kopera  as EMT
Kelvin McGrue  as Sweats Man
Nneka Okafor  as Isioma
Benjamin Barham-Wiese  as Boy
Alexandre Boivin  as Boise GoGo Dancer
Logan Riley Bruner  as Teen Driver
Becki Dennis  as Nurse
Nneoma Nkuku  as Impatient Customer
Zachary Clarence  as High Teen
Cynthia Darlow  as Mrs. Johnson
Chris McGinn  as Tanya
Bhavesh Patel  as Groom
Blair Busbee  as Bride
Amandina Altomare  as Shivering Model
Vin Knight  as Expo Master
Pat Shay  as Angry Dad
Anna Zhou  as Maitre 'D
Douglas N. Honorof  as Waiter
Karron McKenzie  as Photographer


What are Little America filming details?

"Little America" series are produced by Alan Yang Pictures, Quantity Entertainment, Epic Magazine and Universal Television.

The average duration of each episode is 30 minutes. Country of origin: United States. Original language: English.


What are critics and audiences saying about Little America TV series?

"Little America" TV series got high rating from critics. IMDB rating is 7.4/10. Rotten Tomatoes rating is 94/100.

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