"Trinkets" is an American teen drama streaming television series directed by Amy Andelson, Emily Meyer and Kirsten "Kiwi" Smith.
The starring cast includes Brianna Hildebrand, Kiana Madeira, Quintessa Swindell, Brandon Butler, Odiseas Georgiadis, Larry Sullivan, Dana Green, Linden Ashby, October Moore, Henry Zaga and others.

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Is there a trailer for Trinkets TV series?

Netflix on Thursday, August 13, 2020 released the trailer for "Trinkets" you can watch here:
Trinkets Season 2 | Official Trailer | Netflix.

Plot summary

What is Trinkets TV series plot?

Here is a short review of "Trinkets" TV series plot summary.

Elodie Davis (Brianna Hildebrand), Moe Truax (Kiana Madeira), and Tabitha Foster (Quintessa Swindell) become friends after finding each other at a Shoplifters Anonymous meeting. The characters have different personalities and personas in school, keeping their friendship a secret: Elodie is an introvert; Moe favors punk style; while Tabitha comes from a wealthy family. They form a deep bond after finding out that they all have a shoplifting habit. Each also finds in the others strength as they navigate their own problems such as family and school issues.


Who plays who in the Trinkets TV series?

Here is the full cast and characters of "Trinkets" TV series. Actors and actresses are sorted mostly in credits order.

Brianna Hildebrand  as Elodie Davis a socially awkward teenage kleptomaniac
Kiana Madeira  as Moe Truax an academically talented teenager from a financially challenged family
Quintessa Swindell  as Tabitha Foster a fellow kleptomaniac
Brandon Butler  as Brady Finch Tabitha's abusive on-again, off-again boyfriend
Odiseas Georgiadis  as Noah Simos Moe's love interest whose relationship with Moe as secret
Larry Sullivan  as Doug Davis Elodie's father
Dana Green  as Jenna Block
Linden Ashby  as Whit Foster (season 2; recurring season 1), Tabitha's father
October Moore  as Vicky Truax (season 2; recurring season 1), Moe's mother
Henry Zaga  as Luca Novak Tabitha's love interest and fellow SA attender
Parker Hall  as Spencer Jenna's son and Elodie's younger stepbrother
Jessica Lynn Skinner  as Kayla Landis Tabitha's friend
Haley Tju  as Rachelle Cohen-Strauss
Katrina Cunningham  as Sabine Elodie's love interest and a rising singer
Joy Bryant  as Lori Foster Tabitha's mother
Andrew Jacobs  as Ben Truax (season 2), Moe's older brother and Tabitha's love interest
Chloรซ Levine  as Jillian (season 2), Elodie's new love interest
Austin Crute  as Marquise (season 2)
Nik Dodani  as Chase (season 2)
Larisa Oleynik  as Shawn a fellow kleptomaniac in the SA meetings
Emmett Pearson-Brown  as Jake Dunford guidance counselor
Michael Cojocaru  as Guy with Keg
Munther Dajani  as Ravi
Jacob Skidmore]]  as AJ (season 1)
Jennifer Kim  as Ms. Shaw
Nic Chase  as Hayden (Soccer Bro 1)
Anna Lynne Nelson  as Katie
Bryce Earhart  as Druggie Dave
Mathias Aguon  as Asher (Soccer Bro)
Duncan Harris  as Brian from Honors Chem
Thomes Mor  as Soccer Bro 2
Julana Torres  as Paula
Enrique Arias  as Mr. Sharaf
Lynn Adrianna Freedman  as Mara
Kiah Butts  as Mickey
Kevin Taylor  as Mr. Chambers
Dave Koenig  as Bandmate
Roxanne Stathos  as Sophie
Emily Sahler  as Chaperone
Ryan Harter  as Extreme Portland Guy
Michele Mariana  as Elderly Lady
Andrew Keegan  as Danny Truax
Sean Tarjyoto  as Frank
Vartan Friedman  as Ice Dude
Rich Hinz  as Homeless Man
Kelsey Tucker  as Aunt Cathy
Suzette Blake  as New Age Witch One
Julia Bray  as Salesperson
Chase Offerle  as Jackson
Tim True  as Victor Finch
Kathryn Brown  as New Age Witch Two
Damien Geter  as Sales Guy
Caitlin Michael Riley  as Sam
Adriana Bordea  as Stella
Chloe Mason  as Overalls Girl
Molly Vance  as Barista
Jeb Berrier  as Jeb
Edric Carter  as Security Guard
Katherine Grant-Suttie  as Hipster Customer
Vin Shambry  as Proctor
Ariel Shaw  as Clare
Zee Tompkins  as Random Older Girl
Victoria Geil  as VSCO Girl #1
Diane Kondrat  as Aunt
Beth Moesche  as Make-Up Clerk
Reed Morris  as Drunk Dude
Katie O'Grady  as Shea Finch
A.C. O'Neal  as Earnest Roadie
Will Cuddy  as Remy
Michael Ray Escamilla  as Uncle Carl
Thomas Lemieux  as Security Guard
Adam Dunlap  as Trip Finch
Sara Hennessy  as Perfume Clerk
Sydney Norvell  as VSCO Girl #2
Claire Rigsby  as Bridesmaid
Amanda Barnett  as Tattoo Artist
Dana Millican  as Teacher
William Igbokwe  as M.C.
Enzo Martin  as Fan
Amy G. Newman  as Front Desk Clerk
Steven Patterson  as Rachelle's Dad
Jason Rouse  as Clerk
Shelley B. Shelley  as Keisha
Sydney Winbush  as Female Server
Lara Baker  as Attorney
Katie Gunderson  as Employee
Cody Preston Troxell  as Vice
Kristina Haddad  as Saleslady
Paige Johnson Jones  as Clerk
Jonah Kersey  as Server
Kenneth Woods  as Totally Tacos Employee
William Cashion  as William Cashion
Shannon Day  as Store Manager
Doren Elias  as Salesman
Trish Hunter  as Teacher
Eric Simons  as Announcer
Becky Braunstein  as Edgy Portland Shoplifter
Allesondra Helwig  as Gwen
Quinn Allan  as Bartender
Seth Burnham  as Waiter
Degundrea Harris  as Rapunzel
Emma Bridges  as Mia
Katherine Paul  as Black Belt Eagle Scout Band
Nicholas Ealy-Elder  as Dicky Dan
Rees Roy Alexander Logue  as Black Belt Eagle Scout Band
Sebastian Adams  as Shy PJ
Gillian Frances Cavanaugh Avina  as Black Belt Eagle Scout Band
Hillary Jones  as Cool Girl
Grace Elizabeth Bugbee  as Black Belt Eagle Scout Band
Frankie Simone  as Frankie Simone
Kale Chesney  as DJ
Che Che Luna  as Dancer
Kindell Rae McIntosh  as Dancer


What are Trinkets filming details?

"Trinkets" series are produced by AwesomenessTV and Two Blocks Apart Productions.

The average duration of each episode is 21 - 30 minutes. Original language: English.


What are critics and audiences saying about Trinkets TV series?

"Trinkets" TV series got high rating from critics. IMDB rating is 7.1/10.

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