"Elite" is a Spanish thriller teen drama streaming television series directed by Ramón Salazar, Carlos Montero and Darío Madrona.
The starring cast includes Itzan Escamilla as Samuel "Samu" Garc√≠a Dom√≠nguez, Miguel Bernardeau as Guzm√°n Nunier Osuna, Mar√≠a Pedraza as Marina Nunier Osuna, Miguel Herr√°n as Christian Varela Exp√≥sito, √Ālvaro Rico as Leopoldo "Polo" Benavent Villada, Jaime Lorente as Fernando "Nano" Garc√≠a Dom√≠nguez, Ar√≥n Piper as Ander Mu√Īoz, Mina El Hammani as Nadia Shanaa, Ester Exp√≥sito as Carla Ros√≥n Caleruega, Omar Ayuso as Omar Shanaa and others.

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Is there a trailer for Elite TV series?

Netflix on Thursday, May 20, 2021 released the trailer for "Elite" you can watch here:
Elite Season 4 | Trailer | Netflix.

Plot summary

What is Elite TV series plot?

Here is a short review of "Elite" TV series plot summary.

¬ęSeason 1¬Ľ:
After their school collapses, three working-class friends - Samuel, Nadia and Christian (Miguel Herr√°n) - are offered scholarships to Las Encinas, the most exclusive private school in Spain. The scholarships are sponsored by the construction company at fault for the school's collapse. At Las Encinas, the three are initially ostracized by the wealthy students. As the school year progresses, their lives intertwine in a clash of lifestyles, resentments, envy, and sexual attraction. Through a series of flash-forward scenes of police interrogations, the audience is shown stories of the characters' relationships that lead to Marina's murder.
¬ęSeason 2¬Ľ:
After the revelation of the murder, the second season deals with the lead-up to the disappearance of Samuel. Meanwhile, three new students - Valerio, Rebeca, and Cayetana - join the school where each of them have their own dark secrets. They befriend the students in their class whilst Samuel continues with his plan to clear the name of his brother Nano (Jaime Lorente), who was accused of Marina's murder. Meanwhile, Polo (√Ālvaro Rico) attempts suicide to clear his conscience, but eventually learns to live happily with the help of Cayetana. Ander's mental health deteriorates due to the burden of keeping Polo's secret. After Samuel tricks Carla into revealing Marina's murderer, Polo is arrested, but is released two weeks later and returns to school.
¬ęSeason 3¬Ľ:
The students enter their last semester at Las Encinas. In a flash-forward plot, the students are interviewed about Polo's death during their graduation party. Polo and Cayetana are left as outcasts by their peers, with the exception of Valerio. Samuel and Guzman continue their plot to bring justice for Polo's crimes. Lu (Danna Paola) and Nadia compete for a scholarship to Columbia University, leading the two to form a mutual friendship. Ander is diagnosed with leukemia and begins chemotherapy, causing friction between him and his loved ones. On the night of their graduation, in a drunken stupor, Lu accidentally stabs Polo, who stumbles and falls to his death. Samuel, Guzm√°n (Miguel Bernardeau), Ander, Omar, Nadia, Carla, Valerio, Rebeca and Cayetana agree to cover up the murder. Unable to find a suspect, Polo's death is eventually ruled as a suicide and his parents tell the police he confessed to Marina's murder. Two months later, Samuel, Guzman, Ander and Rebeca return to repeat their final year with Omar, who has enrolled as a full-time student.


Who plays who in the Elite TV series cast?

Here is the full cast and characters of "Elite" TV series. Actors and actresses are sorted mostly in credits order.

Itzan Escamilla  as Samuel "Samu" Garc√≠a Dom√≠nguez one of three transfer students
Miguel Bernardeau  as Guzm√°n Nunier Osuna adopted brother of Marina, and Lu's ex-boyfriend
Mar√≠a Pedraza  as Marina Nunier Osuna (season 1; videotape seasons 2 - 3), Guzm√°n's sister and love interest of Nano and Samuel
Miguel Herr√°n  as Christian Varela Exp√≥sito (seasons 1 - 2), one of three transfer students
√Ālvaro Rico  as Leopoldo "Polo" Benavent Villada (seasons 1 - 3), Carla's ex-boyfriend and Cayetana's love interest
Jaime Lorente  as Fernando "Nano" Garc√≠a Dom√≠nguez (seasons 1 - 2; voice season 3), Samuel's older brother
Ar√≥n Piper  as Ander Mu√Īoz son of the principal
Mina El Hammani  as Nadia Shanaa (seasons 1 - 3; guest season 4; short stories), one of three transfer students, the daughter of Palestinian immigrants and the love interest of Guzm√°n
Ester Exp√≥sito  as Carla Ros√≥n Caleruega (seasons 1 - 3; short stories), Polo's ex-girlfriend and Christian's sex partner
Omar Ayuso  as Omar Shanaa Nadia's brother
Danna Paola  as Lucrecia "Lu" Montesinos Hendrich (seasons 1 - 3), Guzm√°n's ex-girlfriend
Claudia Salas  as Rebeca "Rebe" de Bormujo √Āvalos (season 2 - present), a rebellious, wealthy girl
Jorge L√≥pez  as Valerio Montesinos Rojas (seasons 2 - 3), Lu's half-brother
Georgina Amor√≥s  as Cayetana "Caye" Grajera Pando (season 2 - present), the daughter of a cleaning lady
Le√Įti S√®ne  as Malick D. (season 3), a love interest of Omar
Sergio Momo  as Yeray (season 3), a love interest of Carla
Jorge Clemente  as Alexis (short stories; recurring season 3), a friend of Ander's going through chemotherapy
Carla D√≠az  as Ari Blanco Commerford (season 4 - present)
Martina Cariddi  as Menc√≠a Blanco Commerford (season 4 - present)
Ainhoa Santamar√≠a  as the police interrogator
Manu R√≠os  as Patrick Blanco Commerford (season 4 - present)
Ram√≥n Esquinas  as Ventura Nunier Guzm√°n and Marina's father
Pol Granch  as Phillippe Florian Von Triesenberg (season 4 - present)
Abdelatif Hwidar  as Yusef Shanaa Nadia and Omar's father
Elisabet Gelabert  as Azucena de Mu√Īoz the school principal and Ander's mother
Irene Arcos  as Pilar Dom√≠nguez (seasons 1 - 2; guest season 3), Nano and Samuel's mother
Jorge Suquet  as Mart√≠n (season 1), a school teacher
Farah Hamed  as Im√°n Shanaa Nadia and Omar's mother
Roc√≠o Mu√Īoz-Cobo  as Laura Osuna Marina and Guzm√°n's mother
Lola Marceli  as Beatriz Caleruega (seasons 1 - 3), a marchioness and Carla's mother
Rub√©n Mart√≠nez  as Teodoro Ros√≥n (seasons 1 - 3), Carla's father and Ventura's business partner
Alfredo Villa  as Antonio Mu√Īoz (season 1; guest season 2), Ander's father and tennis coach
Yaiza Guimar√©  as Bego√Īa (seasons 2 - present; guest season 1), one of Polo's mothers
Eva Llorach  as Sandra L√≥pez Gallego (seasons 2 - present), Rebeca's mother
Liz Lobato  as Andrea (seasons 1, 3 - present; guest season 2), one of Polo's mothers and CEO of an important magazine
Marta Aledo  as Victoria Pando (season 2), Cayetana's mother
Diego Mart√≠n  as Benjam√≠n (season 4 - present) the new school principal and Patrick, Ari and Menc√≠a's father
Andr√©s Velencoso  as season 4 - present
Jon Rod  as Doctor de Ander (season 3), a doctor helping Alexis and Ander through their chemotherapy
Kevin McHale  as Bill McKinley (season 3)
Juli√°n Ortega  as Encargado 'La Caba√Īa'
Ary√® Campos  as Victoria
Javier Mula  as Hombre Amenaza
Kike Guaza  as Profesor
Bruno Lastra  as Felipe
Alex Ricart  as Bravuc√≥n
Jes√ļs Gallo  as Hombre Amenaza 2
Saturnino Garc√≠a  as Cayetana's Grandfather
Laura Calero  as Enfermera
Xabier Leal  as Polic√≠a
Carlos Calle  as Barman de Pub
Cristian J. Costa  as Cliente Pelea
Gary Anthony Stennette  as American Teacher
Coke Rodr√≠guez  as Marcos
Ver√≥nica Polo  as Audiovisual Teacher
Francesc Galceran  as Abogado Samuel
V√≠ctor Castilla  as Cocinero 'La Caba√Īa'
Rut Santamar√≠a  as Profesora
Hicham Malayo  as Nasser
Pepe Lorente  as Police Inspector Assistant
Alex de Nova  as Chico Borracho
Julia Rodr√≠guez  as Alumna 1
Jhonatan Red√≥n  as Goon
Gloria Garc√≠a Barquero  as Secretaria Colegio
Agust√≠n Mart√≠n  as Goon
Valentina Zenere
André Lamoglia
Adam Nourou
Shani Atias  as Teacher
Natalia Espadas  as Chemistry Teacher
Manuel Castillo  as Profesor de deporte
Paola Matienzo  as Madre de Lu
N√©stor Rubio  as Monitor Piscina
Didier Otaola  as Pub Chief
Roberto Peralta  as Tito
Fran Cantos  as Inspector Almagro
Jaime Vidal  as Chaval Pueblo
Olivia Baglivi  as Rich Girl
Daniel Mantero  as Doctor
Fernando Moraleda  as Priest
Eduardo Burgos  as Profesor Econom√≠a
Adri√°n Pedraja  as Entrenador colegio
Joan Manuel Gurillo  as Grizzled Man
Pilar Mart√≠nez  as Madre de Christian
Isabelle Stoffel  as Sra. Torres
Eric Masip  as Barman
Carlos Olalla  as Juez
Jorge Segovia  as Camarero
Mar√≠a Luz Serrano  as Camarera del Restaurante
Mario Lora  as Juez de l√≠nea
Fernando Carpintero  as Padre de Christian
Claudia Coelho  as Waitress
Julio Perill√°n  as Sr. Torres
Davinia Morales  as Criada de Rebeca
Silvio Qui√Ī√≥nez  as Invitado a la Fiesta
Lucas Vidal  as M√ļsico
Juan Escudero  as Alumno baloncesto
Paola Mulano  as Criada Carla
Josete Rivas  as Camarero Bar Gay
Rafael Sandoval  as Doctor Hospital
√Ālex B√©jar  as Amiga de Lu
Ignacio Carrascal  as Mat√≥n
Cristina Medina  as Cleaning Assistant
Ken Appledorn  as Entrevistador
Jordi Tamarit  as Polic√≠a
Silvia Casanova  as Clienta tarot
Dori Martin  as Secretaria Cl√≠nica
Victoria Santos  as Clienta Nadia
Diego Betancor  as Waiter
Virginia Mora  as Profesora de Matem√°ticas
Peter Nikolas  as Entrevistador
Paula Fern√°ndez Mata  as Alumna 2
Emilio Pereda  as Fotogr√°fo
I√Īaki Juaristi  as Waiter
Julia M√∂ller  as Entrevistadora
Alba Sanz  as Invidada a la Fiesta
F√©lix Herzog  as Fer
Sonia Oblinski  as Alumna 3
Aitor S√°nchez  as Professor
Alberto Vargas  as Pablo
Paco Bl√°zquez  as M√©dico
Guillermo Casta  as Polic√≠a
Ana Ruano  as Rooftop Guest
Jacinto Angosto  as Bouncer
Alejandro Licera  as Rooftop Waiter
Carlos Blanco  as Duarte
Julian Jaramillo  as Amigo
Biel Juste


What are Elite filming details?

"Elite" series are produced by Zeta Producciones.

The average duration of each episode is 47 - 56 minutes. Country of origin: Spain. Original language: Spanish.

"Elite" TV series is rated "G", according to the MPAA film rating system.


What are critics and audiences saying about Elite TV series?

"Elite" TV series got average rating from critics. IMDB rating is 7.5/10. Rotten Tomatoes rating is 20/100.

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