"L.A.'s Finest" is an American comedy action crime television series directed by Brandon Margolis and Brandon Sonnier.
The starring cast includes Gabrielle Union, Jessica Alba, Duane Martin, Zach Gilford, Ryan McPartlin, Sophie Reynolds, Ernie Hudson, John Salley, Barry Sloane, Sabina Gadecki and others.

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Is there a trailer for L.A.'s Finest TV series?

Sony Pictures Entertainment on Thursday, April 30, 2020 released the trailer for "L.A.'s Finest" you can watch here:
LA's Finest Season 2 Official Trailer.

Plot summary

What is L.A.'s Finest TV series plot?

Here is a short review of "L.A.'s Finest" TV series plot summary.

The spinoff series of Bad Boys films focuses on drug enforcement agent Sydney Burnett, now working for the Los Angeles Police Department.


Who plays who in the L.A.'s Finest TV series?

Here is the full cast and characters of "L.A.'s Finest" TV series. Actors and actresses are sorted mostly in credits order.

Gabrielle Union  as Special Agent/Detective Lieutenant Sydney "Syd" Burnett an ex-DEA agent
Jessica Alba  as Nancy McKenna a working stepmother, and secretly a former career criminal when she was Nancy Perez
Duane Martin  as Ben Baines a fellow detective and one of "The Bens"
Zach Gilford  as Ben Walker a fellow detective and one of "The Bens"
Ryan McPartlin  as Patrick McKenna Nancy's husband, and a Los Angeles assistant district attorney
Sophie Reynolds  as Isabel "Izzy" McKenna Nancy's stepdaughter and Patrick's daughter
Ernie Hudson  as Joseph Vaughn Marcus and Syd's estranged father and an ex-LAPD cop
John Salley  as Fletcher a computer hacker that Syd knows from her time in Miami
Barry Sloane  as Dante Sherman (season 1), the brother of club owner and gangster Ray Sherman
Sabina Gadecki  as Jen a sex worker with whom Syd forms an attachment
David Fumero  as Lt. Jason Calloway an LAPD lieutenant with the Narcotics Division and a colleague of Syd's
Joshua Alba  as Nico Perez Nancy McKenna's younger brother
Jordan Rodrigues  as Arlo Bates (season 1)
Rebecca Budig  as Carlene Hart (season 1), a for-hire "fixer"
Laz Alonso  as Warren Hendrix (season 1), as Syd's former DEA colleague and lover
Curtis Harris  as Justice Baines (season 1), Ben Baines' son and Izzy's friend
Jake Busey  as Bishop Duvall (season 1), a crime lord
Adam Rose  as Nathan Baker
Miguel Gomez  as Ricky Leon
Taylor Black  as Emma Mitchell
Kurt Yaeger  as Clete Winslow
Beau Knapp  as Malcolm Ward
Timothy V. Murphy  as Logan Kline
Kelly Rowland  as Faith Bains Ben Baines' wife
Tamala Jones  as Katherine Vaughn Miller a jewelry store employee whom Arlo targets due to her surprising connection to Syd (in "...My Lovely", "Book of Secrets", and "Dead Men Tell No Tales")
Zach McGowan  as Ray Sherman Dante's brother
Orlando Jones  as Lt. Marshawn Davis (in "Coyote Ugly", "Deliver Us from Evil", and "For Life")
Rebecca Field  as Alice Kensler the drunk driver
Sharon Lawrence  as Gloria Walker (in "Beverly Hills Cops" and "Bad Company")
Kelly Hu  as Angela Turner (in "Gone in 60 Seconds", "Beverly Hills Cops", and "Maverick")
Eddie Cahill  as Michael Alber director of DEA Special Operations (in "Armageddon" and "Bad Girls")
Ciara Riley Wilson  as Letti Ramirez
D.J. Cotrona  as Luca Verone
Natalie Valerin  as Beauty
Catherine Toribio  as Dulce
Tyler Perez  as Young Dante
Veronica Diaz Carranza  as Dolores Perez
William Mark McCullough  as Kobi
Kristin Slaysman  as Michelle Walker
Billy Malone  as Frank Leon
Jake Matthews  as Patel
Hartlyn Hilsman  as Ruby Winslow
Eugene Shaw  as Isaac Turner
Zoran Korach  as Anatoly Petrov
Joaquin Obradors  as Young Nico
Hannah Barefoot  as Marisol
Ben Edlin  as Jeff O'Malley
Eugene Byrd  as Big Mikey
Yancey Arias  as Mayor Trent Garrison
Christopher Cousins  as Dan Howser
Lidia Porto  as Juanita
Matt Gerald  as Duke Ingram
Draya Michele  as Charlotte Hume
Mather Zickel  as Romeo
Zach Barack  as Sam
Larry Bates  as Corey Hearns
Cathy Shim  as Vivian Kim
Oliver Alexander  as Junu
Finnegan George  as Zach Sherman
Kristin Carey  as Terry Mitchell
Andy Martinez Jr.  as Roman Woods
Melanie Minichino  as Noa Cash
Mark Engelhardt  as Doran
Keith Jardine  as Atticus
Stefanie von Pfetten  as Goldilocks
Adam J. Kang  as Stephen
Paris Perrault  as CSU Tech
Jim Garrity  as Brain
Gichi Gamba  as Slab
Dylan McNamara  as Young Ray
Mike Nojun Park  as Father Suho
Melvin Robert  as Spectrum News Reporter #1
Charlie Townsend  as Katelyn Hart
John Wusah  as Reporter #1
Yvonne Valadez  as Reporter #2
Bryan McGowan  as Sampson
Rachel Ramos  as Bikini Model
Megan Ferguson  as Michelle Walker
Todd Stashwick  as Wayland James
Celestino Cornielle  as Frank Cruz
Michael Graziadei  as Garth Haney
Erin Cahill  as Claire Smith
Rich Ceraulo Ko  as Chief John Dunn
Albert Kong  as Gi Choi
Derek Ray  as Tom Wolf
Kane Ritchotte  as Dylan Pace
Bob Stephenson  as Alex Winkles
Eric Normington  as Maxwell Reuther
Brad Beyer  as Francis Reddman
Hayley Erin  as Desiree Roberts
Laura Leighton  as Karen Scott
Amanda Righetti  as Beverly Gamble
Alex Skinner  as Jeremy
Joy Bisco  as Nurse Erin
John Bishop  as Keith
Kelly Frye  as Shauna
Joel Johnstone  as Dr. Logan O'Donnell
Emily Goss  as Young Gloria Walker
John Griffin  as Johnny Vercetti
Jacob Houston  as Kenny
Jeffrey Muller  as Decker
Britt Rentschler  as Det. Stephanie Frost
Paul Toweh  as College Kid
Denny Love  as Dakari Adams
Wiley M. Pickett  as Nickey Friedman
Chris Sheffield  as Fraley
Damon Standifer  as Seller
Thomas Archer  as Tyler Roberts
James C. Burns  as Eric Jeffries
Al Coronel  as Kiko Martinez
Omr Eldein  as Ibrahim
Reatha Grey  as Grandma
Kathleen Kenny  as Tina Kelly
Michael King  as Detective Trainee Liam Quinn
Myk Watford  as Edmund Carlyle
Shani Atias  as Becky (Lifeguard)
Ness Bautista  as G.G. Frazier
Lisa Catara  as Phast Car Driver
Tammy Tavares  as Cyndie
Hudson West  as Kyle
Lee Amir-Cohen  as Nasir Solomon
Erik Aude  as SWAT Leader
Tariq Brown  as Bryson Thagard
Tamiko Brownlee  as Madam
Samuel Evan Horowitz  as T.J. Hobbs
Sara Lauryn Kliewer  as Teacher
Karla Maatouk  as Adra
Amy Sloan  as Marjorie Nash
Kayla Blake  as Adelia
Christine Corpuz  as Doctor
Joshua Dov  as Mechanic
Evan Handler  as Captain Thomas Hirsch
Chau Long  as Hacker #1
Fiona Rene  as Mia
Calvin Clausell Jr.  as Jaylon Hayes
Kylr Coffman  as Jim 'Rafi' Rafferty
Justin Gant  as Loose Tie
Ruby Mercado  as Doctor Morris
Michael Sasaki  as Soldier
Doug Savant  as Richard Reeves
Brayden Scott  as 9-Year-Old Ben Walker
Garrett Westton  as Sean Moore
Peter Banachowski  as Clerk
Edwin H. Bravo  as Raahim
Ashton Moio  as Emilio Benavides
Holger Moncada Jr.  as Gas Tech
John Paul Pitoc  as Squeaky (Lonnie Emmons)
John Grady  as Clete's Lawyer
Andrew Steven Hernandez  as Brock Miles
Beatrice Hernandez  as Reporter
Kaitlin Huwe  as Woman
Harrison Leahy  as 14-Year-Old Ben Walker
Deep Rai  as Todd
Zach Tinker  as Joe Killinger
Will Westwater  as Hoodie
Justin Zachary  as Bert Denofrio
Jeremy Batiste  as Reggie
Eddie Ramos  as Karim
Tatum Shank  as Prison Guard #1
Kevin Shen  as Malcom
Jonathan Stanley  as Kirby
Karissa Lee Staples  as Holly
Zach Zagoria  as Gil
Alana Baer  as Ingenue
Jennifer Caldwell  as Officer Chestnut
Danny Jacobs  as Harry Denofrio
Tamara Mena  as Mena
Ethan James Spitz  as Vincent Walker
Gerald Webb  as Coach Gilbert
Tim Bader  as Man (Eddie)
Wayne Bastrup  as Todd Kendrick
Verona Blue  as Blue
Anahi Bustillos  as Coroner
Eric Michael Cole  as Suit
Serena Laney  as Uniform #1
Tom O'Connell  as Goon #2
Brian Oblak  as Firefighter #1
Beverly Todd  as Tina Boyd
Cedric Berry  as Opera Singer
John Churchill  as Roy Walker
Garry Clemmons  as Model #1
Ebonee Davis  as Ryan Tremaine
Stephanie Erb  as Dr. Lott
Colin McCalla  as EMT
Vladimir Tevlovski  as Guard #1
Chin Yere  as Stripper
Sarah Chaney  as Uniform
Jasmine Davis  as Claire
Jacob Figueroa  as Plaid Shirt
Shaw Jones  as Metzger
Rick Kelly  as Zeke Wilkes
Michael Lespinasse  as Firefighter #2
Eve Sigall  as Homeless Woman
Tiffany Adams  as Female Uni
Atticus Batacan  as Dry Cleaners Clerk
Jason Clemmons  as Model #2
Eva La Dare  as Doctor
Lee Coc  as Moco
Nanrisa Lee  as Uni #1
Francesca Santoro  as Stacy
Natasha Sen  as Hostess
Aryè Campos  as Uniformed Cop #1
Ray Chang  as DCFS Agent
Greg Collins  as Warden
Cherion Drakes  as Evelyn Vaughn
Rosie Garcia  as Gretchen Reyes
Allison Holton  as Denise Bradshaw
A.J. Tannen  as Wingtips
Shane Yoon  as Lieutenant Weller
Americus Abesamis  as Prison Guard
Josh Allen Castillo  as Young Man
Lisa Cirincione  as Uni #2
Ali Eldin  as Dealer
Farley Jackson  as Bartender
Martin Papazian  as Medic #1
Hunter Payton Mendoza  as Mouth
Luis Da Silva Jr.  as Victor Morales
Kelsey Griswold  as Elaine McNiff
Ashton Grooms  as Marsha
Jake Jacobson  as Jake
Kyrie Mcalpin  as Young Syd
Hector Osorio  as Boots
Vick Sabian  as Challenger
Garrett Schweighauser  as Uniformed Cop #2
Walker Barnes  as Tommy Nash
Cecilia Johnson  as Medic #2
Michael Lea  as Snacks
Ariel Llinas  as Patron
Ashley Rae  as PTA Mom
Elena Rosa  as Woman
Thomas Vu  as Jopak
Jay Bingham  as Clerk
Michael DiBacco  as Burly Man
Grover Ellisor  as Eric Lacey
Jim Hanna  as Desk Sergeant
Krystian Alexander Lyttle  as Young Marcus
Roderick McCarthy  as Sgt. Peterson
Liisa Cohen  as Cop
Mark Kubr  as Inmate
Destiny Ochoa  as Little Girl
Vincent Puente  as Skinny
Bianca Rae  as Spectrum TV Anchor #1
Kevin Brief  as Arte Powers
Keith Ewell  as Officer Reising
Charles Maceo  as Nurse #1
Sebrina Purcell  as Uniform #2
Nicholas Renaud  as Eric Lacey
Itay Hod  as Spectrum TV Anchor #2
Richard Neil  as Angry Man
Eva Fisher  as Nurse #2
J. Anthony McCarthy  as Mob Doctor
Wynter Perrineau  as Kat's Daughter
Dylan John Seaton  as Nose Ring
Karina Noelle Castillo  as Reporter #1
Zedrick Restauro  as Employee
Kevin Covais  as Phast Driver
Miluette Nalin  as Tina
Austin Priester  as Tactical Team #1
Julienne Irons  as Reporter #2
Baker Chase Powell  as Boyfriend
Krishna Smitha  as Dr. Bonnie Langham
Marco Morales  as Kiko's Primo
Brie Carter  as Traffic Officer
Peter Jang  as Thug #1
Malay Kim  as Thug #3
Jamal Antar  as Armenian Club Member
Bryan Billy Boone  as Goon #8
Avangelene DeVille  as Prisoner
Pat Fitz  as Dr. Dewitt
Humberto Montalvo  as Prisión Guard
Joseph P. Rocco  as Lobby Guest
Anna Ross  as Onlooker
Naphtali Brooks  as Police Officer


What are L.A.'s Finest filming details?

"L.A.'s Finest" series are produced by Jerry Bruckheimer Television, Sony Pictures Television, 2.0 Entertainment, The Brandons and Green Eggs and Pam Productions.

Country of origin: United States. Original language: English.


What are critics and audiences saying about L.A.'s Finest TV series?

"L.A.'s Finest" TV series got average rating from critics. IMDB rating is 5.9/10. Rotten Tomatoes rating is 7/100.

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