"Coming 2 America" is a 2021 American comedy film directed by Craig Brewer.
The starring cast includes Eddie Murphy as Prince Akeem, Arsenio Hall as Semmi, Jermaine Fowler as Lavelle Junson, Leslie Jones as Mary Junson, Tracy Morgan as Reem Junson, KiKi Layne as Princess Meeka Joffer, Shari Headley as Queen Lisa Joffer, Teyana Taylor as Bopoto Izzi, Wesley Snipes as General Izzi, James Earl Jones as King Jaffe Joffer and others.

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Is there a trailer for Coming 2 America movie?

Amazon Prime Video on Wednesday, February 03, 2021 released the trailer for "Coming 2 America" you can watch here:
Coming 2 America Official Trailer #2 | Prime Video.

Plot summary

What is Coming 2 America movie plot?

Here is a short review of "Coming 2 America" movie plot summary.

On the 30th anniversary of his wedding with Lisa McDowell, Prince Akeem (Eddie Murphy) of Zamunda is summoned before his dying father, King Jaffe Joffer (James Earl Jones). Jaffe and his shaman Baba reveal to a baffled Akeem that he had sired a son during his first visit in Queens, New York, after his aide Semmi (Arsenio Hall) had enticed two women into spending the night with them while Akeem was still searching for his future queen. One of them inadvertently drugged Akeem, resulting in a tryst he did not remember. As Zamundian tradition demands that only a male successor can inherit the throne, and Akeem has fathered only daughters, Akeem is forced to travel back to Queens to retrieve his son. If not, Zamunda could face a hostile takeover by Zamunda's militaristic neighbor nation Nexdoria, whose dictator, General Izzi (Wesley Snipes), has been pushing for Akeem's eldest daughter Meeka into marrying his foppish son, Idi.
Following King Jaffe's funeral and Akeem's ascension to king, he and Semmi travel to Queens to meet his illegitimate son, Lavelle Junson (Jermaine Fowler), who is a smart-mouthed ticket scalper struggling to get a real job. After an awkward reunion with his mother Mary (Leslie Jones), Akeem takes them back to Zamunda, much to his family's displeasure. When General Izzi learns of this, he drops by to introduce his daughter Bopoto to Lavelle as a last shot at laying claim to the throne of Zamunda, but in order to qualify as a royal prince, Lavelle first has to pass a series of traditional - and hazardous - tests.


Who plays who in the Coming 2 America movie cast?

Here is the full cast and characters of "Coming 2 America" movie. Actors and actresses are sorted mostly in credits order.

Eddie Murphy  as Prince Akeem / Clarence / Saul / Randy Watson
Arsenio Hall  as Semmi / Morris / Reverend Brown / Baba
Jermaine Fowler  as Lavelle Junson Akeem's and Mary's son
Leslie Jones  as Mary Junson Lavelle's mother
Tracy Morgan  as Reem Junson Lavelle's uncle and Mary's brother
KiKi Layne  as Princess Meeka Joffer Akeem's and Lisa's first daughter
Shari Headley  as Queen Lisa Joffer Akeem's wife whom he fell in love with during his first trip to America
Teyana Taylor  as Bopoto Izzi General Izzi's daughter
Wesley Snipes  as General Izzi Imani's older brother and leader of Nexdoria
James Earl Jones  as King Jaffe Joffer Akeem's ailing father and the King of Zamunda
Bella Murphy  as Princess Omma Joffer Akeem's and Lisa's second daughter
Akiley Love  as Princess Tinashe Joffer Akeem's and Lisa's third daughter
Paul Bates  as Oha a longtime royal servant
John Amos  as Cleo McDowell Akeem's former employer and father-in-law and Lisa's father
Louie Anderson  as Maurice a longtime McDowell's employee, now the manager of the Zamunda restaurant
Vanessa Bell Calloway  as Imani Izzi General Izzi's younger sister and Akeem's former intended bride
Rotimi  as Idi Izzi General Izzi's son and the Prince of Nexdoria
Nomzamo Mbatha  as Mirembe a royal groomer and Lavelle's love interest
Clint Smith  as Sweets a barber
Luenell  as Livia Lavelle's aunt
Michael Blackson  as Nexdorian Lieutenant
Trevor Noah  as Totatsi Bibinyana a Zamunda News Network anchor
Morgan Freeman  as Morgan Freeman
Garcelle Beauvais  as Rose Bearer Priestess
Colin Jost  as Mr. Duke a descendant of the Duke Brothers from the 1983 film Trading Places
Davido  as Davido
Gladys Knight  as Gladys Knight
Rick Ross  as Nexdorian Commander
Dikembe Mutombo  as Dikembe Mutombo
Kevin T. DeWitt  as Nice Man (as Kevin DeWitt)
Rodney Perry  as Cousin
Navv Greene  as Cousin
Brittney Ivory Culbreath  as Bathing Girl
Alise Willis  as Bathing Girl (as Alise S. Willis)
Quanice Kirkland  as Bathing Girl
Terry Ellis  as En Vogue
Rhona Bennett  as En Vogue
Cindy Herron  as En Vogue (as Cindy Herron-Braggs)
Cheryl 'Salt' James  as Salt (as Cheryl James)
Pepa  as Pepa (as Sandra Denton)
David Lengel  as Ride Share Driver
Perry Zulu Jr.  as Photographer
Donny Savage  as Manservant
Vanessa Colon  as Fresh Peaches (as Vanessa Rodriguez)
Janette Colon  as Sugar Cube (as Janette Rosillo)
Rob Smith  as Ride Share Passenger
John Legend  as John Legend
Princess Victoria Rouche  as Choir Singer
LaKeta Booker  as Choir Singer
Erica Dawson  as Choir Singer
Sherie Murphy  as Choir Singer
Sherita Murphy  as Choir Singer
Amber Brianna Lawrence-Bullock  as Choir Singer
Dionne Charisse Tyson  as Choir Singer
Y'Anna Crawley  as Choir Singer
Justin Chase  as Izzi Soldier Dancer
Darren Wade  as Izzi Soldier Dancer
LaMonte Ponder  as Izzi Soldier Dancer
Zack Lee  as Izzi Soldier Dancer
Elijah Oliver  as Izzi Soldier Dancer
Xavier Durman  as Izzi Soldier Dancer
Artrell Manning  as Izzi Soldier Dancer
Quintrail Davis  as Izzi Soldier Dancer
Xavier Joe Wilcher  as Izzi Soldier Dancer (as Xavier Wilcher)
Gary Beauford  as Izzi Soldier Dancer
Sayquon Keys  as Izzi Soldier Dancer
Dontae Iverson  as Izzi Soldier Dancer
Eddie Eskridge  as Dancing Drummer
Christopher Z. Harris  as Dancing Drummer
Bernard Bell  as Dancing Drummer
Jihlanni Faust  as Dancing Drummer (as Jihlanni Perez-Faust)
Antwon Keith Collier  as Dancing Drummer (as Antwon Collier)
Walter Holloway III  as Dancing Drummer (as Walter Holloway)
Peter Styles  as Dancing Drummer
Ahsia Pettigrew  as Get Off Dancer (as Ahsia Janae' Pettigrew)
Rachel Gladney  as Get Off Dancer
Da'Nelle Garrett  as Get Off Dancer
Timara Melchor  as Get Off Dancer
Desi-Ray Morris  as Get Off Dancer
Alannah Wilhite  as Get Off Dancer
Marquita Washington  as Get Off Dancer
Andranita Smith  as Get Off Dancer
Jacoby Hutchins  as Freestyle Dancer
Ayorinde Kemit  as Freestyle Dancer
Rayana Richards  as Freestyle Dancer
Akosua Akoto  as Female African Dancer
Arata A. Maat  as Female African Dancer
Cilva Timothy  as Female African Dancer
Imania F. Detry  as Female African Dancer
Kyaien O'Quinn Conner  as Female African Dancer
Lindsay Renea Benton  as Female African Dancer
Malaiyka Reid  as Female African Dancer
Naderah Munajj  as Female African Dancer
Natali Micciche  as Female African Dancer
Christina Gerard-Sylla  as Female African Dancer
Mi'lynn Tomasini  as Female African Dancer
Mekka Wilson  as Female African Dancer
Asiel Hardison  as Male African Dancer
Camaron Donnell Ballard  as Male African Dancer
Reginald Johnson  as Male African Dancer
Tourus Jerelds  as Male African Dancer
DaeSun Cupid  as Male African Dancer
Ibrahima Diouf  as Male African Dancer
Bryce Farris  as Male African Dancer
Simone Alston  as Choir Dancer
Jonathan Bryant  as Choir Dancer
Desiree Dixon  as Choir Dancer (as Desirรฉe Dixon)
Jeremy Green  as Choir Dancer
Ashanti Harris  as Choir Dancer
Dacia James  as Choir Dancer (as Dacia Lewis)
Briahanna Kimbrough  as Choir Dancer
Bryan Justin  as Choir Dancer
Nefertiti Robinson  as Choir Dancer
Skyler Semien  as Choir Dancer
Kenneth Strong  as Choir Dancer
Christian Taylor  as Choir Dancer
Kara Jenelle  as Choir Dancer (as Kara Jenelle Wade)
Averil Taylor  as Conductor
Magatte Saw  as Zamundan Drummer (as Magatte Sow)
Nigel Zuniga  as Zamundan Drummer
Munir Richard  as Zamundan Drummer
Kodey Kitchens  as Zamundan Drummer
J.J. Harris-Smith  as Zamundan Drummer (as JJ Harris-Smith)
Narayana J. Hall  as Zamundan Drummer
Reginald Frazier  as Zamundan Drummer
Edward Williams  as Trumpet
Ronald Hampton  as Trumpet
Willie Jackson  as French Horn (as Willie Jacks)
Nathaniel Spencer  as Tuba
Christopher Belcher  as Djembe
Christopher Cook  as Timpani
Tricia Lakes  as Violin
Lewis Eichelberger  as Violin
Briana Robinson  as Violin
Aaron Owens  as Cello
Noah Johnson  as Cello
Gary Clark  as Harp

Release date

When is Coming 2 America movie release date?

"Coming 2 America" movie release date was scheduled to be on March 4, 2021 (United States) and on March 5, 2021 (United States) distributing by Amazon Studios and Amazon Prime Video.


What are Coming 2 America filming details?

The duration of the film is 110 minutes. The film's budget is $60 million.

"Coming 2 America" movie is rated "PG-13", according to the MPAA film rating system.


What are critics and audiences saying about Coming 2 America movie?

"Coming 2 America" movie got average rating from critics. IMDB rating is 5.3/10. Rotten Tomatoes rating is 49/100.

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