"Goliath" is an American legal drama web television series directed by David E. Kelley and Jonathan Shapiro.
The starring cast includes Billy Bob Thornton, William Hurt, Maria Bello, Nina Arianda, Olivia Thirlby, Tania Raymonde, Molly Parker, Diana Hopper, Sarah Wynter, Britain Dalton and others.

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Is there a trailer for Goliath TV series?

Amazon Prime Video on Thursday, August 22, 2019 released the trailer for "Goliath" you can watch here:
Goliath Season 3 - Official Trailer | Prime Video.

Plot summary

What is Goliath TV series plot?

Here is a short review of "Goliath" TV series plot summary.

Goliath follows "a down-and-out lawyer (Thornton) as he seeks redemption. His one shot depends on getting justice in a legal system where truth has become a commodity, and the scales of justice have never been more heavily weighed toward the rich and powerful."


Who plays who in the Goliath TV series?

Here is the full cast and characters of "Goliath" TV series. Actors and actresses are sorted mostly in credits order.

Billy Bob Thornton  as Billy McBride formerly a brilliant and personable lawyer
William Hurt  as Donald Cooperman McBride's partner in founding Cooperman McBride
Maria Bello  as Michelle McBride Billy's ex-wife and a partner at Cooperman McBride
Nina Arianda  as Patty Solis-Papagian a DUI lawyer and real estate agent
Olivia Thirlby  as Lucy Kittridge a young associate at Cooperman McBride whom Cooperman installs on the Larson case
Tania Raymonde  as Brittany Gold a sex worker
Molly Parker  as Callie Senate a senior lawyer at the firm
Diana Hopper  as Denise McBride (recurring season 1, main season 2): Billy and Michelle's 16-year-old daughter
Sarah Wynter  as Gina Larson the widow of Ryan Larson (
Britain Dalton  as Jason Larson Ryan and Gina's son
Ana de la Reguera  as Marisol Silva a city councilwoman from East Los Angeles, in the race to be the first Latina mayor of Los Angeles
Matthew Del Negro  as Danny Loomis a charismatic yet devious political operator and consiglieri to the city's power elite under the guise of being a "financial analyst"
Morris Chestnut  as Deputy District Attorney Hakeem Rashad
Mark Duplass  as Tom Wyatt a successful Los Angeles developer
Lou Diamond Phillips  as Oscar Suarez
Dennis Quaid  as Wade Blackwood
Julie Brister  as Marva Jefferson Billy's legal assistant
Amy Brenneman  as Diana Blackwood
Damon Gupton  as Leonard Letts Corporate counsel to Borns Tech
Dwight Yoakam  as Wendell Corey CEO of Borns Tech
Harold Perrineau  as Judge Roston Keller The presiding judge on the Larson case
Ever Carradine  as Rachel Kennedy Ryan's sister, and the initial plaintiff in the wrongful death case against Borns Tech
Kevin Weisman  as Ned Berring A former employee at Borns Tech and a key witness in the case
Diego Josef  as Julio Suarez the son of the Oscar
Paul Williams  as J. T. a former colleague of Billy's with extensive contacts
Dominic Fumusa  as Detective Keith Roman An LAPD detective involved in the conspiracy
Jason Ritter  as FBI Agent Farley
James Wolk  as FBI Special Agent Jeff Clayton
Manuel Garcia-Rulfo  as Gabriel Ortega a powerful drug lord behind the murder conspiracy; he has childhood connections to Marisol
Alexandra Billings  as Judge Martha Wallace the judge in the Pena murder case, and a former prosecutor
David Cross  as Pete "The Broker" Oakland a real estate agent
Annika Marks  as Mary Roman
Illeana Douglas  as Rita
Griffin Dunne  as Gene
Sherilyn Fenn  as Bobbi
Graham Greene  as Littlecrow
Shelby Rabara  as Sumi Sen
Beau Bridges  as Roy Wheeler
Lauren Tom  as Applebees
JC Gonzalez  as DJ Diego Spiz
David Sampen  as Bartender
Shamier Anderson  as Anton
Toni Torres  as Elena Morales
Frankie Ingrassia  as Frankie
Julia Jones  as Stephanie
Zachary James Rukavina  as Miguel
Rigo Sanchez  as Karl Stoltz
Julia Cho  as Jade Matizu
Juan Gabriel Pareja  as Gabriel Marquez
Marisa Echeverria  as Violet Webster
Patrick Robert Smith  as Officer Ezekiel Sanders
Lynda Kay Parker  as Lynda Kay
T.W. Leshner  as Alan Rubin
Jorge-Luis Pallo  as Alejandro Marquez
Gilbert Owuor  as Father Anan
Leslie Grossman  as Rochelle Purple
Greg Bryan  as Hugo
Marshall Cook  as Gerry Kernan
Peter Holden  as Warren Hebb
Chrystee Pharris  as Gloria
Monica Garcia  as Alma Perez
Milos Milicevic  as Milos
Sal Lucio  as DEA Agent
Travis Johns  as Foreman
Paul Ben-Victor  as Cleft Chin
Delanna Studi  as Delores
Googy Gress  as Boyd Paxton
David Sullivan  as Spencer Jackson
Matthew Weiner  as Matthew
Andrew Steven Hernandez  as Roberto
Miguel Izaguirre  as Flaco
Link Ruiz  as C.O. Luis Ochoa
Inger Tudor  as Nicole
Barbara Garabedian  as Irene Papagian
Gio Zavala  as Francisco
Joshua James  as Tito Garcia
Chris Reed  as Ribs
Sarah Baker  as Lilly Suzanne Daniels
Carlos Franco Vera  as Eduardo
Gloria Laino  as Nun
Matthew Bohrer  as Asst. U.S. Atty. Ira Fuchstein
Chandler Patton  as Erin Miller
Melanie Waldman  as Woman #1
Savannah Duda  as Woman #2
Hope Banks  as Waitress
Micah Ohlman  as News Anchor
Dione Kuraoka  as Rebecca
Gichi Gamba  as Hanks
Anna Carini  as Dr. Mindy Levine
Casandra Annette Wright  as Croupier
Lisa Linke  as Sue
Gabe Fonseca  as Stenographer
Jha'de Moore  as Maya
Emanuel Loarca  as Man
Alexandra Hulme  as Dancer
Casey Gagliardi  as Dancer
Michole Briana White  as A.G. Herrera
John Savage  as Mickey
Steven Bauer  as Willie
Jessica Pohly  as Jennifer
Elena Varela  as Carmen
Ray Corasani  as Ryan
Theodore Barnes  as Ricky
Rueben Grundy  as Federal Agent
Laura Silverman  as Prostitute
Aaron Yoo  as Lemmy
Rizwan Manji  as Dr. Carbo
Tom Bower  as Jim
Natalie Camunas  as Young Nun
Ervin Ross  as Taxi Driver
Ryan Cargill  as Hunter Friedman
Raymond Forchion  as Mayor Peter Anderson
Brandon Young  as Van Driver
Alex Kozinski  as Judge Kozinski
Gabrielle Made  as Ina Rincon
A.J. Rivera  as Marcos Pena
Brooke Star  as Paz
David Storrs  as Joe
Tye Felipe  as Rob
Monica Potter  as Christina Lukin
Kelly Albanese  as Dahlia
Brooklyn McLinn  as Detective Kauzor
Angela Sun  as Local News Reporter
Robert Michael Lee  as Delivery Man
Paul Rosenblum  as Detective Ramos
Paige Smith  as DEA Agent #1
Chelsea Summer  as Mercedes
Marisela Zumbado  as Luz
Jeremy Rabb  as Mr. Schmidt
Christopher Michael  as Judge
Eliza Shin  as Nurse
Martin Bischoff  as Detective Miller
Ezekiel Bridges  as Buddy
Peter James Smith  as Mr. O'Shea
John Thaddeus  as John Thaddeus
Adam Chambers  as Mortician
Ryan Christiansen  as DEA Leader
Jeff Denton  as Ryan Larson
Chloe Gebacz  as Associate
Yimmy Yim  as Kuma D'Boo
Tom Beyer  as Guy
Gregory Sagryan  as Ari
Deedee Magno  as Ms. Kwok
Casey O'Neill  as Stunt Coordinator
Catt Sadler  as News Anchor
Brent Briscoe  as Beach Bum
Lidia Porto  as Hotel Maid
Yaw Vanscoy  as Associate
Anahi Bustillos  as Sonia
Rachel Alana Handler  as Flor
Ludwig Manukian  as Gor
Paul Raci  as Dwight
Julian Edwards  as Boy
Courtney Friel  as Whitney Dupont
Cliffton Hall  as Agent
Paul Toweh  as Vinnie
Dahlia Trilling  as Trina
Rey Borge  as Building Super
Adam Cropper  as Valet
Marcus Alvarado  as Groom
Vahe Bejan  as Davit
Angel Giuffria  as Woman
J. Francisco Rodriguez  as Man
Amari O'Neil  as 8-Year-Old Anton Jones
Finn Roberts  as Evan
Kevin Sinic  as German Soccer Guy
Ravinderpaul S. Tut  as Employee
Glen Walker  as Brad Cruz
Christopher Cho  as Lot Attendant
Joey Abril  as Jesus Flores
Tarina Pouncy  as Tish
Derek Wade  as The Coyote
Amir O'Neil  as 8-Year-Old Dario Jones
Rick Castaneda  as K-9 Handler
Heros Gabri  as Band Member #1
Merrick McCartha  as Red Emerson
Michelle Macedo  as Lucia
Semon Frank Thompson  as Super Intendent
Lily Rosenthal  as Casey
Lisa Rothschiller  as Jude
Zareh Minassian  as Band Member #2
Nandini Minocha  as Receptionist
Arne Starr  as Artist at Pier
Greg Apt  as Greg Lebluski
Jessica Marie Garcia  as Ana
Kyriaki  as Reporter #1
Alfred Adderly  as RV Guy
Kimberly Cheng  as Nicole Norman
Nicholas Horton  as Teacher
Dro Nersessian  as Band Member #3
Rasha Goel  as Reporter #2
Albert Malafronte  as Brad
Michael Uribes  as Angel
Robert Lee Davis  as Moe
Angie Patterson  as Ingrid
Mitchell Clark  as Gym Employee
Sevan Vartani  as Band Member #4
Jacob Figueroa  as Cop #1
Lisa Pevc  as Trudy
Liana Rossignoli  as Roman's Daughter
Shelley Robertson  as Professor Simon
Hash Patel  as Villager
John-Paul Boatman-Vazquez  as Roman's Son
Fatimah Taliah  as Dope
Tracy Silver  as Lindy
Fred Tallaksen  as Choreographer
Pancho Cardena  as Henchman #1
Neenar Noubarian  as Wedge
Chris Senesac  as Wheeler Dance Double
Pancho Lopez  as Mariachi #1
Claudio Pinto  as Henchman #2
Shannon Beach  as Dancer
Santo Monge  as Mariachi #2
Sarah Kobayashi  as Dancer
Leo Moctezuma  as Dancer
Matthew Brian Thatcher  as Dancer
Nikki Dalonzo  as Dancer
Alexandra P. Nagy  as Dancer
Keith Junior  as Dancer
Chris Moss  as Dancer
Sharon Ramirez  as Dancer
Jonathan Tantype  as Dancer
Scott Hislop  as Dancer
Carson Rapsilver  as Dancer
Taylor Danielle Thomas  as Dancer
Yoshio Wright  as Dancer
Nick Drago  as Dancer
Kausha Campbell  as Dancer
Ryan J. Fiene  as Dancer
Corey Scott Anderson  as Dancer
Tyne Stecklein  as Dancer
Reshma Gajjar  as Dancer
Jasmine Vinuya  as Dancer
Brantley Jittu  as Dancer
J.E. Burton  as Mayoral Party Guest
Jose Stephan Perez  as Mover
Jorga Caye  as Lady
Hahn Cho  as Detective
Matthew Jayson Cwern  as Cop
Presciliana Esparolini  as Tanya
Briana Kennedy  as Officer #1
Lozoya Jr.  as Pedro Suarez (Julio Suarez Brother)
Jared Morgan  as Guard
Kenneth J. Morgan  as Banker #1
Roel Navarro  as Brian Slattery
Brian Oblak  as Cop #2
Argenis Pirela  as Father's Bribe
James Vincent  as John Bush
Biff Wiff  as Dwight
Anthony De La Torre  as Rob
Jeff Friedman  as Student #1
Daniel O'Reilly  as Fox
Katie Self  as Diana's Assistant
Billy Choi  as Zhing Gao
Nadeep Meqabis Mike EL  as Tourist
Tavion Tate Guice  as Bar Patron
Marlon Sanders  as Jury Foreman
Jason Stuart  as Charles
Jim Anderson  as Henchman
William W. Barbour  as Local
Olivia Cannizzo  as Self - Cheereader
Bruce Dern  as Frank Zax
Spencer Garrett  as Mark Schafer
Cindy Wade Kelly  as Tourist
Andrew Koponen  as Tourist
Gia Poรฉme  as Sally
J.K. Simmons  as George Zax
Kara Wang  as Lisa Ming
Brandon Win  as Harry
Harry Yi  as Jerry


What are Goliath filming details?

"Goliath" series are produced by Amazon Studios, David E. Kelley Productions and Jonathan Shapiro Productions.

Country of origin: United States. Original language: English.


What are critics and audiences saying about Goliath TV series?

"Goliath" TV series got high rating from critics. IMDB rating is 8.2/10. Rotten Tomatoes rating is 82/100.

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